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The battle of Northfield (August 7th, 1995)
South Birmingham locator map
South Birmingham.


In and around Northfield railway station, South Birmingham

UK commanders

Cheif inspector of South Birmingham Police Division.

Federal commanders

Pieter Richard Smith and Rodger Oliver McFall.

West Midland Police

80 officers (30 in riot gear)

Federal rioters

60-65 rioters


A Federal defeat

The battle of Longbridge (August 8th)
South Birmingham locator map
South Birmingham.


In and around the Longbridge autoworks, South Birmingham

UK commanders

TA Lieutenant Samuel Starr.

Federal commanders

Thomas Okoye, Hennery Ball, Dr Tod Hayse and Steve Wells.

The Territorial Army

35 troopers and 1 (unused) Brownng 0.50 caliber machine gun

Federal rioters

160-170 striking autoworkers


A Federal victory


The tragic events at King's Norton had caused an emotional over-spill in the far south of Birmingham. Another rebel rally would take place round Northfield railway station and an unplanned partial strike would hit the Longbridge auto-works a day later. The situation was getting out of hand as events began to take on a life of their own due to both a harsh establishment group-think mentality and a nationalistic herd instinct in the rebel ranks.

The battlesEdit

The next 2 day's activity was located in only at Northfield station, station road and the station car parks on the 7th and the Longbridge auto-works, Longbridge railway station and the part of the main road that ran between then on the 8th.

The 60 or so strong gathering at Northfield station hand become as distrustful of the local authorities as local police detachment had to the protesters due to the previous day's events. After the 2 hour conflict end after every one had fought themselves to exhaustion and rubber bullets were discharged. The local councillor come rebel activist, Rodger McFall was slightly wounded by one of the rubber bullets. The station was then cleared of protesters.

The situation was slightly different at Longbridge the net day, with a impromptu, but peacefull strike led by the union shop stewards Thomas Okoye and Hennery Ball. Both sides had adopted a more posative attitude towards the affair. They were content to share ideas and chose not to be hostile in nature.

When a goverment request was tellexed to the TA unit ordering them to shoot on thier comander, TA Lieutenant Samuel Starr, refused to carry it out and ordered his troops to join the unarmed rebels, rather than atttck them. Every one went home the next day and Lieutenant Samuel Starr was cortmartialed by the British army in his absence. He later went on to lead the Federal Republic's regular army.


  • It was, as most riots are, heavily dependent on hit and run tactics, street fighting and charging mobs.
  • 6 rubber bullets were discharged.

The aftermathEdit

An uncompromising mideset occurred amongst both sides leadership.

Neither side accepted their role in the societal accident that had led to the clashes left feeling they had just averted a disaster on the streets of southern Birmingham.

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