May 19

Directed by

Gavril Andropov

Produced by

Paradox Pictures

Written by

Yulian Markovsky
Ruslan Dumayev
Iosef Pankavuranov


May 19, 2005


Tanya Kalinina
Roland Tidzhomov
Gennady Elemat
Lavrenty Dumayev
Viktoriya Vegova
Hafimwahlid Talnaev
Darya Isarmova


m41.9 million

Box office



114 minutes

Aired by

Margovyan National Pictures

May 19 is a 2005 romance-drama film produced by Paradox Pictures and distributed by Margovyan National Pictures. It aired on May 19, 2005, coinciding with Iosef Dimakulanov's first death anniversary. The film starred Tanya Kalinina, Roland Tidzhomov, Gennady Elemat, Lavrenty Dumayev, Viktoriya Vegova, Hafimwahlid Talnaev and Darya Isarmova. The screenplay was written by Yulian Markovsky, Ruslan Dumayev and Iosef Pankavuranov, and is directed by Gavril Andropov.


The film opens with a forty-one-year-old Maria Linarova (Isarmova) as a high school teacher at Pontival State University. It was May 19, 2004, just a fine day, but as Maria was reminded by one of her students (cameo by Svetlana Vegova) that it was May 19, she started crying, saying that the date May 19 reminded her of a tragic story, which she narrated.

The film flashes back to May 17, 1984, where the twenty-one-year-old Maria (Kalinina) was planning a vacation for the weekend with her boyfriend Ruslan Mayamanov (Tidzhomov) in Casinovich, Sugalskaya, talking about the whole thing while having sex and such. This vacation was turned into an all-out friends' hang out after their friends Kazimir (Talnaev) and brother Oleg (Dumayev), and Timofey (Elemat) and girlfriend Irina (Vegova). However, on the afternoon of May 18, Maria broke up with Ruslan right after Yuliya (cameo by Irina Rasapinskaya) told her that she saw Ruslan making out with an "unknown woman".

Despite the break-up that happened, Maria pushed through with the vacation. On the night of May 18, Maria, together with Kazimir, Oleg, Timofey and Irina, headed for Casinovich.

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