While you know Pangea disappeared 137 million years ago, what if it didn't? Now, I’m not going to say all the ground changing event that would happen because we have a super ocean the PacifilanticdiaSouthMediArcticCaribbea Ocean. Ya, that’s a thing. So, I think there would be 2 government’s the north and the south. They would most likely not help each other due to the mega continent existing. So, they would most likely be having a war over land all the time. There would be many factions that worship the water, for reasons of mega tsunamis. There would be a fair share of deserts, but no ice. The majority of people would live near the center of Pangea, due to mega tsunamiies. I think that they would not evolve as quick as us in technology it would take at least 600 thousand years! We are only 200 thousand years old (modern homo sapiens).

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