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Orental Gibitov
Оренталь Карлович Гибитов
Timeline: History of Margovya

Gibitov in 2011

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2016 – present

President: Mstislav Pankavuranov

37th Minister of Health of the Republic of Margovya
25 March 2010 – 7 October 2012

Predecessor: Fyodor Lubovenko
Successor: Hafimwahlid Talnaev
President: Gennady Elemat

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2007 – 25 March 2010

President: Gennady Elemat

Representative of the Province of Arbatskaya
6 October 2005 – 6 April 2007

President: Pristina Leonova
Birth: Orental Karlovich Gibitov
3 May 1981 (age 36)
Bulshitovskaya, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Spouse: None
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, actor, comedian

Orental Karlovich Gibitov (Margovyan: Oriental Carlos Gibson, Russian: Оренталь Карлович Гибитов, born 3 May 1981) is a Margovyan actor, comedian, and politician. He was a former Representative and Senator, and has played various roles in famous Margovyan motion picture movies.

Gibitov was appointed as the 37th Minister of Health on March 25, 2010 by President Gennady Elemat, three days after the assassination of then-incumbent Health Minister Fyodor Lubovenko on March 22, 2010 by Vilyelmo Dumayev and Mikhail Dostalinsky. Gibitov resigned from his position as Health Minister following a sex video scandal involving him and five other government officials, but he has made a return to politics by running for senator in 2016. After finishing sixth in the February 29, 2016 Margovyan general elections, Gibitov was reinaugurated to the Senate on April 6, 2016.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Orental Gibitov was born in Bulshitovskaya, Arbatskaya on May 3, 1981 to rock icon Karl Gibitov (b. 1949) and movie star Karlota Gibitova (b. 1952). Orental has two siblings, one elder brother Viktor (b. 1978) and one younger brother Rurik (b. 1985). Gibitov once studied in Arbatskaya State University, but when he was in seventh grade, he was transferred by his parents to the local high school in Bulshitovskaya, right after the infamous ASU Shootout on October 14, 1994. After graduating from high school, Gibitov refused to enter college to pursue his career.

Acting and singing careerEdit

On 1992, a talent search was held in Arbatskaya State University Grade and Middle School, courtesy of Tidzhomov Music Records. Orental, eleven, in fifth grade and about to reach middle school, joined the talent search, won second place (next to the late singing sensation Yelena Yuntayeva), and was signed in to TMR, where he met his future friends and bandmates Fanniya Mejez, Gennady Elemat, and Irina Adzhitekova. Later on, they formed the group The Margovyan Youngsters and started going on tours, and recording best-selling albums.

Gibitov got his first break in the acting industry in 1996, when he was assigned the role of Ruma Kirilov in the romance-comedy film I Pay You, You Date Me. His career in acting and singing continued to rise, and soared, especially when he and two fellow actors Lev Arigov and Hafimwahlid Talnaev formed the comedy trio The Unlikely Friends, which remains popular to this day.

Political CareerEdit



Year Film Role Notes
1996 I Pay You, You Date Me Ruma Kirilov first motion picture project
1997 Three Unlikely Friends: The Movie Dmitri Druganin
The Roaring Twenties: The Remake Lavrenty Talnaev
The Life of the Party Young Vasily Borisov
1998 Cum Back to Me Daniil Kuramov
1999 Split Lives Roman/Ilya Duranov
2000 Iquitos Eduardo Lino
2001 A Big Ball of Justice: The Adventures of Yakov "Fat Man" Yazenev Young Yakov Yazenev Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", Leonid Pankavuranov Film Awards
Karageorgiyev: The Movie Stevenson Andreyev/Stevenson Andrews
The Tower James Bridgestone
2002 Moonlight in Ikulsk Rurik Nomadov cameo appearance
2004 The Interceptors: Movie IV! Interceptor Mikhail Arbatsky
One Plus One Equals Six Vladimir Kasimirov
2006 Mr. Batalyanov, I Presume Ismail Sorbariyev Won "Best Actor", 2007 Ciudad del Celebridad Film Festival
Freedom is the Key His Excellency Hiram Joachim Gibson
2007 La Revolucion de Margovya Simon "Svetlana" Marukov"a" Won "Best Supporting Actor Under Comedy", 2007 Latin-American Film Festival
2008 I Heart Rock and Roll Boris Flamanov
2009 Three Queens Fructuoso "Mr. Fruity" Arellano Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 2009 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Movie and Television Awards
Fall of the Piranhas Ruma Ferenko
2010 We Have to Survive: The Yefrem Dragunov Story Marko Mendayov
Love In All Its Forms Jonas Connor
Symposium Leonid Kasserov
2011 What Happened in Kherson? Volodymyr Smaglyuk
The Winning Man Sviatopolk del Quiev
2012 Flight 4892 Yakov Avilev
Three Girls: In Deep Sh*t Fruity Arellano Nominated "Best Supporting Actor", 2012 Amanda Viktoriyovskaya Movie and Television Awards
2013 Vegetables on a Wedding Vladimir Kolpakovich
2014 377 kph Karl"a" Chudenko
Variability Ruma Alakdanov
Aladin Ustin Vebokov
2015 Three Agents Fruity Arellano
The Karageorgiyevs: The Next Chapter Stevenson Andrews
2016 Mendayov Marko Mendayov
2017 The Interceptors: Philippine Civil War Pavel Yulianov
377 kph 4: The Last Ride Karl/Karla Chudenko


Year(s) Title Role Notes
1997 Come On, Baby Marvik Andropov Season 3, Episode 22 (Episode:"Long Nights")
1997-1999 The Rule of the Poor Ruma Batalyanov main role
2000-2001 The Karageorgiyevs Stevenson Karageorgiyev Season 9, Episodes 19 & 20 ("Rules of Illegitimacy" & "A Doll's House")
2002-2004 Three Girls Wesley Vatutin recurring role (Seasons 2-4, 19 episodes)
2002 Miss Ugly Aleksandr Lamanov Season 4, Episode 11 (Episode:"Irina's Revenge")
2002 Big Balls Ivan Dambaluvanov Season 1, Episode 24 (Episode:"F*ck Me Now")
2002-2006 Singer Siblings Marko Alekseyev Recurring role (Seasons 2-5, 44 episodes)
2003 Cars of Margovya Himself/Guest Season 25, Episode 5
2005 365 Ways to Love You Marko Lubovich Season 12, Episode 1 (Episode: "Tip #237")
2007-2010 The Siblings Parted Ways Marko Alekseyev main role; spin-off to Singer Siblings; won "Best Comedian" in the 2008 and 2009 Margovyan Teen's Choice Awards
2011; 2016-present Top Gear Margovya Himself Guest (Series 5, Episode 6); Presenter (Series 14 — )
2012-present Psychology of Love Rurik Imanov Main role
2013 There's the Way, Where's the Will? Himself Season 1, Episode 2 ("Back Off, Selena Gomez")
2013-present La encuesta dice... Team captain Spinoff of the British panel show 8 Out of 10 Cats
2014-2015 White Company Benson Riley Main role