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Quark was a scifi sitcom during the late 70's and early 80's. It followed the misadventures of the crew of an interplanetary garbage scow . Each episode was a parody of a scientific movie or a tv show.. A remake of the show aried for season of Syfy in the late 2000's.The oringal verison stared Richard Benjamen.


List of Quak episodes season 2.
Episode names. First date it was shown. Story line. Season Number of Viewers on first showing (in Millions).
Brat Paks march 2nd 1979 After completing a garage run Quark decide to let the crew sterch legs on an uncharted planet. Quark and his crew discover that this planet was home to a humanoid race whose adults were mutated by an experiment and whos children were made imoratal by the excitement. the children spen thier savaging and harassing thier former parents. At first the children are hoistle to the crew but after find out that quark has chocolate they remember all the good things about having parnets, so they start demending that quark and his take care of theam. Quark then conact perma 1 and manges to the children palced in the adoption system . One of the childern Mimmi tricked quark inot adopting her. 2
Pollination Time March 9th 1979 Quark drop off his ship Ficus off on his home planet of Vegus beucause he unless he percapites in a pollination retiual he will die. The rest of the crew is planing to take a vacation on the tropical planet of algol 4 while Ficus is pollationing. Unfortuanly the ship breaks down and the crew are stuck in the boring,sterial, cultureless wasteland of Vegus untill Qwuark transmute enginger Gene/Jene can fix the ship. 2
A Peice of distation March 16th 2012 The united galaxy recives a message form a planet called Capone who want to open dipolmatic channels. Capone stargely ask that the united Galaxy's chief garabge man as the ambaossor, so the United galaxaly send Quarks . Quark Gene and Ficus beam down and are caputred by gansters who take to thier boss Oxmoron. Oxymoron treats Quwark with both Respec t amd indtioamt. On capone Garabage man is slang for Druglord and Oxmoron is hoping cut a lucrative deal with Quark. . Quark senses danger and attempts to bluffs his out but onlly get oxmoron anyoneed.. He put quark into a cell untill ne becomes more cooperative..One of Qwuark guards wants to play but the guard is tired of it and ask Ficus want he dose to entain him self when he is do. Ficus repsone by giving theam colleage level math prombles cs. The are so confuse by thier attmepts to slove the prombles that quark and his crew are abel to escape. Quark makes to a radio in attmept to gett the betty's to beam him . How he is capture by Oxmoron and men . Oxmorron threat to shoot unless he can arrage for a free shippment of exotic gaganbe to drop off each month. Quark then promise to have laod of garabage each drop form space each week . Oxymorn later learn the hard way that he has signed a contract to have his planet turned into a dummping site for trahs 2
Grand Prize march 21 Quark and several meamber are chose to be the be a team on the game Mysyte maze were consta manuever a maze answering gustions, solving puzzel and facing pysical challeges to win a fablouus mysteyr prize. Ficus bleives that with his supior logic he can answer all the mazes question only to stumped by the simplest of pop culuture question. Quark team still bet the other team to center of the maze to find out that the prize was a gaming console


List of Quak episodes (2000's remake).
Episode names. First date it was shown. Story line. Season Number of Viewers on first showing (in millions).