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Founded 2005
Ceased operations Sill operational
Hubs RAF Shobdon and RAF Cosford (civil runway)
Fleet size 6
Destinations 10
Company slogan The rebel air line
Parent company It is not owned by a perent firm and is self runing.
Headquarters Albrighton

Corporate historyEdit

Market valueEdit

Federal Telecom, Renegade Civil Airways and the Morgan Motor Company are 3 of the 6 firms quoted in the 720 point Federal Stock Exchange.


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  1. RAF Shobdon
  2. RAF Pershore (Civil runway)
  3. RAF Cosford (Civil runway)
  4. New Radnor emergency air strip (charter and emergencies only)
  5. Ludlow air strip (charter and emergencies only)
  6. Ludlow hellypad
  7. Monmouth hellypad
  8. Coventry airport
  9. Cardiff airport
  10. Bristol Airport


Federal airportsEdit

Heyford airfield 1

Ludlow airfield.

The former RAF air base come civil airport, RAF Shobdon, continued as such after its repair in 2005. The former air field at the once mothballed RAF Pershore become the nations second light airport in 2010. The still disused Wolverhampton civil airport is still under UK authority, despite being well within Seisdon District. Joint ownership was mooted in 2009 and 2011. Monmouth hellypad was biult for millitery use in 2005, but civil aviation was alwed in by 2009.

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