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Roland Denisovich Tidzhomov
Роланд Денисович Тиджомов
Timeline: History of Margovya

Tidzhomov in 2005

19th and Incumbent President of the Senate of the Republic of Margovya
11 October 2014 – present

Predecessor: Arya Nukova
President: Viktoriya Vegova (2014-2016)

Mstislav Pankavuranov (2016-present)

Senator of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 2007 – present

President: Gennady Elemat (2007-2013)

Viktoriya Vegova (2013-2016)
Mstislav Pankavuranov (2016-present)

50th Governor of Arbatskaya
6 April 2005 – 6 October 2007

Predecessor: Ervin Sikhovich
Successor: Vilyelmo Antonov
President: Pristina Leonova

52nd Vice Governor of Arbatskaya
6 April 2004 – 6 October 2005

Predecessor: Vyacheslav Umbelievich
Successor: Viktor Boevsky
President: Pristina Leonova
Birth: 15 August 1979 (age 37)
Arbatskaya Flag Filipiniana, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Spouse: Maria Dmitriyevna Atolova
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Politician, Singer, Vocalist (TPB)

Roland Denisovich Tidzhomov (Margovyan: Rolando Dionisio Teijomo, Russian: Роланд Денисович Тиджомов, born 15 August 1979) is a Margovyan Politician and singer. He is currently seated as a member of the Margovyan Senate, and served a both governor and vice governor of the province of Arbatskaya. He is also the vocalist of the boy band TPB.

Tidzhomov is now currently serving in the senate for his third term, after placing seventh in the 2013 senatorial elections. On April 12, 2013, Tidzhomov officially announced his candidacy for Senate President in the 2014 Senatorial conclave. The conclave was held October 11, 2014, where he won against Socialist candidate Martin Rondayev with a score of 21 to 9 on the first round of voting.

Birth and Early LifeEdit

Roland Tidzhomov was born in Filipiniana, Arbatskaya on August 15, 1979 to music producer Denis Tidzhomov (born September 12, 1952), owner of Tidzhomov Music Records, and housewife Elena Tidzhomova (October 11, 1954 - August 15, 1979), who died upon giving birth to him. Roland has three siblings: three elder brothers Genrikh (b. 1970), Anton (b. 1972) and Yuri (b. 1976).

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