District of Muktarbariyevo
Округа Муктарбариево/Okruga Muktarbariyevo
Timeline: Birth of Krakozhia

OTL equivalent: Somewhere on Venus
Muktarbariyevo map
Location of Muktarbariyevo in red

Ибо Бог, Муктарбариево и партии (Russian)
("For God, Muktarbariyevo, and the Party")

Anthem: "Hymn of the Republic of Krakozhia"
Capital: Muktarbariyevo
Largest city: Muktarbariyevo
Other cities: Bilevo, Oslovsk, Guranovsk, Turmaryangrad, Igorovskoye
Russian, Krav
  others: Bulgarian
Roman Catholicism
  others: Bulgarian Orthodox, Islam
Ethnic groups:
  others: Bulgarians
Type of government: District of the Province of Vallarinsk of the Republic of Krakozhia
Vice Moderator:
Area: 301 sq. km.
Population: 15,023 
Established: 8 May 1994
Currency: Krakozhian ruble
Internet TLD: .kk
Calling code: +383
Organizations: United Nations, Black Sea Alliance

The District of Muktarbariyevo (Russian: Округа Муктарбариево, Okruga Muktarbariyevo; Krav: Kuruga Muktarberiyyevou) is a district of the Province of Vallarinsk on the planet Venus. It is located at the mouth of the Muktarbariyev River, which flows into Vallarinsk Bay. It is named after its administrative center, the town of Muktarbariyevo.

The district embraces a total of 301 square kilometers with a population of 15,023 inhabitants as of January 2012.

The main road KR6 runs through the district from northwest to northeast, connecting it with the provincial capital of Umayevsk.


The term Muktarbariyevo was first coined as early as 1994, when Krakozhian colonists first established a settlement on the mouth of what would eventually be called Muktarbariyev River. The colonists held a debate on what their new settlement should be named. Eventually, two canditate names were chosen: Muktarbariyevo, in honor of the late General Turmaryan Muktarbariyev; and Bilevo, after Governor Gancho Bilev. The former choice finally won out, but only after three previous votes that came up with no conclusive agreement.


Sometime in late 1992, President Dmitri Prikopy decided that it was time to establish a new settlement in the then-colony of Vallarinsk. A group of fifty volunteer colonists were gathered, along with a few rudimentary supplies for the journey to Venus. Their ship was launched as Vainyry Seven.

Six months later, the colonists arrived at Umayevsk, where the previous colonists had already prepared construction supplies for them. They were led to a promising site for a new settlement: the mouth of the river that feeds Vallarinsk Bay. After building the core of their new settlement, the colonists began to argue over what their settlement would be called. Finally, after intense rounds of discussion, two choices were presented: Muktarbariyevo, after the famed General Turmaryan Muktarbariyev, leader of the Karoshan independence armies; and Bilevo, after Prime Minister Gancho Bilev, who led the Karoshan resistance during the Second World War. Three rounds of inconclusive voting led to a stalemate, until one of the colonists proposed a compromise: the name that gets the most votes will become the name of the new settlement, and the other name will be for the second settlement in their jurisdiction. Muktarbariyevo won 28-22, and the District of Muktarbariyevo was officially established on May 8, 1994, as the second district of Vallarinsk.


Muktarbariyevo District includes the following 6 places (towns are shown in bold):

Town/Village Cyrillic Population(January 2012)
Bilevo Билево 3,032
Guranovsk Гурановск 259
Igorovskoye Игоровское 203
Muktarbariyevo Муктарбариево 9,998
Oslovsk Ословск 415
Turmaryangrad Турмарянград 1,116
Total 15,023


The District of Muktarbariyevo has a population of 15,023 according to the January 2012 census, of which ? percent are male and ? percent are female.

? percent of the population declares their ancestry as Krav, with the other ? percent considering themselves Bulgarians. Small minorities make up the final ? percent.