Rhodesian Federation
Ροδεσίας Ομοσπονδία
Timeline: Pax Americana

OTL equivalent: Rhodesia and South Mozambican Coast
600px-Flag of Rhodesia.svg Coat of arms of Rhodesia.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
550px-Rhodesia (orthographic projection).svg
Location of Rhodesian Federation

Μπορεί αυτή να είναι άξια του ονόματός της (Greek)
("May she be worthy of name")

Anthem: "
Anthem of Europe (US Navy instrumental long version)
Capital: New Constantinople
Largest city: Boulavágio
Other cities: Neapoli, Aranthum, Aurelis, Varagnos
  others: Afrikaans, Zulu, English, Portuguesse
Ethnic groups:
Whites, Afro-Americans, Greeks, Asians
  others: Zulus and Black Minority
Demonym: Rhodesian
Type of government: Representative Democracy
  government: Congressional Parliament
President: Argos Kerthonopolis
Population: 14.15 million (2013) 
Established: 1908
Independence: from Byzantine Empire
  declared: 1959
  recognized: 1960
Currency: Drachma
Time zone: Central Africa Time Zone (UTC+02:00)
Internet TLD: .rh
Calling code: +263
Organizations: United Nations, African Union

Rhodesia, Simply known as Rhodesian Federation, (Greek:Ροδεσίας Ομοσπονδία), is a country in Africa, and which has Territory for Black Local in Rhodesia, The Greek is Official and National Language.

The Economy Rate is High and Grows, the Highest Rank GDP is 26% in Africa and in the World, the Ethnic Largest Groups is:White, and Black Americans Minority and Composed of 8 States and 5 Territories, This African Local Homeland Territory is Headed by Bureau of Tribal Affairs.

The Beginning when Greeks are Arrived in South Mozambican Coast and Established as a Colony named Rhodesia after Honor of Island of Rhodes. The Byzantine Colony Expanded and White Settlement Increases.

When Byzantine Prepare for Secession of Rhodesia, the Agreement Begins and Joins United Nations in 1945 and Become Economic Power.

The Byzantine is Highly-Globalized Nation and High Educational Services.

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