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A satellite TV dish in New Durham.

Internet cafe CIMG6322 (5348912738)

New Durham internet cafe.


At about 1890-1895, the Bell Telephone Company's developed the capitol's power supply and undersea telegraph links were introduced, first connecting Muluwheyo City, Luanda and Cape Town. 1900 saw it spread to Muluwheyo City, New Essen, Boerburg, Point Portugal, Kelunga, and Port Eric. A 1902 cable connected Muluwheyo City, New Essen, Boerburg and Port Eric to both London and Walvis Bay.

77% of the poulation have phones and 66% have mobile phones.

Muluwheyo National TV was launced in 2003.


The available TV stations are-Edit

  1. Muluwheyo National TV
  2. Angola TV,
  3. Televisão Pública de Angola E.P.
  4. TV Zimbo
  5. FlySat Angola TV Channels,
  6. Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc).
  7. One Africa TV
  8. BBC News 24.

The available Radio stations are-Edit

  1. Rádio Nacional de Angola broadcasts
  2. Radio Ecclesia
  3. Radio Lac Luanda
  4. Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (nbc).
  5. Muluwheyo 24/7 (national, MW).
  6. Muluwheyo City FM.
  7. Point Portugal FM/MW.
  8. Kelunga FM/MW.
  9. Tonytown FM
  10. Boerburg Town FM.
  11. New Essen FM
  12. Pilar MW
  13. Maria FM


The national news paper is the Muluwheyo times, but the FT, Wall street Journal, all Namibian papers and all Angolan papers are available in the nation.


Most organisations went on line in 2008. The fist 2 internet cafes opened in New Durham and New Brackley in 1999, and a third was started in Tony Town in 2005. A network of 22 other facilities was set up across the country between 2007 and 2008.

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