The Interceptors: Plan Yellow
Season 8 of The Interceptors
No. of Episodes 10
Original Run June 7, 2015 - August 9, 2015
Written by German Orfanov, Juana Quebadieva, Pristina Quarimova, Ruma Mambobosov
Directed by Gregoriy Umalin, Yulian Markovsky, Radoslava Orentalova, Karl Barayev
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors: Plan Yellow chronology
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Lex Talionis

The Interceptors: Plan Yellow is the name of the eighth season of The Interceptors. It stars Gregoriy Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Klaudia Glaser, Rostislav Abramov, Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev, Iosef Birsakov, Galina Politova, Arbat Chomsky, Fadia Serova and Trofim Pavlov. The series returns to its original ten-episode serial format, with their mission now being to deal with the combined threats of an impending coup attempt, a possible biological attack on Margovya, and concerns about a militant Bolivia.

Plan Yellow is the second of a three-season extension approved by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on October 2013. Filming began on November 2014 and wrapped up by March 2015. The series premiered on June 7, 2015 and concluded on August 9.

This was the first series in which the opening theme is now Gregoriy Umalin featuring Not So Socialist's cover of New Divide by Linkin Park.


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No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
78 1 "The Empty Heart" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Juana Quebadieva June 7, 2015
The Interceptors attend the funeral of Bogdana Queruva, Ieronim's ex-wife, who was killed by Arkady Arbatsky, who is seeking revenge on Ieronim for the deaths of his brothers at the hands of the Interceptors. Ieronim is in deep mourning for his ex-wife, to whom he had just proposed marriage once again before her untimely death, and he ends up dropping off the grid, leaving the job of running the Interceptors to Gavriil. Yelena eventually manages to locate Ieronim, drunk and with a thick beard, on a park bench in Ikulsk, and she tells him that the team needs him back and that he needs to talk to someone about his grief. Meanwhile, back in RBI headquarters, Director Soryanova tells Gavriil that there are rumors that there is a coming coup d'etat attempt in Margovya just before the 2016 elections. Two chief rumors of the coup are that it is either supported by Bolivia or its aim is a full-on invasion of Bolivia. Gavriil agrees to look into the rumors, just as Ieronim returns and says that he's ready for the next mission.

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova, and Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova

79 2 "Fast Lane to Death" Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Ruma Mambobosov June 14, 2015

An unmarked van pulls up to the RBI provincial headquarters in Irazanka, Del Quiev del Sur and deposits a body bag on the entrance, and the van flees before it could be stopped by building security. A biohazard sticker on the body bag reveals that the contents of the bag may be a biological weapon, and the body bag is sent to RBI headquarters in Ikulsk for autopsy. There, RBI doctors determine that the body had been exposed to an as-yet-unknown virus or bacteria which caused his death. The Interceptors are tasked with determining where the virus and the man had come from, and how both managed to get into Margovya undetected. Ieronim decides to delegate this job to Gavriil and Yelena because he is concentrated in determining the intents of a small group of Margovyan generals who were reportedly seen receiving an unknown sum of Bolivian bolivianos by an RBI informant. Meanwhile, on the Margovyan-Bolivian border in the province of Del Quiev del Sur, a mysterious doctor is seen injecting local farmers with an unknown substance.

Guest stars: Ivan Radoslavovsky as Dr. Marlborough Nabler

80 3 "Specialization" Radoslava Orentalova German Orfanov & Naftali Rabinovich June 21, 2015
The episode switches between two events happening in different parts of Margovya: a secret high-tech laboratory located near the Margovyan-Bolivian border and deep in the heart of Margovya City. In the secret lab on the border, Gavriil and Yelena meet with virologist Dr. Marlborough Nabler to talk about his lab's latest discoveries in the field of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. However, their conversation is interrupted when a mob of protesters form up in front of the lab, and when the mob overrun the lab security, Gavriil and Yelena are forced to take Nabler to safety. Using less-lethal weapons, Gavriil and Yelena manage to break through the mob and to Raisa, who was waiting to evacuate them. In Raisa's car, Nabler is revealed to actually be Casemiro in disguise, the real Dr. Nabler having already been evacuated from the lab before the mob had formed up outside. Meanwhile, in Margovya City, a man and a woman are following an old lady around the city, before they finally decide to confront her one night in her apartment. There the old lady tells them that the man they were looking for had left the apartment that he had rented from her just yesterday. Outside the apartment, the two begin discussing about whether to approach a certain individual, which is revealed to be Ieronim when the camera pans down to his photograph in the woman's hand before the end of the episode.

Guest stars: Ivan Radoslavovsky as Marlborough Nabler, Timofey Timofeyenkov as unknown British man, and Filippa Akimova as unknown British woman

81 4 "The Sons of South America" Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Naftali Rabinovich June 28, 2015
The trail of bodies infected with the mysterious virus grows ever larger as it closes in on Margovya City, one of the largest and most important cities of Margovya. The Interceptors are stymied by the rate which the bodies appear in front of the RBI's provincial headquarters in the provinces between Del Quiev del Sur and Arbatskaya, and they fear that whoever is responsible for dumping the bodies is planning a major bioterrorist attack on the city. Dr. Nabler, the scientist that the Interceptors rescued from the secret lab at the border with Bolivia, tells them that the virus was one of just many that he and his staff were researching for a genetic engineering company on behalf of the Centers for Disease Control of the United States, and that this particular virus is a fast-acting one that results in a hemorrhagic flu that is fatal 90% of the time. Meanwhile, Ieronim turns up a lead on the possible location of Arkady Arbatsky, his wife's killer, but while on the trail of the lead, he is approached by a man and a woman who tell him that they are also on the trail of Arbatsky, and they would really like it if the three of them shared any and all information that they had on the man. Over in Sucre, Bolivia, Arbatsky meets with two lieutenants, one from the Bolivian Army and the other from the Margovyan Army. There he gives both men a suitcase each and tells them that they should tell their superiors that phase two was now complete, and that they should be ready to move once phase three had been initiated.

Guest stars: Ivan Radoslavovsky as Marlborough Nabler and Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky

82 5 "A Day to Remember" Yulian Markovsky German Orfanov & Gregoriy Umalin July 5, 2015
The Interceptors get wind of a major terrorist attack to be perpetrated by a group that the Interceptors had been following for a short while now, and the target is revealed to be Margovya City. While setting up things with the local police department and RBI detachment, Ieronim sees, or thinks he sees, Arkady Arbatsky in the shadows of the alleys of the city and proceeds to chase him, but Ieronim loses Arbatsky's trail after a short foot chase. Suddenly, Ieronim is informed by Gavriil that a mysterious box had been found in the ventilation system of the Sharpton Hotel in Margovya City, that the box is suspected of being a bomb, and that Stanislav and Casemiro had volunteered to defuse the bomb. Meanwhile, inside the hotel itself, Stanislav and Casemiro discuss the ways on how they could possibly defuse the bomb, with both eventually admitting that they should have given second thoughts to volunteering for this particular mission. The two of them finally arrive in the hotel's ventilation system, where they see the bomb located just behind a very large air conditioning fan. Casemiro decides to take the hit and reaches out for the bomb with his hand just underneath the spinning fan, the risk of having his fingers cut off very real, as Stanislav watches on. Then, suddenly, the "bomb" emits a strange powder, which hits both Casemiro and Stanislav full on in the face.

Guest stars: Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky and Ivan Radoslavovsky as Marlborough Nabler

83 6 "The Ultimate Sacrifice" Karl Barayev German Orfanov & Gregoriy Umalin July 12, 2015
Casemiro calls Ieronim and tells him that the bomb in the Sharpton Hotel in Margovya City is not actually a bomb but a releasing mechanism for a bioweapon, which turns out to be the same virus found in the trail of bodies from Irazanka to Margovya City, and that this virus is now spreading all throughout the hotel. Casemiro also says that he and Stanislav had received a full and fatal dose of the virus, meaning that they had only an hour left to live even with the best medical care given to them. Casemiro tells Ieronim to have the hotel quarantined before any other guests or employees leave the hotel and possibly spread the virus throughout the rest of the city. Meanwhile, Director Soryanova receives an email from an unknown sender containing a video file, which shows a small group of people dressed in black and wearing gas masks demanding a ransom of 500 million US dollars or else they will set off more bio-bombs in other buildings and public places throughout Margovya City. This forces Director Soryanova to recommend a total lockdown of the entirety of Margovya City to the Margovyan government. As paramedics specializing in biological warfare casualty care begin to arrive in front of the hotel, this causes panic from the guests and employees within the hotel and makes them attempt to break out, but the defensive perimeter composed of FNP units and RBI agents hold firm. Ieronim consults with Dr. Nabler and asks him if it is possible to cure people exposed to the virus. The doctor tells him that people like Casemiro and Stanislav, who were exposed to the full power of the virus, have only hours if not minutes left to live, but most of the other people within the hotel may stand a chance if the virus is diluted in its distribution through the hotel's ventilation system, and if they are treated with a special serum that he had also developed. Back inside the hotel, Casemiro and Stanislav make their peace and say that it was an honor serving alongside each other and the Interceptors before succumbing to the virus. A small contingent of paramedics accompanied by RBI agents and FNP officers in full bio-warfare gear finally manage to enter the hotel without much fight from the people inside, and they come out carrying the bodies of Casemiro and Stanislav in tightly sealed body bags specially designed to carry victims of bio-attacks.

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova, Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, and Ivan Radoslavovsky as Marlborough Nabler

84 7 "Storming the Castle" Radoslava Orentalova Gregoriy Umalin & Naftali Rabinovich July 19, 2015
Ieronim, Gavriil and Yelena are told by Dr. Nabler that the longer the people inside the Sharpton are exposed to the virus, the less chances they will have to recover, forcing the three of them to plan out an infiltration into the hotel to shut down the ventilation system. However, before they can begin the infiltration, Ieronim receives a call from Director Soryanova, who tells him that the terrorists responsible for setting off the bioweapon have been tracked down to somewhere within the hotel itself, possibly controlling the ventilation system distributor to keep the virus circulating throughout the place. This convinces Ieronim to ask for weapons alongside the gas masks that he had asked to be brought to them in Margovya City, as Dr. Nabler revealed that the virus can only infect a person through breathing. The three Interceptors infiltrate the hotel and take down the terrorists within, and just as Ieronim discovers a cellphone with a directory containing Arkady Arbatsky's number, Kazimir calls him and tells him that a bunch of Margovyan platoons had moved out of their barracks and are on their way to Ikulsk.

Guest stars: Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova and Ivan Radoslavovsky as Marlborough Nabler

85 8 "War Games" Karl Barayev Arbat Chomsky, Trofim Pavlov & German Orfanov July 26, 2015
The Ikulsk Platoon of the Margovyan Army is on the march from their barracks in Pontival Province to the city with which they share their name. The soldiers think that they are about to participate in a new large-scale war exercise, but the commanders of the platoon have other plans: namely, to overthrow the current Margovyan government and replace it with a military junta, which they set in motion after hearing of the bioterrorist attack on Margovya City. However, on the road leading to Ikulsk, the platoon is confronted by none other than President Konrada Fufanova, who demands to know what the platoon is doing out of their barracks. The commander of the platoon and his deputy contemplate arresting Fufanova, but as the commander attempts to draw his sidearm, Fernando appears from inside the presidential limousine and kills him. The deputy tries to get his own weapon, whereupon Kazimir then appears and kills him too. Fufanova then turns to the third-in-command of the platoon and asks him where his loyalties lie. The third-in-command replies that his loyalty is to the Republic of Margovya, and he then turns around and orders the platoon back to their barracks in Pontival. As Fufanova thanks Fernando and Kazimir for helping prevent a coup d'etat in Margovya, Fernando receives a call from Yelizaveta, who tells him that Bolivia is currently in the grips of a coup d'etat of their own.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Ilya Petrovich as Brigadier General Ustin Yakovlev, Ilya Orlovsky as Colonel Fyodor Pavlov, and Pavel Orkov as Lieutenant Colonel Jamal Azamatov

86 9 "Only the Dead Have Seen the End of War" Yulian Markovsky Naftali Rabinovich & Galina Politova August 2, 2015
While Margovya has managed to deal with the attempted coup swiftly and silently, the same couldn't be said for Bolivia, where their own attempted coup has turned into a civil war between the Bolivian government and the rogue military units that had attempted to overthrow it. This has culminated in the rebel units laying siege to the city of Sucre, where Raisa and Yelizaveta have ended up after tracking down the rogue Bolivian military units. The rest of the Interceptors arrive in La Paz along with President Pelayo Topacio of the South American Confederation to gauge the situation, with Ieronim receiving orders from Topacio and the Bolivian president (unidentified, but implied to be Evo Morales) to get into the besieged city and let the world know of the conditions being suffered by those still inside. Mstislav sets up a link between Raisa and Yelizaveta's phones and the outside world, allowing them to communicate with the Interceptors, which are with loyalist Bolivian units massing for an attack on the besieging rebel forces. Raisa and Yelizaveta's descriptions of the living conditions suffered by the inhabitants of Sucre shock the rest of the world, and the Bolivian president uses these descriptions to force the rebels to lift the siege and surrender. However, when Raisa places a private call to Ieronim telling him that the rebels are planning on entering the city, he mounts a rescue mission to save the two women from within the city.

Guest stars: Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio and Juan Joaquin Vaquiera as the President of Bolivia

87 10 "The Only Certain Freedom..." Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Gregoriy Umalin August 9, 2015
Ieronim successfully manages to infiltrate the besieged city of Sucre and begins his search for Raisa and Yelizaveta, who had been trapped in the city for four days. He finally locates them in an abandoned TV broadcasting station from which they had been in contact with the Interceptors since the beginning of the siege. However, getting the two women to leave the city is proving harder than Ieronim expected, as the two have made a promise to some of the townspeople and defenders that they will be helping to defend Sucre from the besieging rebels any way that they can. Just then, they discover that the rebels have decided to move into the city, having grown tired of starving out the defenders. Ieronim watches as Raisa guides loyalist Bolivian Air Force jets into rebel tanks moving into the city, but then his curiosity turns to horror as he watches a jet get shot down by a rebel handheld surface-to-air missile. The pilot manages to eject right above the Interceptors' position, and once he parachutes safely to the ground he informs Ieronim that the Bolivian loyalists are preparing to move in on Sucre after seeing the rebels attempt to take the city by force. Ieronim initially plans to get him, Raisa, Yelizaveta, the downed Bolivian pilot and a military interpreter out of the city by helicopter, but then the interpreter happens to bring up the fact that he saw a "Margovyan-looking man" among the rebel leaders, Ieronim tells the others to go on without him as he goes out in search of the "Margovyan-looking man." This turns out to be Arkady Arbatsky, just as Ieronim suspected, and the two get into a fistfight in the war-torn streets of Sucre. After admitting to hiring the bioterrorists and paying off the rebel Margovyan and Bolivian generals, Arkady boasts about killing Bogdana Queruva, which sets off Ieronim and makes him beat Arkady to death with a stone to the head. Ieronim later manages to make contact with Bolivian loyalists who had retaken Sucre from the surrendered rebels, and then once he is back in Margovya, he tells Director Soryanova that his time with the Interceptors is now done, and he nominates Gavriil as his successor to the post of head of the Interceptors. When Gavriil goes into Ieronim's office to check up on him, Ieronim tells Gavriil to go to the Director's office, and then with the rest of the Interceptors recuperating in the pantry, Ieronim picks up his jacket and leaves.

Guest stars: Nikolay Barzilovich as Arkady Arbatsky, Martin Movchovsky as Captain of Aviation Ruma Raumov, Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio, and Radoslava Orentalova as Eva Soryanova

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