Name Flag Emblem Established Destroyed Alleigence Empires

only- Satellites



Roman Empire Red field, eagle in centre, surrounded by fire Eagle a long time ago 2016
Chinese empire Blue dragon on green background Tea leaf 1346 2056
Central asian democratic


Traditional carpet on blue background. GH-35 Tank 1999 2190
Roman republic of Azeria and Armenia minor Blue, White,Blue horizontal stripes with full moon and BR-78 assault rifle in the middle Eagle 129AD 2012 (reformed in civil war briefly) Roman empire Roman


Afghan rep. Battle-axe on red field Battleaxe 1867 2034 Central asian democratic





Azerbaijan Vertical stripes of Violet white red Cedar tree 2012 2017 Central asian democratic republic Afghan rep.
Roman Baltic Pink cross on white field, Green canton Eagle 4BC 2016 Roman Empire Roman empire
germanic balticn Red Sturgeon on wavy background Sturgeon 1987 2981 Germanic empire Poland
Asia Minor

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