Singer Siblings

Created by

Marvik Vulvanov


Arya Nukova
Viktoriya Vegova
Zarya Yarinich
Gregoriy Umalin
Samara Tilnova


Make Me Laugh Margovya


Comedy, Kids/Teens, Music

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes

122 (List of episodes)

Running Time

23 minutes

Original Run

April 24, 2001-March 16, 2006

Singer Siblings is a kids/teens sitcom, which was broadcast on Make Me Laugh Margovya from 2001 to 2006. It starred Arya Nukova, Viktoriya Vegova, Zarya Yarinich, Gregoriy Umalin and Samara Tilnova as the main cast, and was created by Marvik Vulvanov. The series ran from April 24, 2001 to March 16, 2006, and spanned 122 episodes over five seasons.


17-year-old Adesya "Adi" Kantanova (Arya Nukova) and her thirteen-year-old sister Lolita (Viktoriya Vegova) faces a new chapter in their lives as their father Nikita (Gregoriy Umalin), a widower for about ten years, marries his long-time girlfriend Lyubov Gaganovskaya (Samara Tilnova), and later on, the two sisters meet Lyubov's fifteen-year-old daughter Kiki (Zarya Yarinich), a mean and aggressive girl who later on became friends with them, and faces challenges with them.

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