"Something Has Changed"
Something Has Changed cover
Single by Not So Socialist
from the album Product Misplacement
Released Margovya July 15, 2010
Recorded 2008
Genre Pop rock, punk rock
Length 4:20
Label Tidzhomov
Writer(s) Not So Socialist
Not So Socialist singles chronology
"When I Knew It Was You"
"Something Has Changed"
"Hanging Out"

Something Has Changed is the fifth single from the studio album Product Misplacement by the Margovyan band Not So Socialist.


The song describes the slow process in which the singer's love interest has grown so distant from him that it's like they could no longer recognize each other. The lyrics You haven't noticed me/You don't even look at me/You're actually a snob in person is one of the most striking and recognizable lyrics of any Not So Socialist song.

The track is an upbeat rock track with a recognizable riff and is 4 minutes and 20 seconds long. The cover of the single features Not So Socialist performing with TPB.

The band's cover of the song "Spirit in the Sky" by Norman Greenbaum is the B-side on the Margovyan vinyl single. Unlike their earlier singles "Lonely" and When I Knew It Was You", which had song covers meant to contrast with their overall themes, "Spirit in the Sky" was chosen as the B-side to "Something Has Changed" "to keep the audience in a rock 'n' roll mood", according to Lev Arigov.


Instead of being inspired by a love story, the music video for "Something Has Changed" is about a fan (played by Maria Atolova) who feels betrayed by her favorite boy band (portrayed by Not So Socialist touring members Lev Glebov, Maksim Andreyev and Yaroslav Anastasiuk). The scorned fan begins plotting her revenge against the boy band. At first, it appears that she is working alone, but after one of the band members escapes her clutches, it is revealed that there are a lot more scorned fans (played by Tanya Kalinina, Gavrina Kumilyova and Lev Arigov) looking to make the band pay for ignoring them. The video ends with the boy band playing their instruments behind Not So Socialist, and Andreyev sticks his tongue out at Atolova, who plays the song's final riff.

Track listingEdit

CD single
  1. Something Has Changed (Single Edit) - 4:20
  2. Something Has Changed (Spanish Version) - 4:30
  3. Spirit in the Sky (Cover by Not So Socialist of the song by Norman Greenbaum) - 4:00
Margovyan 7" vinyl
  1. Something Has Changed
  2. Spirit in the Sky
Margovyan DVD
  1. Something Has Changed (Video) - 4:21
  2. Making of the Something Has Changed Video - 12:49
  3. Something Has Changed (Album Version) - 4:20
  4. Spirit in the Sky - 4:00

Credits and personnelEdit

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