The Interceptors: No Place for Heroes

Directed by

Gregoriy Umalin

Produced by

Orphanage Productions
Saint Gregory Productions
Knights of the Elements Pictures

Written by

German Orfanov
Juana Quebadieva
Pristina Quarimova
Ruma Mambobosov

Release date

April 26, 2014 (TV)
April 30, 2014 (Theater)


Gregoriy Umalin
Polikarp Chakulakov
Klaudia Glaser
Rostislav Abramov
Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev
Iosef Birsakov
Galina Politova
Fadia Serova
Arbat Chomsky
Trofim Pavlov
Matvey Rasapinsky
Ivetta Zakshina
Samara Tilnova
Ravil Yanenko
Gennady Elemat
Zydrunas Tamolevicius
Mara Shchpalova
Yelizaveta Vulvanova
Karl Khristenko
Ervin Sikhovich
with Genrikh Antonov
and Vasily Borisov


95 minutes


Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
Knights of the Elements Pictures

The Interceptors: No Place for Heroes (originally The Interceptors: Back at 6) is a 2014 Margovyan action police procedural film, based on the characters of the Margovyan TV series The Interceptors. Directed by Gregoriy Umalin and written by German Orfanov, it is the sixth film in the Interceptors film series, and the first film not to be directed by Yulian Markovsky. It stars an ensemble cast of stars from both the new and old Interceptors series, including Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Klaudia Glaser, Rostislav Abramov, Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev, Iosef Birsakov, Galina Politova, Fadia Serova, Arbat Chomsky, Trofim Pavlov, Samara Tilnova, Ravil Yanenko, Gennady Elemat, Zydrunas Tamolevicius, Mara Shchpalova, Yelizaveta Vulvanova, Karl Khristenko, Ervin Sikhovich, with Genrikh Antonov and Vasily Borisov, as well as Matvey Rasapinsky, and Ivetta Zakshina.

No Place for Heroes is the first two episodes of season 7 of the Interceptors joined together into a TV film. A few deleted scenes from the TV release will be added to the theatrical release. Principal photography began in Muluwheyo on July 2013 and concluded in December 2013. The film broadcast on April 26, 2014, the 45th anniversary of the Interceptors series at 9:45 PM (the original schedule of the original Interceptors, and received a limited theatrical release on April 30, 2014. The film consists of the first two episodes of The Interceptors: Heroes & Better Men, "Group I" and "Mr. Balkonovich, I Presume?"


The film is composed of the two first episodes of season 7 of The Interceptors ("Group I" and "Mr. Balkonovich, I Presume?") joined together to form a film.

Group I (The Land of No Heroes)Edit

A more detailed summary of this episode can be found here.

The Interceptors are deployed to Carbombya as part of Margovya's contribution to the South American Confederation Mission to Carbombya (SACMICAR), where they are tasked with tracking down a mysterious Margovyan private military company known only as "Group I", which the President of Carbombya, Isaiah Cabulovowino (Godofredo) has supposedly hired to bolster his grip on the presidency and scare off potential political competitors. Having arrived only with their RBI-supplied weapons, the Interceptors are in a bit of a mess until Fernando Tarrasco (Arbat Chomsky) has an associate "accidentally" leave behind a shipment of weapons and ammunition originally meant for neighboring Western Sahara. The Interceptors "take control" of the arms shipment for their own use. Mstislav Denchov (Rostislav Abramov) uses everything in his technological arsenal to try to locate Group I's base, to no avail. Ieronim Antonovich (Gregoriy Umalin), Gavriil Galichevsky (Polikarp Chakulakov), Yelena Questramova (Klaudia Glaser), and Casemiro Gonçalves (Iosef Birsakov) establish a network of spies and informers in the country to learn anything more about Group I.

One night, unmarked SUVs approach the Interceptors' temporary headquarters in Chah Rajawhm Airbase, and its occupants enter a tense standoff with the Interceptors. Eventually, Yefrem Zhazhunev (Vasily Borisov) steps out of one of the SUVs and reveals that Group I is actually made up of former members of the Interceptors of Arbatskaya City, and that Zhazhunev had started up the company using the money earned from "the Potosi job." Although he is very surprised to see the new Interceptors in Carbombya, Zhazhunev confides to Antonovich that Group I is there to keep an eye on the volatile situation in Carbombya, and that Group I's resources are at the Interceptors' disposal; a favor from one Interceptor to another. Later on, Ieronim decides not to inform the RBI of Group I's identities and intentions.

Mr. Balkonovich, I Presume?Edit

A more detailed summary of this episode can be found here.

Arbat Balkonovich (Matvey Rasapinsky), a Margovyan volunteer in the UN's aid mission to Carbombya, is kidnapped by forces loyal to the notorious warlord Edward Eskalumbuye (Yasser Abdul-Tariq). The Interceptors are dispatched to rescue Balkonovich, and through a combination of informants, satellite imagery, and old-fashioned surveillance, they manage to locate a warehouse in Al Jawal (a noted warlord stronghold in Carbombya) where the hostage is believed to be held. Ieronim, Gavriil, Yelena, and Yelizaveta Glebova (Fadia Serova) are airlifted to the site by a helicopter belonging to Fernando's organization, but the warehouse turns out to be completely filled with enemy soldiers, and the four barely make it out alive. And as if their situation couldn't get worse, a sandstorm strikes Al Jawal while they prepare for exfiltration, and the men end up getting separated from the women. Raisa Chernyshenko (Galina Politova) tries to fly into the area with Fernando's Aerospatiale Alouette III, but she is shot down for her effort and has to be rescued by Ieronim, Gavriil, and members of Group I. Meanwhile, Yelena and Yelizaveta are captured by Eskalumbuye's men and taken to his true headquarters, where he is keeping Balkonovich.

In Eskalumbuye's headquarters, Yelena and Yelizaveta watch as Carbombyan Major General Stephane Eskalumbuye (Ruud Akinfenyor) and Margovyan Brigadier General Arbat Balkonovich Sr. (Philip Drinkwater) talk with Edward regarding Arbat Jr.'s status as a hostage. Mstislav finally manages to locate Edward Eskalumbuye's secret headquarters through the tracking chips implanted into Yelena and Yelizaveta's legs, but just as the Interceptors and the Carbombyan Army prepare to move in on Edward, he begins to evacuate his headquarters, and he takes Arbat Jr. with him, along with his most trusted soldiers. Yelena and Yelizaveta are taken by another convoy following Eskalumbuye into the deep desert. They struggle to free themselves from their bonds, and just as they get free, a Margovyan Predator drone attacks the convoy, and the Interceptors can only watch through a satellite feed as Yelena and Yelizaveta appear to be among those killed in the drone attack.




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