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The still working loco that operates in the Gloucestershire Corridor.

TR Trecwn diesel - Tivedshambo 2010-03-07

The other loco broke down in 2009 and awaits repairs at Ledbury rail depot.

The Gloucestershire Corridor was created in 1999 as a humanitarian aid corridor through the UK, giving the rebels access to the sea via the 2 jetty Newham on Severn wharf. The rebel held RAF Madley communications relay installation was also put under joint UK/Hereford and Worcester control in exchange for the corridor's creation. The treaty also established an air link, via Cardiff Airport to the former RAF air base come civil airport at RAF Shobdon. Not all its cargo is humanitarian aid since dismantled transport equipment, hair-spray, Kalaskinov rifels, Angolan mercenaries and TV sets have all been illegally smuggled through it over the years. It has subsiquently exstended to Chespstow's Mercia quay in 2025.

The jointly administered B-class road and 1 track rail link run between-

  • Ledbury
  • Dymock
  • Newent
  • Huntley
  • Westbury on Severn
  • Newham on Severn
  • Newham on Severn wharf

The Dymock and Ledbury Town Halt light railway project coverers part of corridor's route.

The River Wye (Welsh: Afon Gwy) is the the 5th longest river in the UK and for parts of its length forms part of the border between England and Wales, after exiting Herefordshire. It source is in Radnorshire. Light commercial Federal shipping is allowed to use navigable parts on week days only, but federal pleasure craft have free access all week according to the same treaty that formed the Gloustershire corridor.

The current cheif commisioner of the Gloucestershire Corridor and Federal navigation of the River Wye is Paul Boyce of the Federal Conservative, who took over from  his Liberal Democrat predisesor, Dr Tod Hayse, after he retiered in 2025.

The UNEdit

428 UN peace keepers work at-

  • Newham on Severn
  • Newham on Severn wharf
  • Chepstow Mercia Quay
  • Cardiff Airport
  • Tintern

They are from Norway, Italy, Denmark, Niger, Albania, Argentina, Fiji and Azerbaijan.

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