Mutant League sports is a series of sport games published by Atari. It is know for its violence, offbeat humor and monster parody's of famous athletes. Originally published by EA games but they sold the series to Atari due to pressure form the NFL who didn't like the maker of their official football video game making other football games

Mutant League Football(1993) Edit


Mania Conference

Screaming Evils(Philadelphia Eggals )

Misfit Demons (Miami Dolphins)

Slay city slayers 2 skulls (Seattle Sea hawks)

Terminator Trolls

Filthy liners - 4 skulls Forty Ninners

Pshco Slashes (Pittsburgh steallers)

Neweckland Riots (New England Patriots

Turbo Techies

Toxic conference Edit

midway monsters (Chicago Bears)

Deathskin Razors (Oakland Raiders)

Icebay Bashers (Green Bay Packers)

Vile Vulgars (Minnesota Vikings)

War Slammers

Trampled Buckos (Tampa Buccaneers )

Rich Looters (Richmond Owls)

Whostung Spoiler (Houston Oilier)

Mutant League Hockey (1994) Edit

Mutant League Basket Ball (1995) Edit

Game Play Edit

The game's teams are made up of trolls, robots, Zombies and skeletons. The arenas are all booby trapped except for Go Away Center the home stadium of the Norlando Tragic.Dirty tricks include exploding ball, spring shoes, and bribing the ref. The Player fighting mini-game returns form mutant league hockey.

Teams Edit

Manic Conference

  • Nolando Tragic Orlando Magic spoof 0 Skull
  • Black Hearts 4 Skulls
  • Bruiser Bots 3 skulls (all robots)
  • Midway Monsters 3 skulls
  • Cruel land Clubbers Cleveland Cavaliers spoof 2 skulls (all Trolls)
  • Gohowma Blunder Oklahoma Thunder spoof 1 skull
  • Fiendish Scum Phoenix Sun spoof 3 skulls
  • Pothole Hell Blazers Portland Trail Blazer spoof 3 skulls
  • Charbroiled Horrors Charlotte Horrnet2 skulls
  • Chillydephia 86'ers Philadelphia 76ers 5 skulls

Toxic Conference

  • Dead Things 3 skulls (all skeletons)
  • Slay City Slayers 3 skulks
  • Chiaghsost Bullies Chicago Bulls spoof 5 skulls
  • Bean Town Druids Celtics spoof 3 skulls
  • Vile Vulgars 4 skulls
  • Insidiousia Pukers Indiana Pacers spoof 4 skulls
  • Nose Pickers Detroit Pistons spoof 1 skull
  • Bloody Stake Warriors Los Angels Clippers spoof 3 skulls
  • Callous Madness Dallas Mavericks spoof 3 skulls
  • Arnold Bullet Holes Washington Bullets spoof 2 skulls

ALL Star

  • Toxic All-Pros (5 skulls, made of the best players from the Toxic Conference)
  • Maniac All-Stars (5 skulls, made of the best players from the Maniac Conference)
  • Galaxy Aces (6 skulls, made of the best players from the entire league)

Trivia Edit

Each team has at least one star player who has a unique character sprite and set of lines

These characters appear on trading cards bundled with the game.

Mutant League basket players include Penny Hardhead, Jason Kick ,Kevin Pond Scum, Rocky Wild Thing ,Spawn Kemp, Chris Mug (Trolls) Grant ill, Clyde Dreadlxer, Alonzo Mourning, Karl Moan, Cragic Bones (Skeletons) Dominique Wattkins, Dikemen Motor, Reggie Driller, Mookie gridlock(robot) Micheal Goreyden, David Rottenson, Barry Gross, Dan Mangler, and Denis Rottman (Zombies) and others.

At the end of the play offs the losing team is flown the Yucatan Peninsula and dropped down an Aztec sacrificial well

Mutant League Baseball(1996) Edit

This was the first mutant League game released for the jagur

game play Edit

Teams Edit

Toxic Conference

SinSinanti Dreads Cincinnati Reds spoof 2 skulls

Evil Imperial New York Yankees spoof 5 skulls

Midway Monsters 3 skulls

Charbroiled Horrors 2 skulls

Misfit Demons 4 skulls

Ackeybehide fallen angels Anaheim Angels spoof 0 skulls

Atomic Breakers Atlanta Braves all robot 4 skulls

Montroyale Expires Montreal Expos spoof all skeletons 3 skulls

Destruct Triggers Detroit Tigers spoof 3 skulls

Forsaken Marauders Florida Marlins 3 skulls

Manic Confernce

Spewers Milwaukee Brewers spoof 2 skulls

Black Sox White Sox spoof 4 skulls

Slay City Slayers 3 skulks

Lizard Kingz all alliens (3 skulls)

Colorowdyo Rotties Colorado Rockies spoof skulls (all undead) 2 skulls

Tormento Cleavers Toronto Beavers (the Bluejays are call the Beavers in this ATL) spoof 1 skull

St Mucus Carnage St Louis Cardinals spoof 5 skulls

Can-It City Spoils Kansas City Royals spoof 3 skulls

Las Demonios Floggers Los Angels Dodgers (all super humans) 3 skulls

Arizsona Broken Backs Arizona Diamondbacks 1 skull

all stars

  • Toxic All-Pros (5 skulls, made of the best players from the Toxic Conference)
  • Maniac All-Stars (5 skulls, made of the best players from the Maniac Conference)
  • Galaxy Aces (6 skulls, made of the best players from the entire league)

Trivia Edit

The Evil Imperials are a parody or the Yankees. It is a reference to the Yankees nickname the evil empire

This was the last game were teams that included teams that were not parody's of teams teams that played the same sport that was played in the game

Major Mutant League baseball players include Cal Ripper, Bernie illness, Ken Grisely jr, Barry Bombs, David Injustice (trolls) Tony Grim Ralfeal Palerio, Will Stark ,Ken Calamity, Albert Hell (skeletons) Gary Shriekfield, Greg Madd, Scarey Walker, Brainy Anderson, Toe Carver (zombies) Mark Mcwires, Paul Monitor, Manny Ram ,Jay Burner, Computer Chipper.(robots)

Mutant League  Racing (1998) Edit

Game play Edit

The object of the game is to cross the finish line first while blowing up the competition. Each of the racers (25 playable racer and one npc for each of the 13 tracks) has either laser, gun, flame thrower , missile launcher ect on their car and can perform dirty tricks like leaving an oil slick , drop a trail of thumb tacks or use a turbo booster . The game was know for it's bribe pit crew to sabotage opponents car feature.

Racers Edit

Playable Edit

Dark Martin(Alien)= Mark Martin

Johnny Chopman (demon)= Johnny Chapman

Upchuck Brown(Skeleton)= Chuck Brown

Bobby Lobotomy (Superhuman)= Bobby Labonte

Terry Lobotomy = Terry Labonte

Joe Numb Neck (Zombie)= Joe Nemechek

Jeff Gangrene (Troll)= Jeff Green

David Mean(Skeleton)= David Green

Steve Grissly(Zombie)= Steve Grismons

Jhonny Benchpress jr(Superhuman) = Johnny Benson jr

Rowdy Lajoie (Troll)=Randy LaJoie

Stale Tunshard JR (Troll)r=Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Drill Eliiot (Robot)=Bill Elliot

Rusty Wall (Robot)= Rusty Wallace

Jason Heller (Demon)= Jason keller

Jeff Gorey (Zombie)= Jeff Gorden

Davey Alleiscum (Alien)=Davey Allison

Derrike Dope(Troll)= Derrike Cope

Tim Steel (Robot)= Tim Steele

War Hurtem (Demon)= Ward Burton

Rob Morose (Demon)= Rob Morooso

Nail Jagged (Robot)= Dale Jarret

Icky Rude (Alien)= Ricky Rudd

Elton Sawyer (Skeleton)= Elton Sawyer

Rick Blast (Alien)= Rick Mast


Rich N Petty (Superhuman)= Richard Petty

Stale Turnshard (Troll)= Dale Earnhardt

Dead Byron (Skeleton)= Red Byron

Bobby Slamaltion (Super Human)= Bobby Hamilton

Ricky Craving (Zombie)= Ricky Craven

Mike Skinless (Skeleton= Miker Skinner)

Sterling Machine (Robot)= Sterling Marlin

Randy Breaker (Alien)= Randy Baker

Jerry Ill (Demon)= Jerry Hill

Darrehell Wardrip (Demon= Darrnel Wartrip

Delma Clown (Troll)= Delma Wart

Butch Killer (zombie)= Butch miller

John Android (robot)= John Andretti



The race starter fires a canon (sometimes at the stands sometimes at a racer) instead of a gun

Mutant league football 2(1999 Edit

Gameplay Edit

This game introduce comedic halftime show seances which included monster bands like Aerosmite, gun slinging cheerleaders and crazy chainsaw wielding mascots

aliens replaced with demonics

game introduced lizard men and werewoves


Mania confrence

Testy Tyrants

Screaming Evils

Misfit Demons

Slay city slayers 2 skull

Filthy liners - fourty niners 4 skulls

Trampled Buckos= tampa bucanacer zero skulks

Attacksome Jabbers

Neweckland Riots

Psycho slashers

Desturt Lies zero skulls

Ardzonia carnage

Toxic conference

midway monster

Deathskin Razors (Oakland Raiders)

Icebay Bashers (Green Bay Packers)

Rad Rockers (New York Giants)

Road Warriors (Washington Redskins)

Vile Vulgars (Minnesota Vikings)

War Slammers

Rich looter (Richmond owls)

Trent filler (Trenton driller)

Baslatamore ravers

Sinsinast Mangelrs

New yuck threats

Trivia Edit

Coach mcwhipple was beat up by mister a Tom Dung who then declared him self coach and forced mcwhipple to become the mascot. Under Dung the Buckos have improved a hugely

The have been demoted to a one skull team because Kt slayer demanded a new slary tha was so high c magment had to replace thier veteran with inexperced newbies

Mutant League Hockey 2 (2000)Edit

Mutant Winter Olympics (2002)Edit

Mutant league Basket Ball 2 (2003) Edit

Mutant Summer Olympics (2004)Edit

Mutant League Wrestling (2006) Edit

Mutant league wrestling is the wrotst rated game in the serties. Most critics called it a mortal combat clone who sensce of humor only slightly salvaged the game.

Wrestlers Edit

Playable Edit

Rock Lesnarl= Brock Lesnar (Rock monster)

jimming super die sanfu-= jimmy super fly snuka (zombie)

Roddy Ripper = Robby pipper (Super Human)

the Rot= the Rock (Zombie)

heart burn kid spawn my-ills= heartbreakkid sean micheals (troll)

icky dragon= ricky dragon (Liazard Man)

triple hate= triple h (Demon)

slobby heman= bobby heman(Troll)

Rancid macho maim ravage = randy machoman savage (Superhuman)

Jake the stake robber = jake the snake (:LizardMan)

Iron shriek = iron sheik(Robot)

possion sting = sting (Superhuman)

junkyard god = junkyard dog(roboy)

Superscar ill graham= superstar billy graham (Demon)

Hurt Angel=kurt angle(Alien)

jim no heart=Jim Neidhart(Demon)

dusty road rage - dusty roads (Rock Monsyer)

sick folry = mick foley (Troll)

Klevin Orges= Kevin Owens (Troll)

Dead Armsborke= Dean Amborse (Zombie)

Randy atronic= Randy Otron (Robot)

Grand Metallic= Gran Metilk(Robot)

Becky Lycher= Becky Lynch(Superhuman)

Breaker t=Booker t(Alien)


Sgt Slobber= Sgt Slaughter(troll)

Creature Boy Rick Scare= Nature Boy Rick Flair (Lizardman)

MR Mayham= MR McMahon (Superhuman)

Hulk Horror=hulk hogan) (Zombie)

Bone warriorrs hack and animistic = rodad warriors hawk and animals ( Demons)

the fenidous freak brid micheal haze and terry gorey s= fablouse free-birds micheal hayes and terry gordy Zombie and Demon

scardust and mold dust = gold dust and star dusy (Aliens)

Terry chunk(Rock monster)=Terry Funk

Mutant College Athletic Association Football 2007Edit

Game play

Unlike Mutant League Football where the teams are completely made of pre-made characters, in Mutant College Athletic Association Football you get to create a customizable character ,and assign him to a school After matches are there mini games themed after panty raids, nerd bulling, wild parties, and college classes. If you lose to many matches and mini games (with the expectations of the class themed games) your character gets kicked out of school


University of Buzzansaw TazzerBacks=University of Arkansas Razorbacks

Orchio State Black eyes= Ohio State Buck Eyes

Allburnt Tiggers = Auburn Tigers.

Forsaken Stake Sininnulls = Florida State Seminoles

Foridie University Gapper= Florida University Gators

Vexas Long Horrors= Texas Long Horns

Southern Cruel Torturers = Southern Cal Trojans

Noir Dame Fighting Irkish=Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Gohomma Swooners=Oklahoma Sooners

Nebreakska Skin Slayers=Nebraska Cornhuskers

Pentiary State Nasty lies=Penn StateNittany Lions.

MPennetrary issagain Weakerines=Michigan Wolverines

Cruelfornia Golden Scares California Golden Bears

Goregia Bullydogs=Georgia Bull dog

Puke Goo Deviles= Duke Blue Devils

Tennestink violatiors =Tennessee Volunteers

Aridzonia Son Destoryers=Arizona State Sun Devils

Vexas Tech Rad Razors=Texas Tech Red Raiders

Alawhama Blood Tide=Alabama Crimson Tide

Goregia Tech Straight Jackets=Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

SinSinanti Werecats=Cincinnati Bearcats

Colorowdyo State Battering Rams=Colorado State Rams

Cancersas WarHawk= Kanasas JayHawks

Ogergon State Cleavers= Oregon State Beaver

Witchcosion Baders=Wisconsin Badgers


Mutant League Baseball 2(2009)Edit

Mutant League Racing 2 (2010)Edit


Johnny Chopman (demon)= Johnny Chapman

Jimmy Bomb-Some (super human)= Jimmy Jhonson

Snarl Edwards (lizard man)= Carl Edwards


Mutant League Basketball 3 (2011)Edit

Mutant League Sports Mix (2013) Edit

Mutant League Baseball 3 (2015)Edit

Mutant League Football 3 (2016)Edit

In Other Media Edit

Mutant League Cartoon 1994 Pilot Edit

A pilot for a Mutant League cartoon was created in 1994 but it was rejected as being too violent for a Children cartoon

2001 Comic Edit

An 24 issue Mutant League comic ran from 2001 to 2003. Th first arc dealt with the Slayers trying to cheat their to the Mayhem Bowl Championship by stealing the head of the Midway Monster's coach. The second arc dealt with Dale Earnestheart the cleanest driver in the dirty world of Mutant League Racing. The third arc dealt with an failed uprising of abused Mutant League mascots and stadium staff. The fourth arc dealt with a mad scientist try to digitize Mutant League all Scar players in order to make the world's best and most realist sports videogames

2007 Mutant League Cartoon Edit

A Mutant League Cartoon debuted on Cartoon Network as part of the Adult Swim block in 2007