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Ruma Rumanovich Rasapinsky
Timeline: History of Margovya
Birth: August 10, 1971
Yobatav, Arbatskaya, Margovya
Death: May 23, 1996 (aged 24)
Llamadovskaya, Pontival, Margovya
Spouse: None
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: Actor, comedian, basketball player

Ruma Rumanovich Rasapinsky (August 10, 1971 - May 23, 1996) was a Margovyan actor and basketball player. He was one of the members of the Pontival Piranhas team in the Margovyan Basketball Association who were killed in a plane crash on the Amazon River in Llamadovskaya, Pontival on May 23, 1996. Being one of the greatest players in his time, Rasapinsky's death was greatly mourned by MBA fans all over Margovya. After his death, his no. 24 jersey was retired by the Pontival Piranhas.

As an actor, he was better known for his role in the TV series The Interceptors from 1989 to 1990, and his roles in the films A Long Way Home (1991), 3:50 PM (1991), Close the Door (1993), Tag Team Racers (1994), and Good Thing It Wasn't My Ex (1995).


Birth and early lifeEdit

Ruma Rasapinsky was born in Yobatav, Arbatskaya on August 10, 1971 to Ruma (born August 26, 1948) and Anya Rasapinsky (born May 24, 1954). His younger siblings Matvey and Irina (both born April 27, 1979) also became famous actors. Ruma had another younger sister, Kseniya (born September 22, 1988. He finished Fine Arts at Arbatskaya State University in 1993, joined the basketball team of ASU in 1989, and eventually joined the MBA team Arbatskaya Monarchs in 1990.

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