Proverbs: You Believe In It?

Directed by

Yulian Markovsky

Produced by

Marksman Pictures

Based on

Proverbs: You Believe In It? (1988) by Rafael dela Cruz

Release date

May 12, 1999


Klara Viktorova
Martin Movchovsky
Gennady Elemat
Irina Adzhitekova


m52 million

Box office income



129 minutes


Margovyan National Pictures

Proverbs: You Believe In It? is a 1999 Margovyan comedy film produced by Marksman Pictures and is based on the 1988 Rafael Dela Cruz novel of the same name. It stars Klara Viktorova, Martin Movchovsky, Gennady Elemat and Irina Adzhitekova as the Ambrosio siblings, who is the main focus of the story. It is directed by Yulian Markovsky.

The film was released on May 12, 1999 and grossed a total of m591 million in box office. It is followed by Proverbs: The Continuation in 2003.


The plot of this movie is divided into five: the story of the Ambrosio family, and the individual story of the lives of the four Ambrosio children, Mich (Klara Viktorova), Miko (Martin Movchovsky), Mark (Gennady Elemat), and Miranda (Irina Adzhitekova).


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