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The Federal Press Bureau is answerable to the The Federal General Assembly, who also appoint it's chief commissioner every 3 years. The current chief commissioner is Étienne Gbagbo.

It was created in late 1998 to maintain the quality and moral standards of the nation's radio and TV, but it quickly became too pollicised.

It tried to gag newspaper, radio and independent TV reports on the Steak-mine Affair made by the independent Worcestershire based TV station, Freelance TV, which was founded in 2001. Freelance TV's documentry show Mercia Today, televised the impeachment and sacking of the former Government minister Mr Corf on May the 1st, 2004. The impeachment was the main story on Freelance TV for the rest of the month. The Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) supported Freelance TV actions.

The Federal Press Bureau took over the non-evacuated assets and studios of the defunct BBC Radio Hereford and Worcester which started re-broadcasting in the November of 1998 on its old frequency of 94.7FM as the Federal Radio Service. They also run the experimental analogue T.V. station called Federal TV, which has been running since January 5th 2012. It's services became permanent on July 5th 2012. The service reached Peckerige in 2024 and became nation wide in 2025.

The Federal Press Bureau is also a political watchdog that censors out most of the news that is even mildly critical of the president and the Federal General Assembly out of all forms national media. Censorship had virtually ended in the May of 2012, and it's hope that it will stay that way.

It's functions are not to be confused with those of the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA), which is meant to filter out puerile, rude, boaring and libellous programing. It's current chief commissioner is Monica Mureș.

Books and newspapers are regulated by the Print Media Committee which is meant to filter out puerile, rude, boring and libellous articles. It's chairman is Wendy Radnor.

Online and phone services are regulated by the Telecommincations Board, who's current chief executive is Dora Drängarna Pejačević.

The first Culture, media and sport minister was the Federal Labour MP for West Bromwich East, (OTL) Tom Watson. Arthur Ramsbottom his sucsesser as both a local Federal Labour MP and minister is Arthur Ramsbottom.

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