The palestinain leberation organization, or the PLO is a rebel terrorist organization and political party based in the west bank,Jordan.


The PLO was founded in 1964 by yaser arafat. 

Civil war

The PLO went to war with the Jordanian government in 1970. They at first had the goal of liberating the west bank. They at first came strong,seizing ramallah,nablus and tulkarem. They then went to far and tried to take over all of Jordan. in 1971 the Jordanian government claimed victory.

Independence refendrum of 1994

After many protests by the PLO, the jordanian government permitted an indepence refendrum for the west bank. It was observed by many countries. On June 27 1994 west bankers took to the polling stations and voted. the result was 68% preffering to stay with Jordan.


they comitted many terrrorist attacks during the 1970s and comitted the amman hotel bombings of 2005.

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