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Province of Povida
Provintsiya delos pueblos Povida
Timeline: History of Margovya

OTL equivalent: Somewhere in Peru
Povida Flag Coat of Arms
1988 Povida Flag Coat of Arms
Anthem: ""Three Races, One Goal"

"Hymno Provintsiya delos pueblos Povida" (Local Hymn)"

Capital: Laduva
Largest city: Maridovsk
Other cities: Lastimovsk, Katinkov, Marginav, Koputav
English, Margovyan
  others: Portugese, Spanish
Roman Catholicism
  others: Islam
Governor: Mikhail Andropov
Vice Governor: Vasilina Trotsheva
Area: 4,650 km²
Population: 519,656 
Established: 5 January 1849
Currency: Margovyan margots
Time zone: UTC-4
Internet TLD: .mg
Organizations: United Nations
% Literacy: 98.3%

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