The Interceptors: Heroes & Better Men
Season 7 of The Interceptors
No. of Episodes 15
Original Run April 26, 2014; June 15, 2014 - September 7, 2014
Written by German Orfanov, Juana Quebadieva, Pristina Quarimova, Ruma Mambobosov
Directed by Gregoriy Umalin, Yulian Markovsky, Radoslava Orentalova, Karl Barayev
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors: Heroes & Better Men chronology
Trail of Ashes
Plan Yellow

The Interceptors: Heroes & Better Men is the name of the seventh season of The Interceptors. It stars Gregoriy Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Klaudia Glaser, Rostislav Abramov, Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev, Iosef Birsakov, Galina Politova, Arbat Chomsky, Fadia Serova, and Trofim Pavlov. The season is composed of an eight-episode serial set in Carbombya, and seven standalone episodes set back in Margovya. In the first part of the season, the Interceptors must deal with the corruption within the Carbombyan government threatening to bring it down, and in the second part, they must deal with problems back in the homefront.

Heroes & Better Men was commissioned by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on October 2013, as the first in a three-season extension of the series. Filming began in Muluwheyo on December 2013, and wrapped up in Margovya on March 2014. The season will premiere on June 15, 2014, and the first two episodes were broadcast as The Interceptors: No Place for Heroes on April 26, 2014, in celebration of The Interceptors's 45th anniversary.


The season is divided into two parts. The first sees the Interceptors deployed to Carbombya as part of the South American Confederation Mission to Carbombya (SACMICAR). Their first task is to go after the Margovyan private security company known only as "Group I", which is eventually revealed to be made up of members of the old Task Force Interceptors and led by none other than Ieronim's friend and mentor, Yefrem Zhazhunev (Vasily Borisov). The Interceptors are then put to work rescuing Arbat Arbatovich Balkonovich (Matvey Rasapinsky), son of General Arbat Balkonovich (Philip Drinkwater), commander of SACMICAR's armed forces. A raid to save Arbat Arbatovich goes wrong when it is revealed that the Interceptors have walked into an ambush, and they have to go through numerous rebels attacks and even a sandstorm before they return to safety. Juan Quarimov (Ravil Yanenko) and Casemiro Gonçalves (Iosef Birsakov) go undercover and infiltrate the Holy Legion of the Islamic Jihad and discover that the Legion plans to attack and take control of the town of Betah, an important town in terms of its strategic position on the crossroads of three of Carbombya's biggest cities. The Interceptors and Group I assist the Carbombyan and SACMICAR forces defending Betah and eventually push the Jihad Legion back. Because of this, Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena are invited to a private luncheon with Carbombyan President Isaiah Cabulovowino (Godofredo). The luncheon is interrupted by the news that the WGCC chemical plant, rumored to be the site of Carbombya's secret WMD program (a rumor that is later proven true by the Interceptors) has been attacked by rebels. The Interceptors also discover that the WGCC plant is producing chemical weapons without Cabulowino's permission or knowledge. This makes Cabulovowino order the arrest of General Stephane Eskalumbuye (Ruud Akinfenyor) and Colonel Milena Casai (Eva Maslennikova). The Interceptors leave Carbombya thinking that they have averted a major crisis, but it is revealed that Cabulovowino's arrests of Eskalumbuye and Casai were all for show, and that they are all working together to create weapons of mass destruction for Carbombya.

Part two of the season starts with the Interceptors returning to Margovya only to be greeted by Jonas Gundy (Yuri Ashchenko) and Wallace Peastring (David Semipalatin) upon their arrival. The Americans reveal that there are some things in Margovya that need to be done, and they need to be done by professionals who know how to not leave a mark. These missions include stopping a stolen airplane from crashing into the SAC's Margovyan headquarters in Ikulsk, preventing a dirty bomb from being detonated in Arbatskaya City, foiling an assassination plot on President Konrada Fufanova, and taking charge of tricky negotiations to release high-value individuals held captive by the Shining Path of Margovia. After the Interceptors deal with these missions, their attention turns to Jonathan Longissimus (Georgiy Dostalinsky), who returns to Margovya after betraying Ieronim and stealing a nuclear warhead. Ieronim barely has time to confront Longissimus before Arkady Arbatsky (Nikolay Barzilovich) comes to exact his revenge on the Interceptor, who unwittingly killed Arbatsky's last living brother, by killing Ieronim's ex-wife Bogdana Queruva (Ivetta Zakshina).

Cast and charactersEdit

Main charactersEdit

Supporting charactersEdit

  • Vasily Borisov as Yefrem Zhazhunev, former Brain and Interceptor of the Arbatskaya City Interceptors and commander of the private military company Group I
  • Philip Drinkwater as General Arbat Balkonovich, commander of SACMICAR forces in Carbombya
  • Matvey Rasapinsky as Arbat Arbatovich Balkonovich, son of General Arbat Balkonovich and kidnapped by Edward Eskalumbuye to force the withdrawal of SACMICAR from Carbombya
  • Ivetta Zakshina as Bogdana Queruva, Ieronim's ex-wife and to whom he once again develops an attraction
  • Georgiy Dostalinsky as Jonathan Longissimus, the "Mercenary", who returns to Margovya for an unknown purpose
  • Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky, a medically retired Margovyan Special Forces captain who pursues Ieronim after the Interceptor accidentally killed Arbatsky's last living brother
  • Godofredo as President Isaiah Cabulovowino, dictator of Carbombya
  • Darya Isarmova as President Konrada Fufanova of Margovya, who is the target of an assassination plot after the Interceptors return from Carbombya
  • Yasser Abdul-Tariq as Edward Eskalumbuye, leader of the rebel faction "the Emirate of Al Jawal" who kidnaps Arbat Arbatovich Balkonovich in the hopes of exchanging him for the departure of SACMICAR from his country
  • Ruud Akinfenyor as Major General Stephane Eskalumbuye, Edward Eskalumbuye's half-brother, who provides Edward with vital military intelligence with regards to the Carbombyan Army's attempts to capture him
  • Eva Maslennikova as Brigadier General Milena Casai, a "distant" cousin of President Cabulovowino and head of Carbombya's secret and illegal WMD program
  • Rafael dela Cruz as Vice President Thomas Aragaineselase, Cabulovowino's lapdog and lackey, only there to give the semblance that Carbombya has a democratic government
  • Sara Nashi as Lord High General Charles Serserisenyyo, commander of the Carbombyan Armed Forces and most probable next in line in the Carbombyan presidential chain of succession
  • Phill Lewis as Police General Robert Rhombus, commander of the Carbombyan National Police
  • Richard Attenborough as Councillor Deswan Parallelogram, member of the Carbombyan Supreme Council of Decisions
  • Boris Antonov as Alvin Lopez, a Filipino helicopter pilot and member of Fernando's "organization"
  • Vladislav Nenadovic as Fabio Marquez, a Filipino helicopter pilot and machine gunner, also a member of Fernando's organization
  • Sohaila Magomedova as Joanna Cosme, a Filipina nurse who helps rescue Yelena and Yelizaveta from the hands of Edward Eskalumbuye's rebels
  • Klaudia Rus as Elena Suarez, a Filipina engineer working in Carbombya during the Carbombyan Crisis and also helps save Yelena and Yelizaveta from rebels
  • Yuri Ashchenko as Jonas Gundy
  • David Semipalatin as Wallace Peastring
  • Boris Yazenev as Ruma Arbatsky
  • Samara Tilnova as Olga Alduva
  • Ravil Yanenko as Juan Quarimov
  • Gennady Elemat as Yerman Yezonov
  • Zydrunas Tamolevicius as Oleg Rasapinsky
  • Mara Shchpalova as Raisa Daryanova
  • Yelizaveta Vulvanova as Darya Talnaeva
  • Karl Khristenko as Gennady Tenkizov
  • Ervin Sikhovich as Konrad Flamanov
  • Genrikh Antonov as Gennady Talnaev



No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
63 1 "Group I" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Juana Quebadieva April 26, 2014
The Interceptors are sent to Carbombya to investigate the private security company Group I, a Margovya-based company supposedly hired by the president of Carbombya to bolster his grip on the nation's fragile government. But when they get there, they learn that the truth may be stranger than fiction.

Guest stars: Vasily Borisov as Yefrem Zhazhunev, Samara Tilnova as Olga Alduva, Ravil Yanenko as Juan Quarimov, Gennady Elemat as Yerman Yezonov, Zydrunas Tamolevicius as Oleg Rasapinsky, Mara Shchpalova as Raisa Daryanova, Yelizaveta Vulvanova as Darya Talnaeva, Karl Khristenko as Gennady Tenkizov, Ervin Sikhovich as Konrad Flamanov, Genrikh Antonov as Gennady Talnaev, Ivetta Zakshina as Bogdana Queruva (voice), and Godofredo as Isaiah Cabulovowino

Alternative title: "The Land of No Heroes"

64 2 "Mr. Balkonovich, I Presume?" Gregoriy Umalin Pristina Quarimova & Ruma Mambobosov April 26, 2014
Arbat Balkonovich, Jr., a Margovyan volunteer aid worker with the UN, is kidnapped by the forces of Carbombyan warlord Edward Eskalumbuye. The Interceptors mount an operation to rescue Balkonovich, but forces both human and natural are intent to keep them from pulling off the rescue.

Guest stars: Matvey Rasapinsky as Arbat Balkonovich, Jr., Yasser Abdul-Tariq as Edward Eskalumbuye, Ruud Akinfenyor as Stephane Eskalumbuye, Boris Antonov as Alvin Lopez, Vladislav Nenadovic as Fabio Marquez, and Philip Drinkwater as Arbat Balkonovich, Sr.

Trivia: The episode's title is a reference to the Margovyan movie Mr. Batalyanov, I Presume?, which is itself a play on the quote, "Mr. Livingstone, I presume?", which is attributed to Henry Morton Stanley.

65 3 "Worst Rescue Ever" Yulian Markovsky German Orfanov & Ruma Mambobosov June 15, 2014
Yelena and Yelizaveta have survived General Balkonovich's drone attack, but they are deep in enemy territory. The Interceptors, with the help of Fernando's "people", must mount another rescue attempt to bring back their lost comrades.

Guest stars: Boris Antonov as Alvin Lopez, Vladislav Nenadovic as Fabio Marquez, Kathryn Bernardo as Joanna Cosme, Julia Montes as Elena Suarez, Philip Drinkwater as Arbat Balkonovich, Sr., and Yasser Abdul-Tariq as Edward Eskalumbuye

66 4 "Glory to the Islamic Jihad" Radoslava Orentalova Ruma Mambobosov June 22, 2014

Juan Quarimov of Group I goes undercover to infiltrate the Holy Legion of the Islamic Jihad, one of the more threatening terror groups in Carbombya. He discovers plans for the Legion to take control of the town of Betah from the Carbombyan government, but he soon realizes that stopping the attack may be easier said than done.

67 5 "The Tenth Battle of Betah" Karl Barayev German Orfanov June 29, 2014
When the Holy Legion of the Islamic Jihad strikes at the town of Betah, the Interceptors and Group I must work together with the Carbombyan Army to prevent a key town from falling to terrorist warlords.
68 6 "Shooting the Shit" Yulian Markovsky Pristina Quarimova & Terentiy Pankavuranov July 6, 2014
In 2012, five officers of the Carbombyan Army plot to overthrow the president. Fast forward to 2014, Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena are invited to a luncheon with President Isaiah Cabulovowino himself. Meanwhile, unknown gunmen attack a chemical factory owned by General Milena Casai, a high-ranking member of the Supreme Council of Decisions, the chief lawmaking body of Carbombya.

Guest stars: Godofredo as Isaiah Cabulovowino, Rafael dela Cruz as Thomas Aragaineselase, Sara Nashi as Charles Serserisenyyo, Ruud Akinfenyor as Stephane Eskalumbuye, and Eva Maslennikova as Milena Casai

Alternative title: "No Relaxation"

69 7 "Weapons Grade Carbombyan Chemicals" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov, Polikarp Chakulakov, & Klaudia Glaser July 13, 2014
Someone sends President Cabulovowino evidence that the Warenda Gitulmeladi Chemicals Company (or WGCC for short) is producing weaponized chemicals for export to the black market, forcing the president to begin doubting the loyalty of his Supreme Council of Decisions.
70 8 "Farewell, Land of No Heroes" Karl Barayev Radoslava Orentalova & Trofim Pavlov July 20, 2014
President Cabulovowino receives irrefutable evidence that Generals Stephane Eskalumbuye and Milena Casai of the Supreme Council of Decisions are aiding the terrorist warlords of Carbombya, especially the Holy Legion of the Islamic Jihad, in destabilizing his rule over the tiny African country. Through all this, the Interceptors and Group I will be dragged into a potential civil war in which loyalties will be questioned, and where people will finally prove the statement that blood is thicker than water.
71 9 "Unwelcome Welcome" Radoslava Orentalova German Orfanov & Ruma Mambobosov July 27, 2014

The Interceptors return to Margovya to learn that a Carbombya-based terrorist group, the Arab-African Islamic Brotherhood, has hijacked a plane and intends to crash the plane into a Margovyan city in retaliation for Margovya's involvement in Carbombya. The Interceptors must find the missing plane and prevent the terrorists from committing Margovya's version of September 11.

Guest stars: Yuri Ashchenko as Jonas Gundy and David Semipalatin as Wallace Peastring

Alternative title: "Memories"

72 10 "Bunker" Radoslava Orentalova Pristina Quarimova & Oleg Kiskov August 3, 2014

Suspicious persons purchase a decommissioned Army bunker in Dostalinsky province, and the RBI manage to link the persons to the Arab-African Islamic Brotherhood. At the same time, the Interceptors discover evidence of an AAIB sleeper cell in Ciudad del Celebridad planning to initiate a terrorist attack of some sort. When people are observed beginning to move into the bunker, the Interceptors take this as a sign that the attack is about to commence. They must stop the attack before it succeeds.

Guest stars: Yuri Ashchenko as Jonas Gundy and David Semipalatin as Wallace Peastring

Alternative title: "Absolute Bonkers"

73 11 "Killing Fufanova" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Darya Isarmova August 10, 2014
The Interceptors note the entrance of two known international assassins-for-hire into Margovya. Reliable contacts tell them that a price has been placed on Konrada Fufanova's head, and that the two assassins in-country are planning on getting that reward. The Interceptors must prevent the attempt on Fufanova's life, but accomplishing that may be more difficult than they thought.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Yuri Ashchenko as Jonas Gundy and David Semipalatin as Wallace Peastring

74 12 "The Problem With Rebels"

Karl Barayev

German Orfanov & Tarik Falafelov August 17, 2014
The Interceptors are sent to New Marginalia to rescue seven hostages taken by the Shining Path of Margovia; not their usual assignment lately. But when it turns out that the hostages are actually high-value individuals, the Interceptors must discover why they were taken, and what they could bring to end the conflict between the government and the communist rebels.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Yuri Ashchenko as Jonas Gundy and David Semipalatin as Wallace Peastring

75 13 "The Mercenary Returns" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov, Gregoriy Umalin, and Georgiy Dostalinsky August 24, 2014
When Ieronim is informed that Jonathan Longissimus has returned to Margovya for unknown purposes, the leader of the Interceptors takes it upon himself to track down "The Mercenary" and find out what exactly he is doing in Margovya, and whatever happened with the nuclear device that he stole from under the Interceptors' noses a year ago.

Guest stars: Georgiy Dostalinsky as Jonathan Longissimus

76 14 "The Arbatskys"

Radoslava Orentalova

Ruma Mambobosov August 31, 2014
During an RBI house-clearing training session, one of the trainees goes berserk, injures a squadmate and kills another, before being killed by Ieronim Antonovich. Just days before, the trainee's brother, Arkady Arbatsky, visits Ieronim and asks him to take care of Ruma, his last living brother. An internal investigation temporarily strips Ieronim of his position as leader of the Interceptors, and he names Gavriil his temporary replacement. Meanwhile, Arkady visits Bogdana, Ieronim's ex-wife, for unknown reasons.

Guest stars: Ivetta Zakshina as Bogdana Queruva and Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky

77 15 "No Regrets" Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Gregoriy Umalin September 7, 2014
The RBI investigation into the death of Ruma Arbatsky reveals that he suffered a panic attack during the training session, and therefore had to be taken down before he could harm anyone else. Ieronim Antonovich, although he could have shot Arbatsky anywhere else except the head, is eventually cleared of responsibility and allowed to retake command of the Interceptors. Ieronim takes this chance to reconnect with his ex-wife Bogdana, but when he proposes to her once again, she is killed by a sniper, revealed to be Arkady Arbatsky.

Guest stars: Ivetta Zakshina as Bogdana Queruva and Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky

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