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Combat recordsEdit

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Ships of the Muluwheyo National Naval Force.Edit

Front-line forcesEdit

There is a small front-line navy of:

  • 2 Frigates,
  • 1 corvette,
  • 1 patrol boat

Muluwheyo has recently acquired two Miguel Malvar-class corvettes from the Philippine Navy, although it would take at least two months for the ships to arrive at Point Portugal.

Reserve forcesEdit

  • 1 minelayer,
  • 1 minesweeper,
  • 2 patrol boats
  • 2 Sea King helicopters.
  • 1 Sikorsky HO4S (S-55) helicopter.

There are also...Edit

  • 1 South African patrol boat
  • 1 British Sea King helicopter.



The only major military Port is at Point Portugal Naval Base.

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