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Republic of Bury
Timeline: 1962: The Apocalypse

OTL equivalent: Bury and serounding regions.
[[Image:.|120px|Flag]] [[Image:.|80px|Coat of Arms]]
Flag Coat of Arms
England DD62
Location of Republic of Bury
Capital: Bury
Largest city: Bury
Other cities: Ramsbottom Tottington, North Radcliffe Whitefield, Haslington, Edgworth, Eadenfield, Bacup and Rising Bridge
Language: English
Religion: Church of England.
Ethnic group: English
Type of government: republic
  government: Bury Town Hall
Assembly Leader:
Area: (claimed) km²
Population: 12,655 
Independence: 1963
Currency: Bartering.
Organizations: Northern Alliance
% Literacy: 99%
Number of military personnel: low

World War 3Edit

Also see- WP Targets in the UK and Ireland.

Bury was expected to be bombed, but was not struck.

Manchester, Salford, Hyde, Oldham and Bolton where hit while Bury and other towns that were far away from nuked cites survived

After Doomsday Edit

Bury found itself in a difficult situation after the war fearing Lancashire was destroyed along with Manchester. Successful efforts were made to contact other towns Ramsbottom Tottington to the north Radcliffe Whitefield a meeting was called to discuss thier predicament. Things were tough for several years. The near by villages of Haslington, Edgworth, Eadenfield, Bacup and Rising Bridge joined the growing state in 1972.

First ContactEdit

It was made with the republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man in 1967. Contact was made with the Dutch of Lancashire, Scarboroughshire and North Derbyshire by 1972. Explores from Mercia, Republic of East Anglia, Carlisle-shire, Whitehaven-shire, Kendal-shire and Penrith-shire in 1979.

Present dayEdit

Bury, Ramsbottom Tottington, North Radcliffe Whitefield, Haslington, Edgworth, Eadenfield, Bacup and Rising Bridge are all doing well. Today, Ramsbottom is described as a "thriving market town in spectacular surroundings" and has a infrequent railway link to Preston.

Politics and government Edit

The Republic of Bury is a democratic republic with a figurehead assembly leader who are based at the town hall.


Army Edit

The army was made up from the Bury detachment of the Lancashire Fusiliers they are based at Wellington Barracks

Legal system Edit

minor crimes are punished by community service more serious crimes carry time in prison however the republic retains the death penalty for rape and murder the preferred method of execution is hanging

Agriculture Edit

As the risk of famine loomed there was a fear for the republic which had turned over land for food production.




Transport changed after Doomsday from the motor car to horses and carts this changed yet again with the reintegration of the East Lancashire Railway and things went further still with the first Bio Fuel plant in 2000 this has meant motor vehicles can now be used again.

Economy Edit

Agriculture and bartering.

Agriculture Edit


Basketball, football, cycling and tennis also are popular sports in Bury.

Brewery Edit

2012 saw the opening of the Outstanding Beer Company.

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