Luigi's Mansion is a video game series Published by Nintendo. It focuses on Mario's brother Luigi going on ghost hunting adventures.

Luigi's Mansion (2001 Nintendo Revelation) Edit

Story Edit

King Boo lures the Mario brothers into a haunted mansion with a fake win a mansion contest. Mario is trapped in painting by king boo, while Luigi equipped with a poltergeist vacuum , game boy horror and flashlight supplied by professor E Gadd tries to recuse his brother. Luigi also tarps a lot of ghost in portraits along the way.

Gameplay Edit

Lugi's fights ghost by sucking them with his poltergust vacuum. The poltergust can be used to solve puzzles as well.Luigi uses a flashlight to stun normal ghosts and make them vulnerable to the poltergeist. The portrait ghosts have special conditions that need to be meet to make them vulnerable to the poltergeist. There are three medallions (fire,water and ice) that give special powers to the poltergust. The gameboy horror has map function and revel information about the ghosts.

Rooms Edit




Master Bedroom




Wardrobe Room


Ball Room

Storage Room


Mirror Room

Laundry Room

Butler's Room

Hidden Room


Dining Room




Astral Hall



Billiards Room

Bottom of the Well


Fortune-Teller's Room

Nana's Room


Projection Room


Safari Room

Tea Room

The Twins' Room




Artist's Studio

Breaker Room

Ceramics Studio

Clockwork Room

Cold Storage

Guest Room

Pipe Room


Sealed Room

Sitting Room

Telephone Room


Sceart room


Cloak Room

Sewing Room

Basement Storage Room

Wine Cellar

Portrait Ghosts Edit

Area 1 Edit

  • Neville, The Bookish Father (Required)
  • Lydia, The Mirror Gazing Mother (Required)
  • Chauncey, The Spoiled Baby (Area Boss, Required)

Area 2 Edit

  • The Floating Whirlindas, The Dancing Couple (Required)
  • Jeeves, the Wandering Butler (Required)
  • Melody Pianissima, The Beautiful Pianist (optional)
  • Mr. Luggs, The Glutton (Required)
  • Fido, The Hungry Guard Dog (Required)
  • Chef linguine the gross gourmand (Optional)
  • Bogmire, The Cemetery Shadow (Area Boss, Required)

Area 3 Edit

  • Biff Atlas, The Bodybuilder (Optional)
  • Miss Petunia, The Bathing Beauty (Required)
  • Nana, The Scarf Knitting Granny (Required)
  • Slim Bankshot, The Lonely Pool Shark (Optional)
  • Henry and Orville, The Twin Brothers (Required)
  • Stanley Skinner The big game hunter (Reguired)
  • Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky Fortune Teller (Required)
  • Boolossus, The Jumbo Ghost (Area Boss, Required)

Area 4 Edit

  • Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of the Darkness (Required)
  • Clockwork Soldiers, The Toy Playtoon (Required)
  • Sue Pea, The Dozing Girl (Optional)
  • Jarvis, The Jar Collector (required )
  • Sir Weston, The Chilly Climber (Required)
  • Dr Luna the stargazer (optional)
  • Woodrow the ghostly Gardner (optional)
  • Sir Thomas the rusty knight (required )
  • Vincent Van Gore, The Starving Artist (Required)
  • King Boo (Final Boss, Required)

Triva Edit

Dr Luna and Woodrow are optional ghost who appear after the the blackout. Luna appears in the observatory and Woodrow in the courtyard.

Sir Thomas the rusty knight is found in the armory. He is invincible in his armor. spray him with water and it will rust away leaving him vunerable.

The gym is the same room as the otl rec room and the basement storage room is the same room as the cellar

Stanley Skinner is my name for the cut hunter form the otl Luigi's Mansion. His name is a play on Stanley Steamer and skinning animals

The pantry contains a few ghost, gold bars and the key to the Conservatory.

Chef Linguine ignores Luigi unless he uses the poltergust to rattle pots and pans.

Luigi's Mansion Spertal Mania (2012 Nintendo Algol) Edit

Story Edit

Prossor E Gadd is study the peaceful Ghosts of Evershade Valley. However a strange energy contaminating the valley causing the ghost to act crazy. Egadd sends Luigi to capture the ghost and place them in portiets to shield form what ever is driving them mad. In the end Lugi and E Gadd disover that King Boo spearding the spetiral insity engry form a pocket demision called King Boo's Illiosn. After defeating the King the engery disspaers and the ghost are freed form there paintings

Gameplay Edit

Hauting Sites Edit

Gloomy Manor Edit






Common Hall

Dining Room



Front Yard


Guard Hall




Master Hall


Mudroom Exterior







Old Clock Works Edit



Belfry Clock

Break room

Cargo Room

Clock Tower Gate

Clockmaker's Chambers

Clockworks Court

Container Yard

Crank Room

Drafting Office

Finishing Room

sceart pocekt

Gear Chamber

Kiln Room

Maintenance Hub


Roundhouse Pit

Service Elevator

Storage Room

Storm Cellar

Synchro Gantry

Synchronization Room

Transportation Hall



Scearmvile Amusement Park Edit

Theater fornt stage

Theather back stage

Snack shop


Fun House rooom 1

Fun House rooom 2

Fun House rooom 3

Game stand area

Bumper Cars


tea cups

Freis wheel

log flume

Crazzy cat croner

tiwlt awhirl


Spook train room one

Spook train room 2

Spook train room 3

Tunnel of love room one

Tunnel of love room 2

Tunnel of love room 3


gift shopEdit

Flying scooter

fun slide

pirite shipEdit

Chair o plane

Evershade High School Edit




Locker Room

Teachers Lounge

Path to staduim


Miss Lazol's Classroom

Dr Connor's Classroom

MR Dixon's Classroom

Miss's Winslow"s Classroom

Men's restroom

Women's restroom

Parking Lot

First floor hall

Second floor hall

Study hall

Detention hall

Art room

Music room


machine Shop

band room

jaintors ofie

Nurse's office

computer lab


Home eccomics room


Priciple's office

Treacherous Museum Edit

Acient china exhbit

Ancient Egypt Exhibit

Aceient grece exbit

Acient india Exbit

Acient rome exbhit

Acient Scadaivin exhabit


Aviation Exhibit

Ceremonial Chamber


Dark Age Exhibit

Desert exbihit

Dungeon Cells

East Balcony

East Corridor

East Gallery

Front Entrance

Feudel Japan exbhit

Gargoyle Roof

Grand East

Grand West

Guard Tunnel

Haunted Catacombs

Ice Age Exhibit

Inner Courtyard

Jungle Exhibit

modern war exbhit

Nautical Exhibit


Space Exhibit


Train Exhibit

Underground Lab


West Balcony

West Corridor

West Gallery

Wild West exhbit

Portrait Ghosts Edit

Gloomy Manor Edit

Wheeler the chaffuer

Sally the sucallry maid

Dr Newtson the master of the house area boss

Old Clock WorksEdit

Joe the fork lift operator

Carl the truck driver

Mike the klin operator

Nick the blue collar labor

Gustave the master clockmaker area boss

Scearmvile Amusement Park Edit

Tommy the thrill seeking son

Suzzy the precocious daughter

Roger the dotting father

Jill the overprotive mother

Jerry the sneaky carny

Dave the consesion stand attendent

Rick the ride mechinic

Giggles the Wacky Clown

Presto the Myestoius magicgan

Crazy Cat the meancing mascot area boss

Evershade High School Edit

Larry the Overzealous Hall Monitor

Johnny the Hunky Quarterback

Mark the Cool Skater

DR Connors The Science Teacher

Duke the Rebellious Greaser

Jordan the Basketball Star

MISS Winslow the English Teacher

Lindsey the Stuck Up Cheerleader

Artie the Compture Nerd

MR Dixon the Math Teacher

Miss Lazol the history teacher

Eliza the Lunch lady

Miss Reynolds the Art Teacher

Principle Miller the Disciplinarian Headmaster Area Boss

Treacherous Museum Edit

Atguta the aceint Inuit

Rodrick the Black Knight

Maximus the century's old centurain

Abel the bodiles ssailor

Luke the fyling ace

Tom the train engier

Alex the furstrated archvist

Deadwood Kid the phatom despardo

Sir Ceil the jungle exploer

Dr ames the Creepy Curator

Edwin the astronaut apration

olaf the Lost viking

Tuttut the phatom pharoro

Aarav the ghostly guru

Chang the mysterious Mandrin

Takeo the shadowy ninja area boss

Trivia Edit

Lugi's Mansion Ghost Sucker (2017 Nintendo Algol) Edit

Story Edit

Gameplay Edit

Haunting sites Edit

Spooky Mansion

frist floor halls

second floor halls

Master bedroom

dinning room


drawingino encloure room


Nanny's bed room

Ball room

Severant hall

Bulters Room


Fainting room




Sitting Room

BacK yard


Haunted Chalet Edit


Chalet kitcen

Great Room


Challet dinging room

upstairs hall

Chalet Study

thorphy room


Hall Bathroom

Tommy's bedroom

master suite bed room

master suite bathroom

Chalet Deck


Ski lift

care taker's house living room

care taker's house kickten

care taker's house hall

care taker's house bed room

care taker's house batthrom

care taker's house stogaretoom

Creepy sumer camp Edit

Camp grounds 1

Camp grounds 2


Cabin area


Archery range

Dinning hall

Dinning hall kitchen


lake murky

Lake Murky Beach

Cabin 1

Cabin 2

Cabin 3

Cabin 4

Cabin 5

cabin 6

Isolation cabin

boys room

grils room


Arts and craft hut

camp store

meeting hall

Frighting Zoo Edit

Elephant Enclosure

Monkey island

Tiger enclours

grily enclosure

panda enclosure

zebra enclosure

wolf enclosure

Big Cat House

crocodile enclure

sovinor shop

Zoo keeper office


rhino enclourse

pyothn encluse

bear encloure

hipo enclourse

Rhino enclourse

inguna enclure

chameleon encuse

fox enclurse

heyna enclourse

girfier enclour

walrus encloure

zoo grounds North

Zoo Gounds centeral

  1. Zoo grounds south

Horrorfing Hotel Edit


ball room

guest room 1

guest room 2

guest room 3

guest room 4

Guest room 5

Hoeny moon suit stitinhg room

honeymoon sweet bedrom

honeymoon suite bathroom


honey moon suite deck

Royal Suite siting room

Royal Suite dinning room

Royal suite kitchen

Royal suite bathroom

Royal suite bed room


Grand dinning


reasturant kitchen

Floor 1 hall

Floor 2 hall

Floor 3 hall

Floor 4 hall

Floor 5 hall


Card Room



Dead Mall

Entry wall

Floor 1


Secuirty office

Toy Box

Food court


Rainbow arts and crafts

Ace Arcade

Skriker lanes

Pow Comics

Turntable Records

Hulahand Me's Ware

Attic treasuer atigues

Red Hot topic

Crisper image

Fressh and fine super market

Comfy cozy furniture

Say cheese photos

Clip N Cut

Diva Choclotate

nine volt ecltornics

Fair play sporting goods

Sparlke jewleleyr

Lindsy bougitue

Pricelow Shoes

Ice rink

the mixing bowl kitchen bouigiue

Pretty Lovely Comestics

The trumpet music shop

Highmark cards

Dixie candle

Rub a dud saops

Red ribbion gifts

Build a friend workshop

Scarey Studios Edit

North lot

South backlot


Fuduel jappaness soundstage

Scif soundstage

Aceient Greece soundstage

Pirate soundstage

Victoran London Soundstage

Highsccoll soundstage

Mevail soundstage

Portrait Ghosts Edit

Spooky Manison

Maryland the Stern Nanny

Hopkins the Faithfull bulter

Issabela the lady of the house area boss

Haunted Chalet

Iscac the vactioning bussiman

Lisa the hoildaying housewife

Spen the skier(area boss)

Tommy the spolied son

Carl the caretaker

Creepy summercamp

Big Bob the Head Colosur

Greg craf crazzy boy

Jeffy the deligentcammper

Lisa the camp loving girl

ron the ace archer

Dr Connors the camp phisayion

Jay the matchee manic area boss

Frighting zoo

Jumbo the exoplamic elepphat

Bobo the playful monkey

Leo the regal lion

scales the hunary croc

bruno the hiberting bear

Timmy the animal lover

Jacob the zoo keeper

systler the sly fox

Horrorfing Hotel

Jack the pool boy

Monic the groomless bride

artie the overworked bell hop

Sally the pretty maid

Perrie the head chef

Iscac the creepy garender


Marty the bowling league champ

bill the book worm

Bob the fastfood dron

carrie the stylest

Lindesyt the fashionist

Joe the mall cop

Mike the Arcade wizard

Teddy the scare bear

gene the hard core rocker

Scarey Studios

Yoshi the spetral samuria

Bert the janitor

Trivia Edit