Renko: Polar Star is the second season in the American television series Renko and is based on the novel Polar Star by Martin Cruz Smith. It premiered on MBN on July 3, 2014 and concluded on August 21, 2014.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

  • Gary Sinise as Arkady Renko, a former police investigator whose actions in Gorky Park have seen him practically exiled to Siberia, where he works odd jobs just to maintain a living
  • Eliza Taylor as Zina Patiashvili, a woman crew member of the Polar Star from the Georgian SSR who is found dead inside a trawling net
  • Emilia Clarke as Susan Hightower, the American representative of the joint Soviet-American company which is responsible for the Polar Star's Bering Sea operations alongside American trawlers
  • Ray Stevenson as Karp Korobetz, the Polar Star's leading fisherman with a vested interest in the investigation of the death of Zina
  • Paul Rudd as Third Mate Slava Bukovsky, the Polar Star officer who "assists" Renko's investigation of Zina's death
  • Rob Lowe as Captain Viktor Sergeyevich Marchuk, commander of the Polar Star and the man who orders Renko to conduct an in-depth investigation of Zina's death

Recurring castEdit

  • Kiefer Sutherland as First Mate Fedor Fedorovich Volovoi, political officer of the Polar Star
  • Michael Keaton as Captain George Morgan, commander of the American trawler Eagle
  • Hayden Christensen as Ridley, a deckhand on the Eagle
  • Lucas Till as "Fleet Electrical Engineer" Anton Hess, a Volga German officer onboard the Polar Star whose main purpose on the ship is mysterious to Renko at best
  • Taylor Lautner as Mike, an Aleutian crewman onboard the Eagle
  • Rebel Wilson as Natasha Chaikovskaya, Zina's cabin-mate and whom Renko recruits to ask questions about Zina to the rest of the crew
  • Johnny Galecki as Dr. Vainu, the Polar Star's Estonian doctor
  • Rashida Jones as Lidia Taratuta, the bufetchitsa (woman in charge of the officers' mess) of the Polar Star
  • Josh Gad as Gury Gladky, one of Renko's cabin-mates and an "enterprising individual" who tries to make Renko "think like a new man" like the new Soviet policy says
  • Jason Sudeikis as Kolya Mer, a botanist who grows orchids in the cabin he shares with Renko and Gury
  • Tom Bergeron as Obidin, a religious man who shares a cabin with Renko, Gury and Kolya
  • Carrie Fisher as Madame Malzeva, another one of Zina's cabin-mates
  • Elle Fanning as Dynama "Dynka" Dzhalilova, Zina's third cabin-mate from the Uzbek SSR
  • Sterling Knight as Junior Lieutenant Nikolai, Hess' naval intelligence subordinate
  • Melissa McCarthy as Olimpiada Bovina, the chief cook of the crew's galley of the Polar Star
  • Jason Clarke as Coletti, a former policeman who now works as a fisherman on the Eagle
  • Bradley Cooper as Izrail Izrailevich, the factory fish-cleaning line leader on the Polar Star
  • Corey Stoll as Colonel Sergei Pribluda, the KGB officer who frees Renko from the psychiatric ward where the former investigator was being held in a flashback


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