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DD62 Europa Alliance EA flag

The flag of the Europa Alliance.


The Nations of Europe had long formed local pacts like the Saxon Alliance in northern Germany and the free trade treaty between the nations of the English Channel like Wessex and the Somme. The need for consolidation and unity had reached it's tipping point in 1987, when several nations met in Vienna to form a successor to the former Benelux Union, NATO, EEC, the EBU and EFTA. And So The Europa Alliance was thus formed. The League of Arab States (Arabic: جامعة الدول العربية‎ Jāmiʻat ad-Duwal al-ʻArabiyya)/ commonly called the Arab League (Arabic: الجامعة العربية‎ al-Jāmiʻa al-ʻArabiyya) has developed in a similar way in the Arab World since WW3.

It has been run since it's foundation by the Lille-Wallonia diplomat Gaston LeTrec.

The 14 goals.Edit

  1. Encouraging free trade.
  2. Encouraging press co-operation.
  3. Encouraging police co-operation.
  4. Mutual defence.
  5. The free exchange of ideas, technology, oil, coal, lead ore and iron ore.
  6. A universal measurement system.
  7. A common farming policy.
  8. Encouraging democracy.
  9. Medical co-operation.
  10. Promoting child welfare
  11. Encouraging youth and sports programs
  12. Preserving European cultural heritage
  13. Fostering cultural exchanges between the member states
  14. Promoting human rights

Official NamesEdit

  • The Europa Alliance- English.
  • L'Alliance de Europa- French.
  • Die Europa-Alliance- German.
  • Europa-Alliance- Danish.
  • L'alleanza di Europa- Italian.
  • Aliança Europa- Portuguese.
  • Europa İttifak- Turkish
  • Het Bondgenootschap Europa- Dutch.



  1. Kingdom of Lille-Wallonia (1962: The Apocalypse),
  2. Republic of Brittany
  3. Austria
  4. Normandy
  5. Somme Republic
  6. Market Harborough and Central Northamptonshire

  7. The U.D.R.
  8. Malta
  9. Neo-Roman Empire
  10. Catalonia
  11. Andalucía
  12. Milan
  13. Naples
  14. San Marino
  15. Republic of Alsace-Lorraine (1962: The Apocalypse),
  16. Republic of Southern France
  17. Aquitaine Republic
  18. Republic of Corsica
  19. Republic of Northern France,
  20. City state of Wilhelmshaven (1962: The Apocalypse)
  21. Wismar S.S.R.
  22. Baden-Wuttenburg
  23. Free State of Bavaria
  24. Vorpommern-Greifswald
  25. Nassau Lender
  26. Osnabrük Lender
  27. Kingdom of Sweden
  28. Iceland
  29. Kingdom of Denmark
  30. Kingdom of Norway
  31. Saarland
  32. Ireland and the Isle of Man (1962: The Apocalypse)
  33. Romania
  34. Bulgaria
  35. Albania
  36. Sicily
  37. Republic of Austria
  38. Duchy of Milan
  39. Democratic Izmir
  40. Kleve
  41. Frisian Republic (1962: The Apocalypse),
  42. Scottish Highlands Alliance
  43. Dumfriesshire
  44. Pembrokeshire Republic (1962: The Apocalypse)
  45. Commune of Colwyn Bay (1962: The Apocalypse)
  46. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1962: The Apocalypse),
  47. Buckinghamshire (1962: The Apocalypse),
  48. Kibworth (1962: The Apocalypse),
  49. Republic of Bury (1962: The Apocalypse)
  50. Kentshire
  51. Istanbull
  52. City State of Sutton
  53. Kingdom of Wessex (1962: The Apocalypse),
  54. Provisional Republic of the UK (1962: The Apocalypse),
  55. Republic of Cornwall and Barnstaple (1962: The Apocalypse),
  56. Socialist Durhamshire
  57. Sussex (1962: The Apocalypse)
  58. Republic of East Anglia,
  59. Scarboroughshire

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