Mikhail Kurotovsky
The Interceptors character
Marvik Ribabov as Mikhail Kurotovsky (promotional photo, 1968)
First appearance "Pilot, Part 1" (01.01)
April 26, 1969
Last appearance "Mission Accomplished, Part 2" (27.31)
December 19, 1997
Created by Iosef Dimakulanov
Portrayed by Marvik Ribabov (1969-1973)
Yulian Markovsky (1976-1997)
Full name Mikhail Alekseyevich Kurotovsky
Nickname(s) Mikhail, Captain, Kurotovsky
Aliases The Interceptor
Gender Male
Occupation Police officer
Title Rank Major II, Margovyan National Police (as of death; promoted to Major I posthumously)
Family Aleksey Kurotovsky (father)
Andreya Kurotovskaya (mother)
Vladimir Kurotovsky (son)
Markunda Kurotovskaya (daughter)
Vladimir Vladimirovich Kurotovsky (grandson)
Spouse Unknown
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality Margovyan

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