The Interceptors: Anonymous
Season 2 of The Interceptors
No. of Episodes 10
Original Run May 31, 2009 - August 2, 2009
Written by German Orfanov
Directed by Marvik Andreyev, Gregoriy Umalin
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors: Anonymous chronology
The Original Interceptors
Herencia Española

The Interceptors: Anonymous is a ten-part Margovyan action police procedural serial and is the second season of The Interceptors. The main cast for the season includes Gregoriy Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Mstislav Pankavuranov, Klaudia Glaser, Ustin Kubasov, Viktor Boevsky, Andrea G., Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev, and Fadia Serova. In the series, the Interceptors are tasked with uncovering the identities of the hackers who attacked the Margovyan Ministry of Defense's Integrated National Security Network and to "render them harmless," meaning to neutralize the hackers' threat to Margovya's cyber-security.

Anonymous was commissioned by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on October 2008. The season began filming on December 2008 and took place in Duyao. It premiered in Margovya on May 31, 2009, and concluded on August 2, 2009. Critical reactions to Anonymous was generally positive. Viewership averaged 8,000,000 for MNBN. Anonymous was released on DVD on September 12, 2010.


A cyber attack of unknown origin almost cripples the Margovyan Defense Ministry's networks, especially its newest and best network, the Integrated National Security Network, which is under the jurisdiction of the newly established National Defense Network Command. After the cyber attackers are repulsed, the Interceptors are asked to uncover the people responsible for the attack. Hacker Izmail Berovsky recognizes the codes used by the hackers to access the networks as the digital "fingerprint" of the Margovyan branch of the hacktivist group Anonymous. He arranges a secret meeting with one of the group's members, Mstislav Denchov, also known by the username Dencio_the_Master86, who denies that Margovya Anonymous was behind the attack, and reveals that a group of radical hackers had split off from the group to become cyber-terrorists. The Interceptors eventually locate the splinter group's headquarters in Duyao, and after an intense gunfight between the Interceptors and the cyber-terrorists, as well as Berovsky's efforts to stop the terrorists' attack on Margovya's surface-to-air missile control network, the cyber-terrorists are finally brought to justice.

At the same time, the Interceptors learn that a small group of "nationalist terrorists" are planning a massive nuclear attack, with the intention of blowing up a nuclear device disguised as a tanker truck beside the Ikulsk Nuclear Tower. At first, the Interceptors appear to be just one step behind the terrorists, but finally, they intercept the truck carrying the nuke on the highway to Ikulsk, and with only seconds to spare, they manage to stop the driver of the truck from detonating the bomb. However, just before they could properly interrogate the driver, he is killed by a sniper, but they do manage to learn the name of the terrorist organization: the Army of the Spanish Culture. The Interceptors would go against this enemy in Los Interceptores: Herencia Española.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

  • Radoslava Orentalova as RBI Director Eva Soryanova (3 episodes)
  • Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, aka Dencio_the_Master86, a member of Margovya Anonymous, and Izmail's contact in the hacktivist group (6 episodes)
  • Gleb Shevchenko as Brigadier General Mikhail Harkov, commander of Margovya's National Defense Network Command (4 episodes)
  • Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, the Integrated National Security Network technician. (5 episodes)
  • Vasilisa Yeguntseva as Marivanna, the holographic interface of the INSN (3 episodes)
  • Yekaterina Fedorova as the voice of Marivanna (4 episodes)
  • Gregoriy Umalin, Jr. as Filip Kurtov, aka Philip_SayMore_Hoffman68, leader of Margovya Anonymous. (4 episodes)
  • Viktor Lamitalovsky as Yuri Kirillin, aka KennethNaylor15, leader of the Margovyan Cyber Army. ("Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face")
  • Farooq Talnaev as Terentiy Trofimov, aka PresidentKapocius1991 ("Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face")
  • Pavel Sikov as Yefrem Zimmermann, aka Germanophil3_Yes ("Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face")
  • Olga Grisenko as Andzhela Urbanduva, aka M1ss_Zer0_L0v3rzx ("Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face")
  • Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman, Director Soryanova's secretary (5 episodes)
  • Boris Antonov as Artemio Elizalde (5 episodes)
  • Terentiy Murov as Master Sergeant Krikalev, the NDNC soldier who sets off the computer booby trap in "Technologist's Limit"


The nine main cast members of The Original Interceptors returns to reprise their roles in Anonymous. Radoslava Orentalova also returns as RBI Director Eva Soryanova.

In July 2008 it was announced that Rostislav Abramov was cast as Mstislav Denchov, a character that would play an important part in the upcoming series. Abramov described the character's role as "basically the guy that gets the Interceptors to solve the case." Abramov found that playing the character was "very fun and challenging in a good way."

Gregoriy Umalin, Jr., Umalin's son, plays Filip Kurtov, the leader of Margovya Anonymous in the series. Viktor Lamitalovsky, grandson of the old Interceptors star Jamal Lamitalovsky, plays Yuri Kirillin, the series' main antagonist, although he is seen only in the second-to-the-last episode of the series, and even then he gets only a small amount of screen time. Boris Antonov recurs as Artemio Elizalde, one of Mateo Barraquiel's employees, and Miryam Farukova makes her first television appearance after her marriage to actor-politician-singer Hafimwahlid Talnaev as Faina Silverman, Director Soryanova's secretary, and an agent who wants to get involved in "the action" after serving as a "paper-pusher." This is the first time she used the name Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva for credits.


No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
11 1 "Network Down!" Marvik Andreyev German Orfanov & Grigoriy Volenkov May 31, 2009

Yegor Danilov, the technician charged with maintaining the Margovyan Ministry of Defense's newest and latest computer program, the Integrated National Defense Network, is informed by the INDN's holographic interface, Marivanna, that it is under attack from hackers. Danilov activates the INDN's anti-hacking countermeasures and informs General Mikhail Harkov, commander of the newly established National Defense Network Command, of the cyber attack. Danilov and Harkov watch helplessly as the INDN fends off more and more critically damaging attacks, until finally the attackers stop. In the aftermath of the attack, RBI Director Eva Soryanova orders Ieronim Antonovich and his Interceptors to investigate the cyber attack on the INDN, uncover the identities of the parties responsible, and if possible, "render them harmless."

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova, Gleb Shevchenko as Mikhail Harkov, Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, Vasilisa Yeguntseva as Marivanna, and Yekaterina Fedorova as the voice of Marivanna

12 2 "Weak Spot" Marvik Andreyev Gleb Maryanov June 7, 2009

As the Interceptors set up camp in the the National Defense Network Command headquarters, Izmail meets up with Yegor Danilov, who was an old friend of his, and offers to help in identifying the cyber attackers. While Izmail and Yegor go through the INDN's code, Mateo hears from a "sometimes trustworthy" source that a small group of people has purchased a tanker truck through the "Barraquiel Foundation," Mateo's codename for his black market business. While Ieronim, Gavriil, Yelena, and Yelizaveta determine why such a purchase was made, Izmail and Yegor discover that the cyber attackers had used a secret "back door" to get into the INDN's code and used it to probe its defenses and then sent their hacking attacks through the "weak spot." Izmail then declares that he recognized the codes used to open the back door and initiate the attack as those being used by the hacktivist group Anonymous, specifically, the group's Margovyan branch.

Guest stars: Gleb Shevchenko as Mikhail Harkov, Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, Vasilisa Yeguntseva as Marivanna, Yekaterina Fedorova as the voice of Marivanna, and Boris Antonov as Artemio Elizalde

13 3 "Margovya Anonymous" Marvik Andreyev & Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Juan Karpov June 14, 2009

Ieronim asks Director Soryanova for all of the RBI's files on known and suspected members of the hacktivist group Margovya Anonymous. Soryanova's secretary, Faina Silverman, goes to Agpayevsk, Duyao, to personally hand over all of the RBI's files to Ieronim. As the other Interceptors pore over the files, Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena continue to investigate the mysterious group that bought a tanker truck from Mateo's black market. Their suspicions are further aroused when one of Mateo's employees, Artemio, tells them that nuclear bomb components have made their way to Margovya's black market, and while Mateo tried his best to acquire the components "in the interests of Margovya, of course," he was outbidden by another group of people who may or may not be connected to the people who bought the truck. Back in the NDNC compound, Izmail recognizes one of the "confirmed" members of Margovya Anonymous and calls the hacker known as Dencio_the_Master86, and sets up a meeting in Ikulsk. There, Dencio_the_Master introduces himself as Mstislav Denchov, a high-ranking member of Margovya Anonymous.

Guest stars: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, Boris Antonov as Artemio Elizalde, and Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman

14 4 "We Are Not Them..." Gleb Chokov Vladimir Korpuzov June 21, 2009

Mstislav Denchov, aka Dencio_the_Master86, has agreed to meet Izmail and Ieronim in a secluded alley in Obaria de Duyao. When Izmail asks him about Margovya Anonymous's cyber attack on the INDN, Mstislav denies any knowledge of the attack. Finally, after Ieronim threatens to bring down legal consequences on to Margovya Anonymous, which may or may not have been possible, Mstislav finally tells them that a small group of hacktivists from the group have split off from Margovya Anonymous and formed their own group, called the Margovyan Cyber Army. In recent times, the MCA have grown bolder and more aggressive, from being mere hacktivists to outright cyberterrorists. Mstislav expresses his belief that the MCA are the ones responsible for the attack on the INDN, using codes brought over from Margovya Anonymous to break into the INDN's security system. Just as he tells them this, they come under attack from unknown gunmen. Meanwhile, Gavriil, Yelena, Yelizaveta, and Mateo continue chasing the group which purchased the tanker truck and nuclear bomb components from Mateo's black market. They find the tanker truck burning in the outskirts of Agpayevsk, burning from the aftermath of an explosion. Gavriil determines that the truck had been used to test its effectiveness as a delivery system for whatever explosives they plan to use in their impending attack.

Guest star: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov

15 5 "...And They Are Not Us" Gleb Chokov Vladimir Korpuzov June 28, 2009

Ieronim, Izmail, and Mstislav are under attack from unknown gunmen in Obaria de Duyao. They take cover in an apartment, and Izmail manages to kill one of the gunmen when he tried to enter the building where they were hiding. After the gunmen flee the scene, Mstislav identifies the dead shooter as 1FreeMan, aka Aleksandr Yutarov, one of the members of Margovya Anonymous who eventually left to join the Margovyan Cyber Army. Izmail has Mstislav come with them back to the NDNC's headquarters, where he can identify the members of Anonymous that left to form the MCA. Meanwhile, Gavriil and Mateo find out that the same group of people who bought the tanker truck that was now burning in the fields outside Agpayevsk and the nuclear bomb components from Mateo's black market had also bought large quantities of C-4 explosives. The two of them trace the purchase to a farm in nearby Ulyanovsk, Teneriyov, but all they find there is an abandoned farm with recent signs of habitation. Meanwhile, back in Agpayevsk, Faina Silverman brings in a young man who wishes to see Ieronim, Izmail, and Mstislav. He reveals himself to be Filip Kurtov, aka Philip_SayMore_Hoffman68, leader of Margovya Anonymous.

Guest stars: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, Boris Antonov as Artemio Elizalde, Gregoriy Umalin, Jr. as Filip Kurtov aka Philip_SayMore_Hoffman68, and Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman

16 6 "Whole New Playing Field" Marvik Andreyev & Pavel Sikhovich German Orfanov & Juana Quebadieva July 5, 2009

Filip Kurtov, aka Philip_SayMore_Hoffman68, leader of Margovya Anonymous, has personally come to the Interceptors to tell them everything he knows about the Margovyan Cyber Army. He reveals that one of Margovya Anonymous's best hackers, Yuri Kirillin aka KennethNaylor15, has split away from MA because of his belief that the group is not doing everything it can to spread "the message," although nobody knows what is the message he wants to spread. It turned out that Kirillin also managed to draw some more of MA's best hackers to his separatist faction, hackers like Terentiy Trofimov (PresidentKapocius1991), Yefrem Zimmermann (Germanophil3_Yes), and Olga Grisenko (M1ss_Z3r0_L0v3rxz), whom Izmail recognizes as some of the best in their field. Once he learns this, he tries to determine why the MCA had not continued to attack the INDN until it collapsed since it appeared that it was within their capabilities, and then he realizes that there must be something in the INDN's code that made them back off. He requests permission from Marivanna to enter the INDN's programming code, which she grudgingly allows. Meanwhile, over in Teneriyov, one of Mateo's men discovers two bodies with "Indian beauty marks" (bullet wounds) on their foreheads in a highway truck stop. After looking into the stop's CCTV footage, Gavriil deduces that the two bodies were the drivers of a green Scania R tanker truck that was reported missing by the truck's owner's just a few hours before the discovery of the bodies. Gavriil theorizes that since the mysterious group had already used the first tanker to test their explosives, they had stolen a second truck to use as their primary delivery system.

Guest stars: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, Gregoriy Umalin, Jr. as Filip Kurtov, Vasilisa Yeguntseva as Marivanna, Yekaterina Fedorova as the voice of Marivanna, Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, and Boris Antonov as Artemio Elizalde

17 7 "Technologist's Limit" Radoslava Orentalova German Orfanov & Marvik Andreyev July 12, 2009

The INDN comes under attack again from the Margovyan Cyber Army, and this time it takes the combined efforts of Yegor, Izmail, Mstislav, and Filip to counter the cyber terrorists. While fending them off, Izmail finally manages to trace one of the hackers trying to enter the INDN to a "geek's den" in nearby Umalinsk, and Ieronim dispatches the members of the Interceptors that aren't trying to find a stolen tanker truck or preventing a massive cyber attack on the nation's newest defense network, as well as some troops from the NDNC, and even Faina, the Director's secretary, wants in on the operation. The raiding team, composed of Ieronim, Ustin, Stanislav, Barbara, Faina, and ten NDNC soldiers, enter the den, only to find nothing but lots and lots of computers being used to route the actual cyber attack to the INDN mainframe. When one of the soldiers tries to unplug the computers and hopefully end the cyber-attack, it sets off a booby trap that destroys the computers and the room. Ieronim and Faina are trapped in what remained of the "computer room," but they are eventually rescued by the other Interceptors and the local fire department.

Guest stars: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, Gregoriy Umalin, Jr. as Filip Kurtov, Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, Yekaterina Fedorova as the voice of Marivanna, and Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman

Special Guest Star: Terentiy Murov as MSgt. Krikalev

18 8 "Compromised Defense" German Orfanov Mstislav Pankavuranov July 19, 2009

While defending the INDN from the Margovyan Cyber Army, Izmail notices that his computer is beginning to perform slower and slower. He uses Mstislav's computer to check his own computer's status, and notices that the MCA has uploaded multiple worms, trojans, and viruses to his gear. With his computer out of commission, Izmail is forced to go into the heart of the INDN, and fight the MCA through the INDN's core programming code. As he manipulates the INDN's code through its core databanks, he notices a flash drive inserted into the mainframe's main CPU. He takes a chance and pulls it out, and he learns that Yegor, Mstislav, and Filip are having more success in fighting back the MCA, and he realizes that the flashdrive holds the key to the MCA-created backdoor into the INDN. With the backdoor gone, Marivanna is better able to defend herself, and eventually she no longer needs the Technologist, hackers, and technician's help. After cleaning his computer of the many viruses that the MCA planted into it, Izmail plugs the MCA flashdrive into it, and after getting through the numerous virus triggers he finally learns that the flashdrive also serves as a router through which they can send their cyber attacks from anywhere they are to anywhere they chose. Before the drive totally destroys his computer's operating system, he extracts from it the location of the MCA: Duyao City.

Guest stars: Rostislav Abramov as Mstislav Denchov, Boris Sorbariyev as Yegor Danilov, and Gregoriy Umalin, Jr. as Filip Kurtov

19 9 "Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face" Marvik Andreyev & Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Gavrill Galichevsky July 26, 2009

The Interceptors regroup and head for Duyao City in pursuit of the Margovyan Cyber Army. Ieronim calls on the local RBI department, as well as the Duyao Police Department and the National Defense Network Command, to provide additional support for the nine-man team. The Interceptors, guided by the location Izmail extracted from the "backdoor flash drive," heads for the Nakhimovo District of the city, where they immediately come under fire from the MCA, wearing Guy Fawkes masks to hide their identity, just as Izmail tells them that they are beginning a new cyber attack, this time aiming to control Margovya's surface-to-air missile grid, for unknown purposes. The Interceptors successfully fend off three waves of attackers, and they are prepared to beat back a fourth wave when the Duyao City PD arrives, along with RBI agents and soldiers of the NDNC, to reinforce them. The Interceptors infiltrate what appears to be the MCA's headquarters, and they come up against very heavy resistance. Eventually, they eliminate the guards in the building, and they converge in the room where the MCA's top four conducted their hack attacks. Ieronim and Gavriil throw stun grenades into the room, but just as they enter the room to arrest the hackers, one of them pulls the pins of a string of actual grenades, and all four hackers are killed in the resulting explosion. They are then positively identified as the four former Margovya Anonymous members that split off from the original hacktivists to form the Margovyan Cyber Army. As the police and RBI clean up the battlefield, Mateo gets a call, telling him that something has happened to one of his men.

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova, Viktor Lamitalovsky as Yuri Kirillin aka KennethNaylor15, Farooq Talnaev as Terentiy Trofimov aka PresidentKapocius1991, Pavel Sikov as Yefrem Zimmermann aka Germanophil3_Yes, Andzhela Urbanduva as Olga Grisenko aka M1ss_Zer0_L0v3rzx, and Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman

20 10 "When All is Said and Done..." Marvik Andreyev & Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov, Gavriil Galichevsky, & Boris Antonov August 2, 2009

Artemio Elizalde is discovered on the shoulder of the Yobatav-Ikulsk Expressway with an Indian beauty mark (bullet wound) on his forehead. Mateo finds a note in Artemio's jacket addressed to him, bearing the cryptic message "Save the tower." CCTV footage of that stretch of highway showed that Artemio's body had been dumped there by the same stolen Scania R truck from Teneriyov that the Interceptors had been following. Using a map, Gavriil determines that the truck is going for the Ikulsk Nuclear Tower, which the Yobatav-Ikulsk Expressway passes. Ieronim, Gavriil, Yelena, and Ustin go after the truck in Ustin's modified Ford Crown Victoria. They finally catch up to the truck on the Macclesfield Intersection, the interchange that connects the YIEX with the North Margovyan Expressway. Ieronim calls Director Soryanova and asks her to have the Ikulsk Police Department clear the interchange for the chase. Gavriil and Yelena use shotguns to flatten the truck's tires, but still the truck continued on. Ieronim finally tells Gavriil to fire his pistol at the driver, but only to wound him. Gavriil appears to succeed, as the truck finally veers to the highway shoulder after he fired a single round. When the truck has slowed to a crawl, Ieronim hauls the driver out and removes a triggering device from his hand, while Gavriil, Yelena, and Ustin cover him. He questions the driver and learns that the tanker trailer of the truck is carrying a nuclear device that the terrorist group had somehow managed to smuggle into the country, and that it was supposed to detonate near the Ikulsk Nuclear Tower, hopefully causing a sympathetic explosion that would multiply the nuke's effects on Ikulsk. But before the Interceptors could arrest the driver, he is shot from very long range by an unseen sniper, but he manages to tell them with his dying breath that the name of the terrorist group was the Army of the Spanish Culture.

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova, and Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman



The second season of the new Interceptors was commissioned by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on October 2008, three months after the unexpected success of The Original Interceptors. THE MNBN renewed the series for another ten-episode season on October 31, 2008.

German Orfanov returns to write a majority of the episodes, in addition to his role of executive producer; while Marvik Andreyev and Gregoriy Umalin returned to direct. Gleb Chokov directed the episodes "We Are Not Them..." and "...And They Are Not Us". Radoslava Orentalova directed "Technologist's Limit," while Orfanov himself directed "Compromised Defense." Cast members Gavriil Galichevsky, Mstislav Pankavuranov, and Boris Antonov helped Orfanov write the last three episodes of the series.


Like the previous season, the cast was trained by current and former RBI agents. Ustin Kubasov was allowed to do more stunt driving sequences for the series. Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva spent at least six weeks training as her character was supposed to be a desk-bound agent about to get her first taste of action in the series. The cast members whose characters have police and RBI backgrounds, like Umalin, Chakulakov, and Talnaeva, were given more accurate training in RBI procedures to correct procedural errors spotted by fans and agent trainers in The Original Interceptors.


Filming took place in Duyao on December 2008. Exterior shots of Fort Zobelov in Morinho were used to depict the National Defense Network Command base, which does not exist in real life. The computer room holding the Integrated National Defense Network's CPUs was built inside the hangar in Gaganovskaya Aerodrome in Dostalinsky that neighbors the more well known hangar that is the site of the studio of the Let's Talk Margovya show Top Gear Margovya. Five rows of CPUs were built, and more added to the shots by CGI, but only the first row is an actual working CPU; the rest were merely mockups with LEDs and fans simulating activity.

For the nuke truck chase scene in the last episode, the production staff used the Juana Arbatskaya Memorial Interchange that connects Arbatskaya City to its southern suburbs to represent the Macclesfield Intersection in Ikulsk, blocked it off to traffic, and shot the chase scene there, with the appropriate Ikulsk skyline in the background added digitally in post-production. This forced the redirection of an estimated 970,000 motorists to the more circuituous National Route 77 into the city, causing heavy congestion that lasted for the four days that the Interchange was closed for filming.

The cast was allowed to perform their own stunts, but this carried risks for them. During shooting of the raid gone wrong for "Technologist's Limit," the armorers loaded more powder into the explosion props that required, and the resulting fireball singed Umalin, Talnaeva, and Murov on the set when it was detonated. A few pieces of prop shrapnel also scratched Kubasov and del Quiev on their arms, which almost caused a delay in filming before they both decided to continue on after their wounds had been patched up. Glaser also suffered temporary blindness when firing a gun loaded with full flash blanks during the climactic battle in "Shooting Guy Fawkes in the Face", and Kubasov almost sprained his ankle after jumping over a car in "When All is Said and Done...".


Anonymous received generally positive reviews from critics. Svetlana Lanuva called Anonymous "a darned good adventure that manages to combine Dzherik [Dimakulanov]'s dark and gritty Interceptors with Yulian [Markovsky]'s crazy, antic-filled Interceptors, and breathing into it a touch of the modern age." Conrada Cortesova adds that "Anonymous brings me back to the good old days of the high-rolling Interceptors."

German Orfanov received criticism from netizens, especially members and supporters of the real Margovya Anonymous, who felt that his portrayal of their group has put them in an evil light. They also criticized the climactic battle of the series, which depicted RBI agents and police officers shooting at gunmen wearing Guy Fawkes masks, the international symbol of Anonymous. Orfanov defended his show, stating that the masks were actually worn by cyber-terrorists who had split off from Margovya Anonymous. "I'm not trying to say that cyber activism is bad," he said during an interview at the Banananovich Comic-Con 2010. "Cyber-terrorism is the bad guy. And sometimes bad people will use symbols not necessarily associated to evil and twist it to their flawed views." While not outright stated, Orfanov's statement drew comparisons with the usage of the swastika as a good luck symbol in the early 20th century before it became associated with Nazism during and after World War Two.

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