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Pink Hellish Senate
Logo of the Margovyan Pink Hellish Senate


History of Margovya

Branch of Government



House Majority


Conrada Cortesova


11 April 1992

Number of Terms

1 1/2


31 December 1999

President During Period

Susana Bulshitova

The Pink Hellish Senate was the term given to the Margovyan House Majority from 1992 to 1999, during the reign of Senate President Conrada Cortesova. The term Pink Hellish Senate was used because the House Majority was literally painted pink, and the life of the senators who served during the period, especially those who served the whole time from 1992 to 1999, was hellish. Some of the most prominent Pink Hellish Senators were: former President Ruma Dumayev (1992-1995), former Senate President Iosef Dimakulanov (1992-1999), former President Genrikh Antonov (1992-1999), and former President Gennady Elemat (1999).

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