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Saltsburg incident (September 11th, 1962)
Austria Salzburg incident (1962 Doomsday)


In and around Saltsburg town

Austrian Army (Österreichisches Bundesheer)

275 troops, 4 tanks and 2 tank destroyers.

Austrian Commanders

Major General(Generalmajor) Heinrich von Hessen and Sergeant (Wachtmeister) Igor Werner

West German Army (Deutsches Heer)

265 troops and 8 tanks

West German Commanders

Sergeants (Stabsunteroffizier) Gunter Baum and Johann Griff

American Airforce and army Army

15 troops and 4 helicopters

American Commanders

Second lieutenants Otis Smith and John O’Conner


55 Germans, 45 Austrians and 1 American.


A draw

The incidentEdit

Early that morning of September 10th, 1962, Saltsburg incident occurred. Several rogue sections of the German army invaded the Austrian province of Salzburg (Austro-Bavarian dialect Germany: Såizburg, Standardised German: Salzburg) despite of popular protests in Bavaria, (formally the Free State of Bavaria (German: Freistaat Bayern)).

3 American Air force Hughes TH-55 Osage helicopters and a US Army Bell UH-1 Iroquois helicopters from Munich Airport (German: Flughafen München), intervened on the Austrian side at 10.00 and tipped the balance in there favour.

The 15 hour war took place between 01.00 and 16.05 Bonn/Vienna Time.

The German element of surprise, both sided use of ambush as did the superior motivation of the Austrians all played it's part. After much intense fighting, the conflict ended in a draw.

The Armour and gunsEdit

German armour-

  1. 2x Schützenpanzer Kurz,
  2. 6x M47 Patton tank,
  3. 2x Leopard 1.

German Guns-

Austrian armour-

  1. 2x T-34,
  2. 1x M60 Patton,
  3. 2x Charioteer tank destroyers,
  4. 1x Saurer 4K 4FA.

Austrian guns-

American Helicopters-

  1. 3x Hughes TH-55 Osage
  2. 1x Bell UH-1 Iroquois

American guns-

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