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Mikhail Pankavuranov
Timeline: History of Margovya

Pankavuranov in 2014

Birth: Mikhail Leonidovich Pankavuranov
July 25, 1947 (age 70)
Andufa, Bonjoaya, Margovya
Spouse: Milena Konradovna Quebadieva (m. 1977-1998)
Raisa Korovina (m. 2003-present)
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Actor, producer, director, screenwriter

Mikhail Leonidovich Pankavuranov (born July 25, 1947) is a Margovyan actor, screenwriter, producer and director. He is best known for his role as Genrikh Mashkhadovsky in the long-running television series Paramedics from 1973 to 1984, and as the presenter of the game show Margovyan Celebrity Jeopardy! from 2003 to present.

He also co-founded the now-prestigious film studio Pankavuranov Pictures with his father Leonid Pankavuranov in 1971, and is known as producer and director for over 50 films and television programs in Margovya, which include the last six films of the Mission Implausible series (1991-2013), Apartment 29 (1992), Sugar Daddy 2: A New Bitch in Town (1994), The Heist in Sta. Monica (1997), A Criminal's Confession (2003), Sugar Daddy 3: Appointment in Sa-Marriage (2004), Home Run (2007), and The Band Code (2013).

Birth and early lifeEdit

Mikhail Pankavuranov was born in Andufa, Bonjoaya on July 25, 1947 to veteran actor-producer Leonid Pankavuranov (September 6, 1919 — July 28, 1990) and singer-actress Maria Tekleva-Pankavuranova (March 24, 1925 — May 6, 2014) as the eldest of four brothers. He has three younger brothers, Dzhokar (born January 27, 1949), Iosef (born April 28, 1952), and Yevgraf (born September 22, 1959), who all became successful politicians at one point in their lives.


Personal LifeEdit

In 1966, when he was 19, Pankavuranov met and started dating actress Ana Shchpalova, who is eleven years his senior. They had one son, Anton (born August 24, 1968) during their four-year relationship. They split on January 24, 1970 and remained good friends since, even managing to work together on Paramedics three years later.

From 1972 to 1974, Pankavuranov was in a two-year relationship with The Interceptors star Irina Balkonovich. In 1975, he met actress Milena Quebadieva at the set of Paramedics, where she joined the main cast starting at the show's fourth season in 1976. They got married in November 1977 and had three children: Rurik (born July 12, 1978), Faddey (born June 21, 1979), and Andreya (born August 6, 1982). Pankavuranov and Quebadieva split in 1998. Quebadieva filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, and it was finalized on August 13, 1998.

Between 1998 and 2002, Pankavuranov has had relationships with actresses Ana Gorbacheva and Dzhamila Tarapova. In 2002, he started dating singer-actress Raisa Korovina. They got married on January 16, 2003, and had one son, Karl (born April 18, 2004). He is also a stepfather to Korovina's children Andrey, Anya (both with actor Kazimir Ulabrov), and Godofredo (with actor-football player Godofredo).

Pankavuranov is also a paternal uncle of incumbent President Mstislav Pankavuranov.


As ActorEdit

As Director/ProducerEdit

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