Mark Faddeyevich Vizinsky
Timeline: History of Margovya

Vizinsky, 2015

Birth: October 6, 1967 (age 50)
Svelovsk, Ikanua, Margovya
Spouse: Fadia Markovna Mileva
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Actor, director, producer

Mark Faddeyevich Vizinsky (born October 6, 1967) is a Margovyan actor, director, screenwriter, and producer. He is most known in his early days as an actor for the role of Foma Oriondovich in the musical-comedy television series The Next Big Thing from 1980 to 1994, effectively replacing the drummer of the fictional rock band Iron Steel starting season 4 following the real-life death of former cast member Borislav Fedenko in a car accident in 1979. He is known most recently for the role of Mikhail Sagatov in the Mafiya film series from 1993 to 2014, starring in fourteen out of the sixteen films in the series (with the exception of Mafiya (1991) and Black Lights (2009) alongside Ivan Maryanov, Matvey Rasapinsky and Karl Khristenko.

Vizinsky is also known as a former presenter of the Margovyan car show Cars of Margovya alongside Gennady Elemat and Karl Khristenko from 1995 to 1998, and for the films Difference Between Fifteen and Fifty (1993), Every Bit the Spaniard (1999), Party Like It's 1999 (2000), Underground on Wheels VIII: Next Generation (2002), One Night with My Ex (2005), The Carbombyan Job (2007), Limelight (2011), 2018 (2012), The Martyrdom of Sta. Conrada (2014), One Daddy, Eight Mommies (2014), and The Road Trip (2015).


Birth and early lifeEdit

Mark Vizinsky was born in Svelovsk, Ikanua on October 6, 1967 to former musician Faddey Vizinsky (1940-1987), and former model and dancer Mara Ilgamova-Vizinskya (born September 19, 1942). He had a younger brother, musician Andrey Vizinsky (September 2, 1974 — January 24, 2002), who was most known as the lead singer of the Margovyan rock band The Real Deal from its formation in 1994 until his death in a car accident in 2002.

Early acting career (1980-1993)Edit

Vizinsky was first discovered in late 1979 during his act in a school production, which is a theatrical (and censored) adaptation of the 1976 adult film Vegetables on a Wedding. Kristoff Volkov, the casting director for the sitcom The Next Big Thing, was in his hometown Ikanua to attend the school play of his son, who was then a sophomore high school student at Ikanua State University High School. During the play, Volkov was really impressed by the performance of then-12 year old middle schooler Mark Vizinsky as the main guy's best man who also played drums during the wedding reception. Volkov, who had been looking for the replacement of cast member Borislav Fedenko, who played Tmofey Nukorev, the drummer of the fictional rock band Iron Steel, in The Next Big Thing until his death on June 24, 1979, liked Vizinsky more than anyone who auditioned as the replacement drummer. Two days after the play, Volkov made a call to Ikanua State to have Vizinsky audition for a new role as Foma Oriondovich, the twelve-year-old drummer of Iron Steel. Vizinsky passed the audition and became part of the main cast of The Next Big Thing from the start of the show's fourth season in 1980 until the show concluded in 1994.

Two years after joining the main cast of The Next Big Thing, Vizinsky was offered the role of Gavril Birsakov in the 1982 film Smash Teens, which he accepted. Smash Teens became his first official film role, but it was later overshadowed when he took part in the 1986 comedy film Sugar Daddy, the 1989 action-military film Secrets of the Margovyan Triangle, and the 1991 action-adventure film Mission Implausible 6: Cortesova Regime, playing as the son of Gleb Maryanov's character in all three films.

Mafiya series and further rise in stardom (1993-1999)Edit


Year Title Role Notes
1982 Smash Teens Gavril Birsakov First motion picture project
1983 Ta-Da! Mark Gibraltar
Sex Andrey Karlovsky
1984 The Baseball Tournament Faddey
1986 Sugar Daddy Ruma Ilgamov Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 1986 Honorary Awards for Movies
1987 Battle of the Bands Mikhail Tramuv
Orlovsky Lev Orlovsky
1988 Seventy-six Percent Oleg Norizov
1989 If I Were You For a Month Pavel Oliverov/Sara Chachachovskaya Won "Best Actor", 1989 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
The Secrets of the Margovyan Triangle Mark Sankt Pavlov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 1989 Honorary Awards for Movies
1990 Blow Job Himself cameo appearance
The Shrink and the Demented Mikhail Urov Won "Best Actor", 1990 Honorary Awards for Movies
1991 Mission Implausible 6: Cortesova Regime Kiril Veradov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 1991 Honorary Awards for Movies
1992 Sayonara: The Japanese Victim of a Cruel Margovyan Military Col. Mstislav Frapovich
Coming Out of the Closet Andrey Orentalov
Eye Witness Orental Gavrilovsky Nominated "Worst Actor", 1992 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
1993 Difference Between Fifteen and Fifty Boris Deluv
The Bet Ulises Damonov Nominated "Best Actor", 1993 Leonid Pankavuranov Memorial Awards
Mafiya 2 Mikhail Sagatov Nominated "Best Action Tandem" (with Ivan Maryanov), 1993 Honorary Awards for Movies
1994 Mission Implausible 7: The Sugalskaya Disaster Kiril Veradov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 1994 Honorary Awards for Movies
Sugar Daddy 2: A New Bitch in Town Ruma Ilgamov
1995 Mafiya 3 Mikhail Sagatov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 1995 Honorary Awards for Movies
1996 Combat Jeff Rivers
The Hijacker in 12th Avenue Yevgeniy Rondayev
Friendship Over Venyamin Markovsky
1997 Mission Implausible 8: Information Overload Kiril Veradov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 1997 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
Mafiya: Fourth Riot Mikhail Sagatov
  • Won "Best Actor", 1997 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 1997 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 70th Academy Awards
The Heist in Sta. Monica Gavril Sankt. Markov/Gabriel St. Mark
The Life of the Party Robert Elemat
1998 27 Anton Lebedev
Lev Oslov, Notary Public Lev Oslov Won "Worst Actor", 1998 Margovyan Golden Raspberry Awards
1999 Mafiya: Five Empires Mikhail Sagatov Won "Best Actor", 1999 Leonid Pankavuranov Memorial Awards
Division of the Empire Pavel Tramuv
Every Bit the Spaniard Dzerik Tanlovsky
2000 New Millenium, New Story Mark Andropov Won "Best Actor for Drama Category", 2000 Margovya-rama Awards
Party Like It's 1999 Jamal Kirilov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 2000 Honorary Awards for Movies
Iquitos Redentor Cuadrado
2001 Mission Implausible 9: The Era of Political Instability Ruma Veradov
Mafiya with a Vengeance Mikhail Sagatov
2002 Paloma Arbat Soledad
Underground on Wheels VIII: The Next Generation Oleg Ravanov
Underwater Attacks Mikhail Sagatov Nominated "Best Action Tandem" (with Karl Khristenko), 2002 Honorary Awards for Movies
2003 A Criminal's Confession Nicolas "Nick" Martin
  • Won "Best Actor", 2003 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 76th Academy Awards
Police Academy Inspector Yefrem Gramopov
2004 Mafiya v Mafia Mikhail Sagatov/Will Jenner Nominated "Best Actor", 2004 Honorary Awards for Movies
Plan B Martin Bermudov
Sugar Daddy 3: Appointment in Sa-Marriage Ruma Ilgamov
2005 One Night with My Ex Mark Yakubov
The Raging Bull Mikhail Sagatov
2006 The Bratva's Legacy Mikhail Sagatov/Will Jenner cameo appearance
Apartment 69 Aleksei Birsakov
2007 The Carbombyan Job Simon Farukov Won "Best Antagonist in Action Category", 2007 Margovya-rama Awards
2008 That's the Dream Himself cameo appearance
Conquerors Mikhail Sagatov/Will Jenner/Ryan Reynolds
2009 The Boss Jim Poliostrov
Mission Implausible 10: 39 Years Later Kiril Veradov/Young Ilya Veradov Won "Best Actor", 2009 Latin-American Film Festival
2010 Criminal Strike Mikhail Sagatov Won "Best Supporting Actor", Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
2011 Limelight Martin Alekseyevsky Won "Best Supporting Actor in Drama Category", 2011 Margovya-rama Awards
Antonov Himself cameo appearance
2012 2018 St. Peter
Here's to the Men: Final Victory Staff Sergeant Edilberto Cuadrado
Downfall of an Empire Mikhail Sagatov
  • Won "Best Actor in Action Category", 2012 Margovya-rama Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 2012 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
2013 Abyss Mikhail Sagatov Won "Best Supporting Actor", 2013 Latin-American Film Festival
The Real Deal: The Andrey Vizinsky Life Story Andrey Vizinsky
  • Won "Best Actor for Drama Category", 2013 Margovya-rama Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 2013 Honorary Awards for Movies
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 2013 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Won "Best Actor", 2013 Sergei Eisenstein Film Festival
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 86th Academy Awards
2014 Mafiya: The Last Stand Mikhail Sagatov
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor", 2014 Honorary Awards for Movies
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor", 2014 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Film and Television Awards
  • Won "Best Supporting Actor," 2014 Latin-American Film Festival
The Martyrdom of Sta. Conrada Ryan Anderson
One Daddy, Eight Mommies Mark Janduv
  • Won "Best Actor in Comedy Category", 2014 Margovya-rama Awards
  • Won "Best Actor", 2014 Honorary Awards for Movies
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 2014 Latin-American Film Festival
  • Nominated "Best Actor", 2014 MNBN Teen's Choice Awards
2015 The Road Trip Ilya Ulabrov Won "Gay Couple of the Year", The Margovyan Rainbow Magazine awards 2015 (with Ivan Maryanov)
Open-ended Ivan Nikonov
2016 The Professor's Confession Professor Foma Rambuvsky Nominated "Best Actor", 2016 Honorary Awards for Movies
2017 The Masked Man Gennady Ravilovsky
The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War Ricardo Duvente
Buddy Cop Movie 2: Longer, Harder, Stronger Max
Here's to the Men: The Chaco War Colonel Edilberto Cuadrado
2018 Tumblrocracy Julio Soledad
Year Title Role Notes
1980-1994 The Next Big Thing Foma Oriondovich main role (season 5-18)
1982 The Interceptors Gaspar Medina Season 13, Episode 3 ("The Thirteen Year Old Evil Genius")
1988-1993 The Hot Dude Club Lavrenty Orentalovsky recurring role (32 episodes)
1990 The History Class Maru Season 3, Episode 24 ("The Margovian Civil War")
1992 Hagglers Orlando Tramuv Season 1, Episode 12 ("The 3,000-margot Booster Seat")
1994 Make Or Break Mark Orlovsky Season 4, Episode 12 ("Bad Day")
1995-2003 Cars of Margovya Himself Presenter (Seasons 7-9); Guest (season 10, 12 & 15)
1999 365 Ways to Love You Mikhail Yobatav recurring role (Seasons 1-2; 6 episodes)
2002-2004 The Diner Club Kiril Parovsky recurring role (Seasons 16-18; 14 episodes)
2004 Big Balls Matvey Kirilov Season 4, Episode 7 ("Gonorrhea")
2005-2012 Paramedics Aleksandr Gobchovsky Main role (Seasons 33-39)
2006-2007 Boombox Squad Martin Borovsky recurring role (Season 3; 5 episodes)
2007-2010 The Siblings Parted Ways Professor Timofey Robarov recurring role (38 episodes)
2008-2012 Here's to the Men Staff Sergeant Edilberto Cuadrado Recurring role (seasons 2-5)
2011-2014 The Interceptor Wendell Whitley Companion
2015 There's the Way, Where's the Will? Jamal Season 3, Episode 1 ("Oh My God, Smiley Has Cloned Herself")
2016-present Top Gear Margovya Himself Presenter (Series 14 —)