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The Interceptor


Science fiction

Executive Producer

Rurik Pankavuranov (2007-2014)
Ruma Chomsky (2014-Present)


Robert Elemat (2007-2008)
Matvey Rasapinsky (2008-2009)
Yordana Puevskaya (2009-2010)
Tanya Kalinina (2010-2012)
Conrada Cortesova (2012-2013)
Gennady Elemat (2013-2017)
Ivan Radoslavovsky (2017-present)
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No. of seasons


No. of episodes

107 (List of The Interceptor episodes)


Let's Talk Margovya

Running time

40-42 minutes

This article is about the science fiction series. For the similarly named police drama series, see either The Interceptors or The Interceptors (2008 series).

The Interceptor is a Margovyan science fiction television series produced by Let's Talk Margovya. The series depicts the exploits of a Space Brother, a time-traveling humanoid alien known as The Interceptor, who travels around the universes and dimensions in his Haunebu, a dimensional travel craft prototype with a disc-shaped exterior, which was inspired by the "flying saucers" which make up most of the current UFO sightings. Along with a series of companions, the Interceptor faces a variety of villains while working to preserve civilizations, save worlds, and do right throughout the universes and dimensions.

The show received recognition as one of Margovya's better shows in recent years, and has spawned a single feature film, titled The Interceptor: The Movie. The series has also attempted a crossover with its competing series on the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network, The Interceptors, titled The Interceptors: Revenge of the Fem-Cop. This crossover TV movie was one of the most widely panned in the history of film.

It has a large, growing fanbase in Margovya, and a substantial cult following in the rest of South America. Critics have drawn comparisons between the series and the British TV series Doctor Who, and executive producer Rurik Pankavuranov admits that he took a lot of inspiration from the British series, up to and including the idea that Space Brethren regenerate to explain the fact that new actors have come in to play the role.

The role of the Interceptor has been taken by six actors. The transition from one Interceptor to another is written into the story as regeneration, a life process of Space Brethren which gives the character of the Interceptor a new body and a new personality, which most often occurs after receiving a life-threatening injury that would be immediately fatal to other species in the dimensions. Each portrayal of the Interceptor is different, although the basic instincts for doing good and defending the defenseless remain. As of 2017 the current Interceptor is portrayed by Ivan Radoslavovsky, who took up the role after Gennady Elemat's departure from the role in 2017.



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