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It was founded in 1861, just prior to the Confederate War of Succession.

Confederate War of SuccessionEdit

Stand-off with the NorthEdit

World War 1Edit

World War 2Edit

Cold WarEdit

The Gulf WarsEdit

Somalia and the War on TerrorEdit





Small armsEdit


Electronic counter-measures, electronic eavesdropping, sonar and radarEdit


Staff trainingEdit


Home portsEdit

FDN-1 Andaman 4140144

Calypso Bay in the north of Jamaica.

  • Belle Chase, Louisiana
  • NAS Atlanta
  • NAS Baton Rouge
  • Kings Bay Submarine Base
  • Gulfport Battalion Center
  • NAS Meridian
  • NS Pascagoula
  • Tampa bay, Florida
  • NAS Kingsville
  • Red River Army Depot
  • Port Neches, Texas
  • Norfolk, Virginia
  • Calypso Bay in the north of Jamaica. It opened in 1949.

The New Orleans Navy MuseumEdit


Today's navy fleetEdit

Surface fleetEdit

Submarine fleet Edit

Shore Based Patrol AircraftEdit

Fleet Air Arm ( past and present )Edit

Harbour defence systemsEdit

Former fleetEdit

Cold War and present dayEdit






1861-1865 (ATL version of the US Civil War)Edit

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