Sonny Bonno and Cher Sarkisian are a divorced former husband and wife singing dou who both went into politics.Sonny is retired conggresman and Cher is ex govonor of calfornia .Sonny started as a republican but went indpent in 2006 and joined to the little know modern whig party in 2011. Cher is a democrat

Sonny and Cher Edit

Sonny was working for record porducer Phil Spector when he first met Cher at coffee shop. Sonny later conviced His boss to use cher as a background singer on the singles of various groups. After record her single cher ask sonny to perform with her because she suffered form stage fright. Sonny and Cher . At frist they were unsuccesful but they hit it big with I got you bade. Follwing hit included Baby don't go Little man and but your mine. Thier carre started going done hill in 1968 but they returned to the spotlight in 1971 when they launch a succusful varity show in 1971. The show ran untill they divoried in 1975. Sonny and Cher both pursoed indpenent enterment carrers untill they entered poltics

Sonny post divioe Edit

Republic party era

Sonny started his political career as mayor of palm springs. He became a republican congress man in 1995. He was a co sponsor of the copy right extension act. He was also a fairly enviormently republican. Sonny and Liclon chaffe were the only 2 republicans to vote against the invasion of iraq.Sonny was originally homomphic but he eventually softened his views and reconciled with his lebesenain daughter Chasity.

Post Republican political Career

Sonny went independent in 2006 citing that the republicans were becoming too convestive and obsessed with image for his taste. Sonny joined the fledgling modern Whig party in 2011 because thier fiscal convestive and liberal social platform was attractic to him.

Cher post divore Edit

Early politics Edit

Cher won an seat on the Beverly Hill City Council in 1991. The tabloids claim she did this to spite her ex, but she dinies this. she was appointed by the rest of the council to a year term as mayor in 1996. In 1998 became Gray Davis Lt governor.During the 2003 special ecletion she gaine 41.75 prent of the vote giving her a narrow vicoty over Tom McClintock who came in second play

Governor of California Edit

As Governor or California Cher repealed an incress on vechiel regerstion early in frist term. in 2004 propsation 66 pased due to chers support. Cher was know for labor policy that pleased unions and to a less excient bussines too. Cher passed american first greenhouse gas cap and signed into law the creation on a highspeed green engry railroad.

Trivia Edit

In 2005 SNL did a Comdeny skit in which Sonny and Cher were running against each other in the 2008 election . There were having a debate that started serious but devolved into an heated argument about there former marriage.

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