Tengo noticias para ti


Comedy panel game

Created by

Mikhail Pankavuranov
Iosef Pankavuranov

Produced by

Pankavuranov TV (1999-2005)
Channel 10 Productions (1999-2005)
Godofredo Mariano Productions (2012-present)

Presented by

Illarion Taktarov (1999)
Larry Taktarov (2000-2005)
Guest presenters (2012-present)


Iosef Pankavuranov (1999-2005)
Baba Filitov (1999-2005)
Ruma Dumayev (2012-present)
Genrikh Antonov (2012-present)

Country of origin


No. of seasons


No. of episodes

? (list of episodes)

Tengo noticias para ti (English: I Have News for You) is a Margovyan television panel show produced by Pankavuranov TV and Channel 10 Productions for Channel 10 Margovya from 1999 to 2005 and by Godofredo Mariano Productions for Make Me Laugh Margovya from 2012. It was inspired by the British panel show Have I Got News for You and was broadcast from 1999 to 2005 and from 2012 to the present. The show has cultivated a reputation, just like the show which inspired it, of being the target of numerous criticisms with regards to the libelous and scandalous comments of its contestants as well as its topics and satirical premise.

Tengo noticias para ti is cited as popularizing the panel show format in Margovya to the point that both serious and satirical game shows have copied the format for their own purposes. For its first seven years, the program was shown on Channel 10 Margovya. After going off the air for another seven years following the death of host Larry Taktarov, Godofredo and Ivan Maryanov acquired the rights to the show from Pankavuranov TV and produced it under Godofredo Mariano Productions for Make Me Laugh Margovya in 2012, where it has been broadcast ever since. Both Make Me Laugh and Let's Talk Margovya carry regular reruns of the show (called Tengo viejas noticias para ti, or I Have Old News for You).

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