Motorcycle Diaries



Created by

German Orfanov

Directed by

Adam Yaneyev


Dmitriya Shevchova
Olga Grisenko
Mstislav Enerkov
Irina Pavlyuchenko
Tanya Poroshenko
Iosef Birsakov
Viktor Boevsky
Bisera Haralampieva
Raisa Koneva
Sofia Barzilovich
Sofia Maslennikova
Boris Kirov
and Borislav Okurev

Country of origin


No. of seasons


No. of episodes

45 (list of episodes)

Motorcycle Diaries is a 2011 Margovyan drama televison series created by German Orfanov which originally aired from 2011 to 2014. The series is inspired by the exploits and activities of the notorious Gaskoniyov Riders' Association, a one percenter motorcycle club which became infamous for being behind a series of politically-motivated murders between 2005 and 2013. The series stars Dmitriya Shevchova as Esperanza Palafox, a rider turned confidential informant who infiltrates the organization, and whose character is based on at least three actual undercover agents and informants who helped bring down the organization in 2014. Characters from this series appeared in the ninth season of the updated version of The Interceptors, thus putting the events of this series within the fictional universe of The Interceptors. Orfanov then confirmed that a fourth season of the show was in the works. Season 4 premiered on December 2, 2016.

A fifth season tying in with the events of The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War has been confirmed.


Esperanza Palafox (Dmitriya Shevchova) is a Peruvian motorcycle enthusiast who has been living illegally in Margovya for the past six months. When she is arrested, she is given a deal by the authorities: she could be deported back to Peru or she could go undercover for the Bureau and infiltrate the notorious Silas biker gang (based on the actual Gaskoniyov Riders' Assocation), which is believed to be responsible for a series of robberies and murders committed by motorcycle-riding suspects. Esperanza initially accepts the deal to go undercover to keep on living in Margovya but soon becomes dedicated to bringing the gangsters to justice.

Season 1Edit

Esperanza is recruited into Silas and joins a chapter led by Ursula Borodina (Viktoriya Chrzanowska). At first, their chapter is only involved in minor and petty crimes like snatch theft and hit-and-run robberies, but then they escalate to drug trafficking, hijacking an armored car, and even becoming guns-for-hire for the various political groups vying for power in Margovya. Esperanza's chapter is eventually approached by Mikhail Dostalinsky (Vladislav Nenadovic) and Vilyelmo Dumayev (Pyotr Borodin) to kill Rostislav Leonov (Anastasiy Barfolomeyev), President Pristina Leonova's brother. Esperanza is assigned the task of killing Leonov, but she decides to surrender to the authorities to prevent the assassination; nevertheless, Dostalinsky and Dumayev take it upon themselves to kill Leonov.

Season 2Edit

Esperanza is finally released from prison to find out that she has a new RBI handler, Agent Radoslava Huradova (Irina Adzhitekova), and that Dostalinsky and Dumayev went ahead with killing Rostislav Leonov themselves. Esperanza's return to her chapter is complicated by the arrival of Sofia Menendez (Lyudmila Matkabelovskaya) and the international president of Silas, Tomas Candelaria (Boris Antonov), to Margovya, along with Kseniya Lavrova (Olga Grisenko), whom Esperanza believes is another undercover informant just like her. Tensions between Silas and their rivals Elysium also begin to rise, and then Silas are once again approached to assassinate a highly-placed government official, Health Minister Fyodor Lubovenko (Mikhail Pankavuranov). Esperanza warns the RBI of the assassination attempt, who warns her against trying to get herself arrested again, but in the confusion of the attack, Vilyelmo Dumayev and Mikhail Dostalinsky successfully kill Lubovenko.

Season 3Edit

Esperanza can't do anything to prevent the assassination of Fyodor Lubovenko, which sends her into a depression which renders her almost unable to carry out her mission spying on Silas for the RBI. She decides to make amends by preventing the assassination of Fyodora Velinina (Radoslava Orentalova), but she also fails in this. Velinina's assassination sets the Margovyan authorities on Silas' trail. Esperanza fights to stay alive in the face of her chapter's doubts about her loyalty even as she gathers more evidence to finally bring Silas to justice for all the crimes and assassinations that the group has committed. Not to mention that Esperanza has been with the bikers long enough to attract the attention of Yellowjacket (German Orfanov), the President of Presidents of Silas...

Season 4Edit

Esperanza is finally done with going undercover to infiltrate one of the most notorious biker gangs in Margovya, or so she thinks. It turns out that she actually likes being undercover and being with a biker gang, and a plain and simple life as an ordinary person is not the right life for her. Thankfully, Kiril Kiselev bails her out with another offer to go undercover, this time against the Huns, the second-largest biker gang in Arbatskaya province. But the Huns are an entirely different animal from Silas, and there's no knowing where the Huns and their horde is going to take Esperanza and her fellow undercover agents.

Season 5Edit

When the RBI rounded up the Huns, Attila gave orders to Esperanza and Kseniya to keep the Huns' leadership out of the hands of the RBI because he believes that the Huns can still provide more information with regards to the rampant drug trade within Margovya which is even now affecting all sectors of society. Attila's hunch is proven right when a new biker gang, the Corsairs, joins the gang war between the Huesca Cartel and the Crows. Amy Peña believes that only a biker can take down another biker and the simmering war between the Huns and the Corsairs inevitably flashes over and begins to burn Margovya.


Main castEdit

Seasons 1, 2 & 3
  • Dmitriya Shevchova as Esperanza Palafox, a motorcycle rider turned confidential informant for the RBI, undercover in the Silas Riders' Union (a fictionalized version of the Gaskoniyov Riders' Association) from a prospect to a full-patched member
  • Yevgeniy Pavlov as Kiril Kiselev, an RBI agent and Esperanza's handler
  • Abigail Papadiamantopoulos as Yuliya "Chains" Kuropatkina, Silas' Ikulsk chapter road captain
  • Tatiana Vinogradova as Yelena "Genius" Bondarenko, Ikulsk chapter vice president and Esperanza's prospect sponsor
  • Viktoriya Chrzanowska as Ursula "Mother" Borodina, president of Silas' Ikulsk chapter
  • Irina Adzhitekova as Radoslava Huradova, another RBI agent and Esperanza's new handler after her release from prison
  • Lyudmila Matkabelovskaya as Sofia "Guardian" Menendez, Silas international enforcer
  • Olga Grisenko as Kseniya "Kid" Lavrova, Silas prospect-turned-full-patch member and an undercover RBI agent
  • Boris Antonov as Tomas "Falcon" Candelaria, Silas international president
  • Boris Yazenev as Efren "Shiv" de Jesus, Silas international sergeant-at-arms
  • Boris Sorbariyev as Ivan "Johnny/Mussolini" Saratov, Silas international road captain
Seasons 4 & 5
  • Mstislav Enerkov as Attila, an RBI agent assigned to the bureau's Covert Operations Division and tasked with infiltrating the Huns, the second-largest biker gang in eastern Margovya
  • Irina Pavlyuchenko as the Witch, president of the Yobatav chapter of the Huns
  • Boris Kirov as the Doctor, the Huns' mysterious and elusive international president
  • Borislav Okurev as Borislav Ulyanov, the RBI agent in charge of the Covert Operations Division
  • Irina Rasapinskaya as Amelia Peña, leader of the Huesca Cartel (season 4)
  • Andrey Volkovich as Jese Soriano, leader of the Corsairs, bitter rivals of the Huns
  • Demetria Avila as Jessica "Jessie" Mariano, adopted daughter of Jese Soriano with a dark and secret past yet unknown to her

Recurring castEdit

  • Pyotr Borodin as Vilyelmo Dumayev (seasons 1, 2, 3)
  • Vladislav Nenadovic as Mikhail Dostalinsky (seasons 1, 2, 3)
  • Anastasiy Barfolomeyev as Rostislav Leonov (killed at the end of season 1)
  • Kazimir Ulabrov as Terentiy "Killer" Mishnev, president of the Elysium Bikers' Club (the Lotus Eaters), Silas' rivals (season 2)
  • Ivan Romanenko as Frederic "Prawn" Schaepdryver, Mishnev's sergeant-at-arms (season 2)
  • Andrea G. as Candy, Johnny Mussolini's live-in partner (season 2)
  • Yuri Yurievsky as Nathan "Kaiser" Garcia, an associate of Miroslav Miloshevsky who is secretly deeply in debt with Silas (killed in season 2)
  • Mikhail Pankavuranov as Fyodor Lubovenko (killed in season 2)
  • Dynamo Keruzov as Ilya "Motocross" Zhukov, president of the Sanchez Riding Club (the Dirtbikers), sometimes allies of Silas (season 3)
  • Radoslava Orentalova as Fyodora Velinina (assassinated in season 3)
  • Ivan Radoslavovsky as Martin Prokofiev, RBI Director (season 3)
  • Ruud Akinfenyor as Kiril Orentalov, Chief of the Margovyan National Police (season 3)
  • German Orfanov as "Yellowjacket", Silas President of Presidents (special cameo, season 3)
  • Matvey Rasapinsky as Mateo Peña, brother of Amy Peña (seasons 4 & 5)
  • Ustin Kubasov as Justin Mendoza, an enforcer of the Huesca Cartel and close friend of the Peñas (seasons 4 & 5)
  • Nikolai Nemenov as Nicolai Mendez, Mendoza's partner-in-crime and another close friend and ally of the Peñas (seasons 4 & 5)
  • Anton Tramvitumov as Hornet, the Crow the Greendrop chapter is tasked with killing (season 4)
  • Tanya Poroshenko as Steeler, the Witch's vice president (season 4)
  • Iosef Birsakov as Sarge, a retired Army man and the Witch's road captain (season 4)
  • Viktor Boevsky as Banker, the Witch's sergeant-at-arms (season 4)
  • Bisera Haralampieva as Sneaky, president of the Ruma Yerba chapter and the Witch's close ally (season 4)
  • Raisa Koneva as Sci-Fi, a member of the Yobatav chapter (season 4)
  • Sofia Barzilovich as Rockstar, another member of the Yobatav chapter (season 4)
  • Sofia Maslennikova as Queen, a Huns prospect who eventually becomes a full-patch member through a "trial by fire" (seasons 4, 5)
  • Anatoly Dovchenko as Cowboy, a high-ranking member of the Huns and younger brother of Burrito (season 5)
  • Billy Moe as Burrito, another high-ranking Hun and older brother of Cowboy (season 5)
  • Georgiy Islenin as Ghost, a member of Attila's chapter (season 5)
  • Viktoriya Sergeyeva as Peach, another member of Attila's chapter (season 5)
  • Maria Tresarnik as Blandine de Saint-Martin, a native of Côte de Nuit with whom Attila develops a relationship (season 5)
  • Branislav Vinogradovsky as Francesco "Cesc" Rivera, a former Hun who left the club to found the Corsairs with Jese Soriano (season 5)
  • Oleg Zamutovic as Lucas Rivera, Cesc's son (season 5)
  • Meliton Yacheky as Brandon Simpson, the Corsairs' head enforcer (season 5)
  • Miroslav Benin as Arbat Navratilov, one of the Corsairs' planners and "brains" (season 5)
  • Mikhail Korovin as Matias Viduka, the Corsairs' other planner and Navratilov's "brain trust partner" (season 5)
  • Yuliya Koneva as Skoda Jenssen, leader of the Corsairs' female wing (season 5)
  • Trinidad Klein as Maricel Ocampo, one of the Huesca Cartel's "logistics experts" (season 5)
  • Kiril Chorenko as Rikard "Ricky" Reese, an Anglo-Margovyan member of the Huesca Cartel and another "logistics expert" (season 5)
  • Pavel Orkov as Romain "Clovis" Delacour, leader of the simmering rebel movement against the dictatorial government of Côte de Nuit (season 5)

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