|previous= |casus=Federal government attempts to completely lock down the United States, turning it into a police state |conc= |next= |name=Second American Revolution/Civil War |image= |begin=February 7th, 2014 |end=March 2nd, 2014 |place=United States |result=Federal government overthrown, United Republic of America created |battles= |side1=Federal government |side2=American resistance |commanders1=Barack Obama |commanders2=Alex Jones

The Second American Revolution, also called the Second American Civil War, was a civil war that erupted in early 2014 within the United States of America after Barack Obama's regime attempted to take over the country for banks and corporations by ordering martial law. Citizens revolted across the country, and the majority of the US military joined them. Various government agencies were used as the primary force of the US federal government, but they were overthrown after a bloody conflict that left 5 million dead as a result of fighting, 18 million from indirect causes, and 78 million refugees.

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