This article discusses the lives, beliefs or actions of fictional people. Some of the information may unintentionally resemble that of a real person, but it is only accidental and in good faith. Propose any changes to the talk page.
Svetlana Ivanovna Andivina
Светлана Ивановна Андивина
Timeline: History of Margovya

Andivina in 1962

11th President of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 1962 – 22 June 1965

Predecessor: Dmitri Antonov
Successor: Juan Barbarov
Vice President: Juan Barbarov

10th Vice President of the Republic of Margovya
6 April 1956 – 6 April 1962

Predecessor: Andrey del Quiev
Successor: Juan Barbarov
President: Dmitri Antonov

16th Governor of Povida
6 April 1950 – 6 October 1954

Predecessor: Andreya Boskonovich
Successor: Juan Barbarov
President: Mstislav Andropov (1950-1953)

Andreya del Quiev (1953-1954)

Birth: 4 June 1915
Povida FlagRuma Estrella, Povida, Margovya
Death: 22 June 1965 (aged 50)
MargovyaKapitolyov, Ikulsk, Margovya
Spouse: Juan Ivanovich Barbarov
Political party: Margovyan Federalist Party
Religion: Roman Catholic
Profession: politician

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