The Heist in Sta. Monica

Directed by

Mikhail Pankavuranov

Produced by

Pankavuranov Pictures

Written by

Iosef Pankavuranov
Ivan Maryanov

Release date

October 29, 1997


Mark Vizinsky
Mark Politov
Kazimir Ulabrov


m57.59 million

Box office income



125 minutes


Margovyan National Pictures

The Heist in Sta. Monica is a 1997 action-crime film produced by Pankavuranov Pictures. It is written by Iosef Pankavuranov and Ivan Maryanov, stars Mark Vizinsky, Mark Politov and Kazimir Ulabrov, and directed by Mikhail Pankavuranov.

The fil premiered in theaters on October 29, 1997, and was well-received by media critics, as well as the Margovyan public. The film has spawned two sequels: The Heist in Sta. Clarita, which starred Vizinsky, Radoslavovsky and Ivan Maryanov, was released in 2005, and The Heist in Sta. Conrada, which starred Vizinsky, Matvey Rasapinsky, Conrada Cortesova and Godofredo, was released in 2016.


Sta. Monica, California, 1995. International fugitives Gavril Sankt Markov (Mark Vizinsky), Johnny G. (Martin Movchovsky), and Marvik Tilnov (Kazimir Ulabrov) rob the bank of Sta. Monica of a total of $38.36 million. After a stand-off with the police that inevitably followed, which they all survived, as the three prepare to divide the money among themselves, Tilnov decided to keep all the money for himself; he shoots Johnny G. in the head, and frames Gavril for it; Gavril was arrested and deported, while Tilnov gets to keep all the money and moves to Europe under a new alias.

Greendrop, Marginalia, present day. Gavril is dragged into an escape plan orchestrated by Daniil Lankasov (Mark Politov), his cellmate and eventual friend in prison. After the escape, Daniil tries to recruit Gavril into his group of criminals. However, Gavril refuses, saying that after the escape, he decided it's time for him to reform from the life of crime. However, when he goes home to his brother Mikhail's (Yevgeniy Rambuvich) house, Mikhail informs him that Marvik Tilnov is currently residing in Greendrop, New Marginalia with the money they all got in the heist mission. Gavril then contacts Daniil, and says he's in, provided theis will be his last mission, and that he wants $12.8 million, one-third of the original money he took from the bank in Sta. Monica.