The Six Years' War is a civil war that occurred in the pre-conquered Margovia between Vice Minister Julio Soledad and Ministerial Secretary Paloma Vergara, which started on September 1, 1862, a week after the death of Chief Minister Amparro Noguiera. As the title of the war suggests, it lasted for six years until it finally ended on 1868, when Soledad finally took the position of Chief Minister.


On August 24, 1862, Chief Minister Amparo Noguiera died of natural causes at the age of 48. According to the constitution of the Nation and Government of Margovia, once the chief minister dies, his eldest son (or the husband of the eldest daughter if he didn't have a son) shall take his place as chief minister. Shall the minister have no children, any immediate relative genealogically (though not biologically) younger than him shall take over. However, on Noguiera's case, he didn't have a child, his wife died on 1852, and no person claimed to have been an immediate relative of Noguiera. Because of this, Vice Minister Julio Soledad, technically, though not mandated by the constitution, shall take over as Chief Minister of Margovia. However, the fact that Soledad's ascent to the throne is not mandated by the law was used by Ministerial Secretary Paloma Vergara as a justification that she is the rightful leader of Margovia.

Starting from August 25, Soledad and Vergara started debating on who is the rightful leader of the people of Margovia. The debate went on, while the two opponents stated pointless statements about their reason why they should be declared chief minister, until August 31. On September 1, 1862, Vergara gathered hundreds of soldiers and bombed Soledad's house in Ruma del Pan Province (now Arbatskaya) in an attempt to kill him so she can be declared chief minister. However, a few hours later, Soledad's forces ambushed Vergara while on her way to Ciudad Margovia to declare herself as chief minister. This attack officially started the Six Years' War.


Part One: Gasconio and Ruma del Pan (1862-65)Edit

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