Stats Edit

The socialist Republic of the North Star is a single party socialist(some people would even say communist state) based in the former us state of Minnesota.

History Edit

Minestoa was one the few american states lucky enough to being nuked. The state still broke down into several defato inpenenet govereent. Govonor Elmer L. Andersen tried to manitned oder in the twin city by declarign maraitl law. This made made many people upset. Andersen also had a lot of prombles dealing with things like food shoraatege and epmidics. In 1968 andersens stat was overthrown by a bunch of radical leaftist who declared the formation of the socialist republc of the northstar

Economy Edit

North Star's Eccomny is highly state controled. Some pritvaite bussiness (like reasruerant, and small texile workshops and cleanign servies)were lealgized in 2009


Iorn ore is one of North stars most in demand exports

agriculture and logging


Military Edit

North Star has a large army. Semi crude locally design guns replaced bows and arrows as the standard wepons . Locally made bullets are of a higher quality due to salvaging designs form the per war anoka based Federal peruime annuiamton company

Media. Edit

Untill  2010 all official media was state owned  The nations privily owed press is heavily censored (However censures ship in recent years has been lossen a little). However there is sizeable underground anti groverment press. There is also a black market dealing in fogine books and magazines form non-socialist countries.   Black market Rocky and Bulwinkle comics are partual popular among the semi reblous youth of Norht Star.

Politics Edit

North Star is a single party socialist republic. There are serveral underground poltical oppstion groups. Despite attempts at reform the state has been lossing the support of the people. The ruling party is afraid that revoultion is on the horizion

International Relations Edit

North Stars closest allies are West Iowa and Neosho and the people's republic of Quebec. Relations with non socialist are frosty at best. They still trade with non-socialist counties. There most lucrative non socialist trading partner is Canada. They provide mostly provide Canada with iron in exchange for fuel.

Healthcare Edit

Healthcare in Northstar is free and universal. It benefits form the presence of the mayo clinic

Transportation Edit

Most transpoation is done horse and  cart or bicycle. There some ehtennoal powered sbsses in norht star.

Religion Edit

Unlike the communist states of Europe religion was neaver baned. It was heavyll controlled by the state though. In recent years the church has been given more atatmany

Energy Edit

Do to a lack of oil North Star has a long history of engry shortages. Most Oil is commendred by the state to power there meager insdutry. Trade realtions established in the 90's help relive the engry criss. However do thier backing of a failed revoultion in eastern wiscion Canda placed minnor trade sactions on NorthStar

Education Edit

Education is universal  in northstar. There has been high turnacy problem in North Star in recent years.Many restless youth see school as a propaganda machine for the state

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