The Interceptors: Confederation
Season 4 of The Interceptors
No. of Episodes 10
Original Run June 12, 2011 - August 14, 2011
Written by German Orfanov, Juana Quebadieva, Grigoriy Volenkov
Directed by Gleb Chokov, Karl Barayev
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors: Confederation chronology
Herencia Española
Protect the President!

The Interceptors: Confederation is a Margovyan action police procedural serial, and is the fourth season of The Interceptors. The main cast includes Gregoriy Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Klaudia Glaser, Andrea G., and Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev. Rostislav Abramov was promoted to the main cast following Mstislav Pankavuranov's departure from the series following his decision to focus on his political career. New additions to the main cast include Fyodora Velinina, a star of the classic Interceptors; Galina Politova; and Iosef Birsakov, son of classic Interceptors star Boris Birsakov. This serial focuses on the plight of the Interceptors, as their unit risks disbandment following the resignation of Eva Soryanova and Ieronim Antonovich's disagreements with the new Director, Dmitry Zhorin. The Interceptors are saved only by the intervention of Pelayo Topacio, president of the newly-established South American Confederation, who puts the Interceptors under the authority of the President of the Confederation as the Office of Analytical Services. The OAS is deployed to render harmless the Silphium Cartel, a Brazil-based group that has developed a new illegal drug that could destroy entire nations.

Confederation was commissioned by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on October 2010. Filming took place on December 2010 in Margovya and Brazil, and concluded on March 2011. It premiered in Margovya on June 12, 2011; and concluded on August 14, 2011. Critical reactions to Confederation was generally positive, and it is the third-highest rated season of The Interceptors, following The Interceptors: Protect the President! and The Interceptors: Trail of Ashes. Viewership averaged 9,500,000 in Margovya. Confederation was released on DVD on August 14, 2013.


Ustin Balikrokov is killed and Yelizaveta Glebova severely injured during a dangerous high-speed chase, leaving the Interceptors woefully lacking in a speed freak and slippery gymnast; thankfully Ieronim Antonovich manages to find a new and better Speed in Raisa Chernyshenko (Galina Politova), and he even manages to recruit a new Actor, Brazilian Casemiro Gonçalves (Iosef Birsakov). New RBI Director Dmitry Zhorin (Mark Tramvitumov) considers disbanding the unit, but they are saved by President Pelayo Topacio Almendras (Farhad Talnaev) of the South American Confederation, who wants a deniable operations unit under the direct command of the office of the President. For their first mission under the SAC, the Interceptors are tasked with taking down a new drug cartel selling a revolutionary new drug in Brazil that heightens both sex drives and aggressiveness. They finally track down the cartel's leadership to a German-Brazilian named Hans-Ludwig Redl (Jürgen Prochnow), whose grandfather was linked to the network and Josef Mengele, the Nazi "Angel of Death" obsessed with twins. The final confrontation occurs in Redl's hacienda in the rural countryside of the Brazilian-Margovyan border, and in the ensuing firefight, the Interceptors free hundreds of Jewish twins forced to do slave labor for Redl's cartel, and they quickly turn on their former guards and tormentors. Redl, shocked by the crumbling of his drug-fueled neo-Nazi reich, tries to commit suicide by ingesting cyanide, but he is beaten to death by his Jewish slaves before he could do so.

Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

  • Ustin Kubasov as Ustin Balikrokov, the Interceptors' old Speed, who gets killed while trying to chase down a suspect in an investigation independent of the unit. ("A Need For the Speed")
  • Fadia Serova as Yelizaveta Glebova, the Interceptors' Spy, who goes with Ustin on the independent investigation and gets seriously injured when Ustin's car turns turtle. ("A Need For the Speed")
  • Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, the RBI Director who replaces the outgoing Eva Soryanova, and a "classic obstructive bureaucrat" who disapproves of the Interceptors' methods and has plans on disbanding them. (3 episodes)
  • Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio, the president of the newly-established South American Confederation, who is looking for a "deniable operations" unit for the Confederation that reports directly to the President himself. (2 episodes)
  • Jürgen Prochnow as Hans-Ludwig Redl, the son of a ruthless SS brigadier who has created a new type of drug called Nova Silphium, which he sells in hopes of making enough money to buy weapons and reestablish a Nazi empire in Brazil and later on the world. (2 episodes)
  • Armin Mueller-Stahl as Johannes-Karl Redl, Hans-Ludwig Redl's fraternal twin, who refused to join his brother's scheme to conquer the world and is now living in Rio de Janeiro's favelas. (2 episodes)
  • Wagner Moura as Frederico Teixeira, colonel and commander of the Special Police Operations Battalion of Rio de Janeiro, or BOPE. (3 episodes)
  • Milhem Cortaz as João Maribo, a lieutenant colonel in BOPE, and commander of its undercover operations unit. (4 episodes)
  • Babi Xavier as Eusébia Cão, a police captain and one of the first women to join BOPE. (4 episodes)
  • Daiana Menezes as Belinha Vargas, another police captain and also one of the first women in BOPE. (4 episodes)
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Evaristo São Conrado, a BOPE major and the protege of both Colonel Teixeira and Lieutenant Colonel Maribo. (4 episodes)
  • Yegor Duranov as José Vandervilt, a Dutch Brazilian businessman, identical twin of Teodoro Van der Horn, and one of Hans-Ludwig Redl's associates. (2 episodes)
  • Aleksandr Yutarov as Teodoro Van der Horn, a notorious Dutch Brazilian crime lord in Sao Paulo, identical twin of Jose Vandervilt, and Hans-Ludwig Redl's military commander. ("Downfall of the Drug Reich")
  • Iosef Baranov as Zacarias "Zack" Clark, one of Hans-Ludwig Redl's henchmen, and head distributor of Nova Silphium in Rio. (2 episodes)
  • Georgiy Dobelov as Jaime "Jimmy" Clark, Zack Clark's twin, an accomplished soldier, and one of the gang members killed in an unsuccessful attack against the Interceptors. ("The Tantalizing Tale of Two Twins")
  • Lavrentiy Lisunov as Leontiy Questramov, Yelena Questramova's younger brother, who dies of an overdose of Nova Silphium. ("Nova Silphium")
  • Azamat Kumlidov as Cedric Lee, Jr., son of swindler-manufacturer Cedric Lee, and the man responsible for selling at least a thousand FAD assault rifles to the gangs of Rio. ("Nova Silphium")
  • Ruma Ulissovich as Claus-Ulrich Redl, father of Hans-Ludwig Redl, a Brigadefuhrer-SS, and a devout Nazi. ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Yelena Yaneyeva as Ingrid Helga Redl, Claus-Ulrich's wife ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Adam Oriondovich as young Hans-Ludwig Redl ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Ervin Gramapov as young adult Hans-Ludwig Redl (3 episodes)
  • Timofey Timofeyenkov as "Wolfgang", a German of unknown affiliation who got out of the Reich through the ODESSA network, and the one that makes Hans-Ludwig Redl meet Josef Mengele. ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Alakdan Rumanovich as Dr. Josef Mengele, the Nazi doctor obsessed with twins, and known as the "Angel of Death." (2 episodes)
  • Aleksey Elemov as Simeon, one of the Gypsy twins in Auschwitz that look like "proper Germans." ("The Angel of Death")
  • Oleg Nonatov as Gideon, Simeon's twin brother, and also a Gypsy that looks like a "proper German." ("The Angel of Death")
  • Yuri Drinakov as young adult Johannes-Karl Redl ("The Tantalizing Tale of Two Twins")
  • Thomas Kretschmann as General Ernesto Dengler, of the Brazilian Army. ("Downfall of the Drug Reich")

The season is notable for its first use of flashbacks to explore the motives and stories behind the actions of its antagonists, as well as casting the main cast actors into cameo roles in the flashbacks. The following is the list of the characters portrayed by the main cast actors during the flashbacks, and the episodes in which they appeared.

  • Rostislav Abramov as Hauptmann Neuer, an SS captain that helps Claus-Ulrich Redl and his family move into Brazil ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Gregoriy Umalin as Barak Dvir, an Israeli Mossad agent tasked with bringing Claus-Ulrich Redl to Israel for trial and execution ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Iosef Birsakov as a Brazilian police officer who interviews a young Hans-Ludwig Redl after a gangland attack on the cafe where Hans met Josef Mengele ("The Mystery of ODESSA")
  • Andrea G. as Zita Abreu, a pregnant Brazilian being looked after by Mengele, whom she knew as "Dr. Mendel" ("The Angel of Death")
  • Polikarp Chakulakov as Dr. Juscelino, who informs Hans-Ludwig of Mengele's deteriorating health ("The Angel of Death")



No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
31 1 "A Need For the Speed" Gleb Chokov German Orfanov June 12, 2011

Ustin and Yelizaveta are chasing a criminal as part of their own, separate investigation, without the knowledge of the Interceptors or even the RBI. During the car chase, Ustin's Ford hits an obstacle and causes it to crash and turn turtle, killing Ustin and seriously injuring Yelizaveta. As the Interceptors mourn Ustin's death, word comes that Director Eva Soryanova has been forced to resign following a large-scale government shakeup, and that Gavriil has no idea who could be her replacement. Ieronim goes on a quest to find a new Speed, but the RBI watchlist gives him no good choices. While driving along the North Margovyan Expressway, Ieronim sees an old Nissan Sunny chasing a heavily modified Ford Focus. Ieronim follows the chase, and he watches as the Sunny's driver performs the PIT maneuver on the Focus. He is very surprised to see that the Sunny's driver is a woman, and that she has a fearlessness and need for speed that rivals the late Ustin. Ieronim approaches the woman, Raisa Chernyshenko, and offers her a position in the Interceptors, which she accepts.

Guest stars: Ustin Kubasov as Ustin Balikrokov, Fadia Serova as Yelizaveta Glebova, and Galina Politova as Raisa Chernyshenko

Trivia: Galina Politova will eventually be promoted to the main cast, while Ustin Kubasov and Fadia Serova will leave the series due to commitments with Truth is the Savior. Serova will eventually return in season 5.

32 2 "The South American Confederation" Karl Barayev Juana Quebadieva June 19, 2011
Gavriil finally learns the identity of the new RBI Director: Dmitry Zhorin, a by-the-book RBI veteran and "your classic obstructive bureaucrat," in Gavriil's opinion. Zhorin calls Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena to discuss the fate of the Interceptors under his tenure, and he says that their deniable operations unit has no more place in his RBI. Tensions between the two sides escalate, and then Pelayo Topacio Almendras, president of the newly established South American Confederation, comes into Zhorin's office and asks for his help in creating a deniable operations unit reportable directly to the Confederation president, and only to him. Zhorin jokingly suggests that Topacio take over the Interceptors, but Topacio takes it as an actual suggestion and has Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena come with him to the SAC's Margovyan headquarters in Casinovich, Sugalskaya. There, he issues a Presidential Finding that places the Margovyan Republican Bureau of Investigation's Interceptors under the direct authority of the President of the South American Confederation, and creates the Office of Analytical Services to serve as the Interceptors' cover under the Office of the President of the Confederation.

Guest stars: Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, and Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio

33 3 "Can You Act?" Gleb Chokov Grigoriy Volenkov June 26, 2011
Ieronim realizes that without the Spy, the Interceptors have no way of acquiring information from their targets in a clandestine manner. He goes on a quest to find a new Actor for the unit, to complete the historical roster. Once again, the RBI watchlist fails to give him any names, so he decides to go for a walk around the RBI headquarters in Arbatskaya City. He meets a Brazilian beggar and gives him ten margots, before deciding to call it a day. The next day, Ieronim talks to a street sweeper and gives him twenty margots to show his appreciation for the men and women keeping the streets of Arbatskaya City clean, literally. On the third day of his quest for an Actor, Ieronim encounters a crossing guard volunteer and, after some talks regarding life and the future, he hands the volunteer fifty margots as "a token of friendship." As Ieronim begins to walk away, he realizes that the beggar, the street sweeper, and the crossing guard are one and the same person. In hindsight, he begins to admire the guy's skill at acting and extorting, and he vows to find the guy and recruit him to the unit ASAP. On his fourth day of walking around the city, he finally meets with the man behind the guises, who introduces himself as Casemiro Gonçalves, a Brazilian who needs to earn money to support himself. Ieronim promises a steady paycheck with the Interceptors if Casemiro joins them, and he agrees.

Guest star: Iosef Birsakov as Casemiro Gonçalves

Trivia: Iosef Birsakov will be promoted to the main cast following this episode.

34 4 "Nova Silphium" Gleb Chokov & Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Lavrentiy Lisunov July 3, 2011

Yelena's younger brother Leontiy has gone to Rio de Janeiro to see the sights. Yelena tells him to take care of himself, as Rio has become the distribution site of a new illegal drug known only as "Nova Silphium." Leontiy promises not to do anything stupid, but he does agree to take some red pills with a heart logo from a club and ends up dying from an overdose of Nova Silphium. At the other side of Rio, undercover agents of BOPE infiltrate a mortuary which they suspect of being Nova Silphium's entry point into the city. Lieutenant Colonel João Maribo and Major Evaristo São Conrado photograph and document bags of red Nova Silphium pills hidden inside coffins and dead people's bodies, while Captains Eusébia Cão and Belinha Vargas distract the mortuary security staff by pretending to be lost paramedics, however implausible that may seem. In the morning, Colonel Frederico Teixeira of BOPE takes Ieronim and Gavriil to one of the battalion's favela-clearing operations. Once the Brazilian police take control of a gang militia warehouse, they inspect the weapons inside. The Brazilians discover at least a thousand Peruvian FAD assault rifles in the warehouse, which should be an impossibility since the original manufacturer made only 180 rifles since 2008. Ieronim notices "CedLee" markings on the rifles, and a call to an old friend confirms his suspicions that Cedric Lee (or at least Cedric Lee, Jr.) has returned to the criminal business by selling weapons to other criminals. The CedLee Manufacturing Company had been approached by the Peruvian government to produce 7,000 FAD rifles for them, but Cedric Jr. ordered the manufacturing of at least twice that number and began selling the excess rifles to the highest bidders. Ieronim passes on this bit of information to Director Zhorin, who reluctantly admits that it is the evidence they need to bring down Cedric Junior.

Guest stars: Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, Lavrentiy Lisunov as Leontiy Questramov, Wagner Moura as Frederico Teixeira, Milhem Cortaz as João Maribo, Rodrigo Santoro as Evaristo São Conrado, Babi Xavier as Eusébia Cão, Daiana Menezes as Belinha Vargas, and Azamat Kumlidov as Cedric Lee, Jr.

Trivia: Vasily Borisov makes an uncredited voice cameo as Yefrem Zhazhunev when Ieronim calls him about the CedLee FAD rifles. The mention of Cedric Lee serves as both a shout-out to the classic Interceptors series, and a connection between the 1969 and 2008 series.

35 5 "A German in Brazil?" Gleb Chokov & Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Ivan Queruv July 10, 2011
After BOPE shares its suspicions about the German Pines Mortuary in Rio being Nova Silphium's main entry point into Brazil, Mstislav Denchov uses his technological skills to hack into the mortuary's records and learns that its owners is a Dutch Brazilian businessman named José Vandervilt. Digging deeper, Mstislav discovers links between Vandervilt and notorious Brazilian crime lord Teodoro Van der Horn, also of Dutch ancestry. Even deeper investigation brings the trail to a mysterious German Brazilian man named Hans-Ludwig Redl, whose grandparents came into Brazil in 1946 under suspicious circumstances, but the Brazilian government didn't bother to follow them up since they were doing nothing detrimental to Brazilian national security. An investigation "as deep as the Earth's core" reveals that Redl's father, Claus-Ulrich Redl, was a former Brigadeführer in the Waffen-SS, and therefore his presence in Brazil is proof that the ODESSA network was real, and that at least one SS officer was smuggled successfully into South America. Meanwhile, in a hacienda in an unknown location, Hans-Ludwig Redl is informed by Vandervilt that the BOPE has raided the German Pines Mortuary, and that they will need a new location to distribute Nova Silphium. Redl declares the raid "a mere inconvenience" and says that he has new sites prepared to accelerate the distribution of Nova Silphium.

Guest stars: Jürgen Prochnow as Hans-Ludwig Redl, Milhem Cortaz as João Maribo, Rodrigo Santoro as Evaristo São Conrado, and Yegor Duranov as José Vandervilt

36 6 "The Mystery of ODESSA" Gleb Chokov German Orfanov July 17, 2011
The episode begins with a flashback to 1946, just a year after the end of World War Two. Claus-Ulrich Redl and his wife Ingrid Helga are smuggled through the Argentinian-Brazilian border by "Hauptmann Neuer," an SS captain disguised as a Brazilian customs guard. Neuer asks the Redls about their choice to go and live in Brazil, and Claus tells him that they are sure of their decision, as Dr. Josef Mengele had planned to meet up with them there to continue his experiments on the genetics of twins. Forward to 1960, Claus learns that Israeli special forces had successfully abducted Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, and Claus asks Neuer to keep him updated on possible Israeli moves into kidnapping Germans in Brazil. Claus also warns his son Hans-Ludwig to not go around town boasting about his father's history with the Nazis, as that was how Eichmann was identified and captured by the Jews. Hans-Ludwig replies that it is to his twin brother Johannes-Karl that should be given the warning, as he is the black sheep of the family and is "just looking for an opportunity to get us captured by the Jews." That night, the Redls' house is invaded by Mossad agents, and when Claus tries to fight off the Israelis, his wife is killed by a stray bullet. Forward to the 1970s, Claus and Hans-Ludwig meet with a German contact named "Wolfgang" who introduces them to Mengele, who apologizes for the delay of his arrival in Brazil. The cafe in which they met suddenly comes under attack from unknown gunmen, and someone kidnaps "Wolfgang." A police investigation reveals that the gang militia that attacked the cafe did so because the cafe's owners had failed to pay the monthly protection fee. The matter of "Wolfgang"'s kidnapping was never brought up. The episode ends with the flasback actually being the Interceptors discussing the history of Redl's father in Brazil.

Guest stars: Ruma Ulissovich as Claus-Ulrich Redl, Yelena Yaneyeva as Ingrid Helga Redl, Adam Oriondovich as young Hans-Ludwig Redl, Ervin Gramapov as young adult Hans-Ludwig Redl, Timofey Timofeyenkov as Wolfgang, and Alakdan Rumanovich as Josef Mengele

Special Guest Stars: Rostislav Abramov as Hauptmann Neuer, Gregoriy Umalin as Barak Dvir, and Iosef Birsakov as Brazilian police officer

Trivia: This is the first episode in the new Interceptors series to be mostly a flashback that explores the history and motivations of antagonists in the series. This episode is notable for featuring some of the main cast actors as other characters in the flashback sequences.

37 7 "The Angel of Death" Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Juana Quebadieva July 24, 2011

The episode is another flashback to Hans-Ludwig Redl's origins, this time exploring his relationship with Josef Mengele. It begins in 1972, with Hans-Ludwig visiting Mengele in the hospital to tell him that Claus-Ulrich has died. Mengele says that he is also not long for this world, and so he tells Hans to go to his house in Sao Paulo and recover some files that he had stashed there. When Hans begins to read the files, the episode shifts back to 1944, in Auschwitz. There, Mengele is seen interacting with children from the concentration camp, giving them sweets and telling them stories, before choosing twenty children to come with him back to his laboratory, where they became unwilling test subjects into his experiments on humans. Mengele paid particular attention to a young pair of twins, who although they are gypsies look like proper Aryan Germans. Forward to 1945, with the Allies closing in all around Nazi Germany, all the concentration camps are ordered to exterminate all of their prisoners to prevent the discovery of the Nazis' racist policies by the Allies. Mengele manages to extract the blood of the twins before they are sent to the gas chambers, and he hides these samples in his doctor's bag before proceeding to fleeing Europe through the ODESSA network. The episode returns to 1972 when Hans-Ludwig finishes reading Mengele's files, and he is about to leave Mengele's house when a pregnant woman enters, looking for "Dr. Mendel." Hans tells her that "Dr. Mendel" is not well, and has to go to the hospital for treatment, but he promises her that he will look after her in the doctor's name.

Guest stars: Ervin Gramapov as young adult Hans-Ludwig Redl, Alakdan Rumanovich as Josef Mengele, Aleksey Elemov as Simeon, and Oleg Nonatov as Gideon

Special Guest Star: Andrea G. as Zita Abreu, and Polikarp Chakulakov as Dr. Juscelino

38 8 "The Tantalizing Tale of Two Twins" Gleb Chokov & Karl Barayev Grigoriy Volenkov July 31, 2011
BOPE initiates another roundup of associates and affiliates of Rocinha's gangs. One of the people caught up in the net is an old man named João Carlos Redondo. When Captains Cão and Vargas drop him off at the Interceptors' headquarters in Rio, they explain that Redondo is actually a German Brazilian named Johannes-Karl Redl, twin brother of Hans-Ludwig Redl. Johannes-Karl then begins to tell the story of Hans's descent into the criminal underworld. The episode flashes back to 1981, when Karl decided to visit his twin brother in Sao Paulo, only to find that Hans has moved out of the family home. Questions and a few bribes reveal that Hans had bought a farm estate in the Sao Paulo countryside, and he goes to visit the farm. There he finds a new, unknown type of plant growing in the farm fields, and when he goes into the main house, he finds Hans assisting the birthing of a pair of twins from a Germanic-looking woman. Hans announces that both twins are of good Aryan stock, right in front of Karl. Karl asks Hans what is going on, and Hans replies that he is continuing the work of the "great Herr Doktor Mengele," and that he is paving the way for the Fourth Reich to establish itself in Brazil and, later on, the rest of the world. Hans shows Karl a cryogenic facility located under the main house where Hans has managed to continue Mengele's work and is now holding the genetic information of dozens of pure Germans who are willing to give their genes to the next generation of "Aryan world conquerors." Hans offers Karl a chance to reconcile and join him, but Karl refuses and flees the farm. Back in the present day, just as soon as Karl finishes telling his story, the Interceptors' headquarters come under attack from gang militias. As both the Interceptors and BOPE fight back, Karl says that the attack is most probably the work of Hans, who learnt of his capture by BOPE and now wants to either take him or kill him to prevent his knowledge of Redl's criminal operation from going into the authorities' hands. The BOPE soldiers call for backup, but is informed that it will take some time for help to arrive. Eventually, BOPE reinforcements arrive, and the rest of the gang militia is taken care of. At least a hundred militiamen are killed, and 150 captured. Meanwhile, in an unknown location, an unknown man calls Zack Clark, one of Redl's goons and twins, and tells him that his twin Jimmy has been killed. Zack throws his phone in rage and swears revenge on the people who killed his brother.

Guest stars: Armin Mueller-Stahl as Johannes-Karl Redl, Babi Xavier as Eusébia Cão, Daiana Menezes as Belinha Vargas, Iosef Baranov as Zack Clark, Georgiy Dobelov as Jimmy Clark, Ervin Gramapov as young adult Hans-Ludwig Redl, and Yuri Drinakov as young adult Johannes-Karl Redl

39 9 "Immediate Action Required" Gleb Chokov German Orfanov August 7, 2011

BOPE organizes a large force to prepare for another favela cleanup operation. The Silphium Cartel's new distribution center is right in the middle of the favela about to be cleaned up by BOPE, and so Zack Clark goes to command the gang militias in the favela against BOPE. While the battle between the favela gangs and BOPE goes on, the Interceptors infiltrate the distribution center (actually just a big warehouse) and capture Zack Clark. They escape with their captive through the chaos of the battle between BOPE and the gangs. In a safe, undetermined location, the Interceptors interrogate Clark, who refuses to divulge any information despite a heavy beating from Stanislav. Yelena decides to take over the interrogation by facing Clark with her pistol, saying that she should kill him for being the guy responsible for killing her brother. Zack sneers and says that Leontiy killed himself, for taking the Nova Silphium in the first place. Zack tells Yelena where Hans-Ludwig's estate is located, and even dares her to attack the location, knowing that it is protected by a large security system. The Interceptors prepare to leave the warehouse with Zack still tied up inside. Zack demands to know what will happen to him, and Yelena just tells him, "This is for my brother," before shooting Zack in the head. The Interceptors emerge out of the warehouse to a victorious BOPE celebrating its triumph over the favela's gangs.

Guest stars: Wagner Moura as Frederico Teixeira, Milhem Cortaz as João Maribo, Rodrigo Santoro as Evaristo São Conrado, Babi Xavier as Eusébia Cão, Daiana Menezes as Belinha Vargas, and Georgiy Dobelov as Jimmy Clark

40 10 "Downfall of the Drug Reich" Jose Padilha & Gleb Chokov German Orfanov August 14, 2011

With the Interceptors having discovered the site of the Silphium Cartel's manufacturing plant, they head on over to Sao Paulo province to deal with the cartel. BOPE's Colonel Teixeira offers to accompany the Interceptors to Sao Paulo, and he calls on his friend in the Brazilian Army, General Ernesto Dengler, to deploy some forces in the Sao Paulo military region in connection with a South American Confederation operation. The Interceptors, the BOPE of Rio de Janeiro, and Brazilian army units from Sao Paulo converge on Hans-Ludwig Redl's farm in the countryside and engage his private army there. While the battle is going on, the Interceptors manage to infiltrate into Redl's farm, and set fire to his fields of silphium. At the same time, they discover that Redl has been using Jews as slave workers in his farms, and they help the Jews escape their confinement in Redl's estate. With his forces rapidly falling against the might of the Brazilian army, and with his fields set ablaze, Hans-Ludwig Redl sees the fall of his dream of reestablishing a Fourth Reich in Brazil, and prepares to commit suicide by swallowing cyanide, but before he could do so, his former slaves enter his home in the farm and beat him to death. With the fall of the Silphium Cartel, President Pelayo Topacio of the Confederation declares the Office of Analytical Services a success, and allows the Interceptors to return to Margovya. Johannes-Karl Redl returns to his home in the favela and begins singing with his fellow senior citizens while listening to the news of Hans-Ludwig Redl's death in an Army raid in his estate in Sao Paulo province.

Guest stars: Jürgen Prochnow as Hans-Ludwig Redl, Armin Mueller-Stahl as Johannes-Karl Redl, Wagner Moura as Frederico Teixeira, Milhem Cortaz as João Maribo, Babi Xavier as Eusébia Cão, Daiana Menezes as Belinha Vargas, Rodrigo Santoro as Evaristo São Conrado, Yegor Duranov as José Vandervilt, Aleksandr Yutarov as Teodoro Van der Horn, and Thomas Kretschmann as Ernesto Dengler


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