The Interceptors: Protect the President!
Season 5 of The Interceptors
No. of Episodes 10
Original Run July 15, 2012 - September 16, 2012
Written by German Orfanov, Terentiy Pankavuranov, Vasily Borisov
Directed by Gleb Chokov, Karl Barayev, Juan Tarapov
Original Broadcast Margovyan National Broadcasting Network
The Interceptors: Protect the President! chronology
Trail of Ashes

The Interceptors: Protect the President! is a Margovyan action police procedural serial, and is the fifth season of The Interceptors. The main cast of the show in the previous season (Gregoriy Umalin, Polikarp Chakulakov, Klaudia Glaser, Andrea G., Tungburshan Shungarhanbayev, Rostislav Abramov, Fyodora Velinina, Galina Politova, Iosef Birsakov) returns to reprise their roles, and Fadia Serova finally returns to the main cast following her role in the film Truth is the Savior. In the serial, the Interceptors are asked to keep watch over the 2013 Margovyan general election, particularly its presidential candidates. Darya Isarmova, of the old Interceptors, returns to reprise her role as Konrada Fufanova, who is now the Margovyan Federalist Party's candidate for the presidency.

Protect the President! was commissioned by the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on December 2011. Filming took place in Ciudad del Celebridad and other locations on January 2012, and concluded on April 2012. The season premiered on July 15, 2012; a significant delay from the previously announced June premiere date due to the unexpectedly lengthened run of Here's to the Men, where recurring cast member Mark Tramvitumov also has a part. Critical reception to Protect the President! was very positive, with critics praising the return of Darya Isarmova to television as one of the main factors of the rise in popularity of the new Interceptors. Viewership averaged 11.9 million, a 2.4 million increase from the previous season, Confederation. Protect the President! was released on DVD on June 6, 2013.

This was the first season of the series where the opening theme is now The Heavy's Short Change Hero.


Cast and charactersEdit

Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

  • Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, a former Mouth of the old Interceptors unit in the Arbatskaya City Police Department. Now a politician, Fufanova has risen through the ranks of the Margovyan Federalist Party, and is now the party's candidate for the 2013 presidential elections in Margovya.
  • Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, RBI Director and later on, Konrada Fufanova's vice president/running mate.
  • Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio, president of the South American Confederation, who expresses his interest in a calm, peaceful election in Margovya.
  • Boris Nukorev as Antay Ribabov, a Roman Catholic zealot and former soldier, who fervently believes that God has commanded him to kill Konrada Fufanova.
  • Kendall Schmidt as President Vilyelmo Dumayev, of the Socialist Party of Margovya, running for reelection.
  • Logan Henderson as Vice President Faddey Pankavuranov, also of the Socialist Party, and also running for reelection.
  • James Maslow as Defense Minister Stanislav Maslov, an "average bureaucrat" who may be the country's best Defense Minister in years.
  • Carlos Pena as Finance Minister Karl Nunyezov, a Finance Minister that is both cheap and expensive, at the same time.
  • Mikhail Kutuzov as Commander Ravil Rutskoy, of the Margovyan Secret Service, assigned to protect President Dumayev and his entourage.
  • Gavrina Kumilyova as Sergeant Yelena Anikova, also of the Secret Service.
  • Vyacheslav Klimov as Sergeant Pavel Anderson, also of the Secret Service.
  • Innokentiy Azov as Izmail Izmailov, the dreaded "anti-Technologist" of the classic Interceptors.
  • Irina Berezovskaya as Bernice Lee, daughter of Cedric Lee, and sister of Cedric Lee, Jr.
  • Mikhail Brankov as Dr. Trufinkov, a noted psychologist who can deduce people's personalities through their handwriting and speech patterns.
  • Jamal Lamitalovsky as Commissioner Rurik Olanov, of the Arbatskaya City Police Department, and former Interceptor and commander of the Task Force Interceptors of the department.
  • Vasily Borisov as Inspector Yefrem Zhazhunev, also of the ACPD, the last Interceptor of the department's unit, and one of the longest-serving policemen in the force.
  • Dzherik Dimakulanov as Rodion Oriondovich, a supporter of the deposed president Pristina Leonova.
  • Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman, an RBI field agent.
  • Kseniya Kalinina as Andzhela Yurotova, the RBI Special-Agent-in-Charge of Ciudad del Celebridad, Dostalinsky.
  • Alena Svetskaya as Yuliya Karpova, RBI SAC Yurotova's deputy.
  • Yuliya Koneva as Agent Petrova (cameo)
  • Nikolai Nemenov as Agent Ernandezov (cameo)



No. in series No. in season Title Directed by Written by Original air date
41 1 "Return of the Spy" Gleb Chokov German Orfanov & Izmail Tarapov July 15, 2012

Yelizaveta is finally discharged from the hospital and returns to work with the Interceptors. Ieronim introduces her to Raisa and Casemiro, the new additions to the unit. They also tell her of what they did in Brazil, up to and including bringing down a drug cartel with aims of world domination. Despite their success in Brazil, however, the unit is still under review from Director Zhorin himself, and so the Interceptors have not been doing much ever since Confederation President Pelayo Topacio returned them to the RBI. Suddenly, they get a surprise visitor: Konrada Fufanova, former Mouth of the Interceptors of Arbatskaya City, whom the audience last saw as the mayor of Arbatskaya City. Fufanova reveals that she has experienced a meteoric rise in the ranks of the Margovyan Federalist Party, and she is currently set to become the MFP's presidential candidate for the coming general elections in Margovya. She also reveals that she came to the RBI headquarters because of two things: one, Director Zhorin is going to become her vice presidential candidate, and two, the Margovyan government itself is reluctantly requesting the help of the Interceptors in monitoring the elections and making sure that it will be a peaceful election. Pelayo Topacio even calls the Interceptors and informs them that the South American Confederation is most interested in "peaceful elections in the Republic of Margovya."

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, and Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio

42 2 "Ordered to Obliterate You" Karl Barayev Terentiy Pankavuranov July 22, 2012

Konrada Fufanova receives a letter from an anonymous sender, who claims that God has commanded him to obliterate Fufanova by explosive means. This sends the RBI and the Margovyan Secret Service in an uproar, and agents from both agencies are ordered to uncover the identity of the anonymous threat sender, and to neutralize him or her. Meanwhile, Antay Ribabov, a former soldier of the Margovyan Army who has been honorably discharged following three tours in Afghanistan, is looking for shops to buy large bags. After purchasing three gym bags from different stores, Ribabov goes to a nearby church and prays for confirmation of the plan to obliterate Konrada Fufanova. Outside of the church, political terrorists attempt to blow up a nearby police station, and Ribabov takes this as a sign that the plan must go ahead.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, and Boris Nukorev as Antay Ribabov

43 3 "Nitroglycerin" Juan Tarapov Vasily Borisov July 29, 2012

President Vilyelmo Dumayev, Vice President Faddey Pankavuranov, Defense Minister Stanislav Maslov, and Finance Minister Karl Nunyezov are onboard Margovya One, the aircraft of the Margovyan president, to begin Dumayev's reelection campaign in the Lukorev District, where support of the Socialist Party of Margovya is very high. As the four politicians discuss their campaign plans, the aircraft suddenly comes under attack from political terrorists that have managed to sneak onboard the aircraft while it was still on the ground. Despite initially succeeding in taking the cockpit of the aircraft and killing some of the Secret Service agents onboard, the terrorists are finally defeated, and the leader of the Secret Service detail reveals that the RBI has had advanced knowledge of the political terrorists' plan to hijack the presidential plane and crash it into the Margovyan Congress, even though they only found out about the plan a few hours before the plane took off. Meanwhile, back on the ground, Antay Ribabov heads for the countryside with a locker, a mannequin, and a bag holding four pounds of C4 explosives. In a desolate field, Ribabov loads the explosives into the locker and places the mannequin right in front of it. Ribabov detonates the explosives, and is satisfied by the results of the explosion on the mannequin. Back in Ikulsk, a Margovyan army quartermaster investigates the disappearance of over a hundred pounds of C4 and other plastic explosives from Fort Morinho during the past six months.

Guest stars: Kendall Schmidt as Vilyelmo Dumayev, Logan Henderson as Faddey Pankavuranov, James Maslow as Stanislav Maslov, Carlos Pena as Karl Nunyezov, Mikhail Kutuzov as Ravil Rutskoy, Gavrina Kumilyova as Yelena Anikova, Vyacheslav Klimov as Pavel Anderson, and Boris Nukorev as Antay Ribabov

44 4 "Enemies of Old" Gleb Chokov German Orfanov August 5, 2012

The Interceptors are informed that Izmail Izmailov, the dreaded "anti-Technologist" of the classic Interceptors of the Arbatskaya City Police Department, has been bailed out of prison by Bernice Lee, daughter of notorious counterfeiter Cedric Lee and sister of recently arrested arms dealer Cedric Lee, Jr. An RBI investigation reveals that Bernice is still connected to Cedric Junior's arms dealer network, and that large numbers of pistols, submachine guns, and assault rifles have just entered Margovya. With Izmailov and Lee's purpose for the weapons unknown, the RBI and the Secret Service keeps a close eye on the two. Meanwhile, Ieronim and Konrada approach a noted psychologist to help determine the personality of the person who sent the death threat to Fufanova.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Innokentiy Azov as Izmail Izmailov, Irina Berezovskaya as Bernice Lee, and Mikhail Brankov as Dr. Trufinkov

45 5 "The Dumb Blonde" Karl Barayev Vasily Borisov August 12, 2012

Inspector Yefrem Zhazhunev, one of the longest-serving police officers of the Arbatskaya City Police Department and longtime member of Task Force Interceptors and its current commander (a title also known as "the Interceptor"), is finally ready to retire from the force. As recognition for his 43 years in the force, the department has decided to give him the Lifetime Loyalty to the Force award, a very prestigious award given only to police officers who have served a long time in the police. Commissioner Rurik Olanov, himself a former Interceptor of Task Force Interceptors, will present the award himself to Zhazhunev. Ieronim and Konrada head for Arbatskaya City to attend the awarding ceremony as part of their loyalty to Zhazhunev, who has helped them in many situations during their respective tenures with Task Force Interceptors. The ceremony proceeds smoothly, until a sniper shoots Commissioner's Olanov in the shoulder, and a small group of militants open fire on the ceremony, not realizing that they are attacking Arbatskaya City PD officers. When the firefight is finally over, ten of the attackers are dead, and six in custody. Interrogation reveals that the attackers are working for the dreaded political terrorist Rodion Oriondovich, whose aim is to free Pristina Leonova from prison and bring about the rise of a new socialist state in Margovya. Ieronim notes that the assailants' weapons are Peruvian FAD assault rifles with CedLee markings, which shouldn't be possible as these weapons were confiscated by the Rio de Janeiro BOPE with the Interceptors' help. A call to Confederation President Topacio confirms that a number of CedLee FADs had been stolen from BOPE's evidence vault six months after the fall of the Silphium Cartel. Ieronim places another call to Director Zhorin, and asks for an investigation into links between Oriondovich, Izmail Izmailov, and Bernice Lee.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin (voice), Farhad Talnaev as Pelayo Topacio (voice), Vasily Borisov as Yefrem Zhazhunev, and Jamal Lamitalovsky as Rurik Olanov

Alternative title: "Ad Infinitum"

46 6 "I Hate Pears" Juan Tarapov Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva & Gregoriy Umalin August 19, 2012
The Three-Way Presidential Candidate Debate, the triennial political debate held between Margovya's presidential candidates every coming presidential election. This year, the debate will be held in Ciudad del Celebridad, Dostalinsky; specifically, the Margovyan Screenwriters' Guild Building. The Interceptors are sent to the City of Celebrities to assess the threat level in the area, with the reluctant cooperation of RBI Special-Agent-in-Charge Andzhela Yurotova and her agents. While Barbara Evangelista coordinates with Yurotova's agents, a bus blows up and political terrorists open fire on the RBI building. Eventually though, the terrorists are either driven off or apprehended, and one of the captured terrorists claims that they have been sent there by Rodion Oriondovich to test the police and RBI response in the city.

Guest stars: Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, Kseniya Kalinina as Andzhela Yurotova, Alena Svetskaya as Yuliya Karpova, amd Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman

47 7 "The Way, the Truth, and the Life" Gleb Chokov Terentiy Pankavuranov & Vasily Borisov August 26, 2012

A Ciudad del Celebridad police officer finds a burning mannequin on a deserted country field near the city, and while the police can find no evidence of who set off the bombs, they do learn that the mannequin had been bought at a bankruptcy auction by an unknown bidder. An Army quartermaster contacts the Ciudad del Celebridad PD to ask about the explosives, and chemical analysis of the trace reveals that the explosives used came from a Margovyan Army armory which lost over a hundred pounds of plastic explosives six months ago. Meanwhile, Antay Ribabov is also in Ciudad del Celebridad after seeing that Konrada Fufanova will be in town for the Three-Way Presidential Candidate Debate, and so he had gone there to finalize the plan to obliterate Fufanova. Ciudad del Celebridad is placed under a temporary state of martial law as the three presidential candidates begin to arrive in the city.

Guest star: Boris Nukorev as Antay Ribabov

48 8 "So Be It" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Vasily Borisov September 2, 2012

The Three-Way Presidential Candidate Debate has begun in the Margovyan Screenwriters' Guild Building in Ciudad del Celebridad, Dostalinsky. As soon as broadcast of the Debate begins on the MNBN, however, the feed changes to show Rodion Oriondovich, announcing his intentions to storm the Screenwriters' Guild Building and take the presidential candidates hostage. While the network is distracted by whoever hacked the feed, political terrorists storm the building, overwhelming the over three hundred police officers, RBI agents, and Secret Service agents inside. Three members of the Interceptors (Ieronim, Gavriil, and Yelena) have managed to escape the slaughter, and they make contact with RBI forces outside the building, before proceeding to killing terrorist patrols inside the building. In a secret bunker deep inside the Screenwriters' Guild Building, Oriondovich begins to grow wary as more and more patrols fail to report back to him, and he orders Izmail Izmailov to hack into the building's security camera network to watch for the persons responsible for killing the patrols. Unknown to them, though, Rostislav Abramov had already hacked the building's security network and disabled the cameras, on Antonovich's orders. Ieronim makes his way to the building's security command center, and makes his presence known to Oriondovich, Izmailov, and the other political terrorists.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Kendall Schmidt as Vilyelmo Dumayev, Dzherik Dimakulanov as Rodion Oriondovich, Innokentiy Azov as Izmail Izmailov, Irina Berezovskaya as Bernice Lee, Mikhail Kutuzov as Ravil Rutskoy, Gavrina Kumilyova as Yelena Anikova, Vyacheslav Klimov as Pavel Anderson, Kseniya Kalinina as Andzhela Yurotova, Yuliya Koneva as Lilya Petrova, Nikolai Nemenov as Eduard Ernandezov, and Yerman Yezov as Ervin Sikhovich

Trivia: The episodes "So Be It" and "The Vice President and the Actor" involves a storyline in which terrorists take ver a building and took the Margovyan president and other presidential candidates hostage, which bears similarities to the films White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen, and while MNBN attempted to sue directors Roland Emmerich and Antoine Fuqua for copying the story, both cases were eventually settled out of court.

49 9 "The Vice President and the Actor" Gregoriy Umalin German Orfanov & Vasily Borisov September 9, 2012

Ieronim continues his campaign of killing the political terrorists occupying the Margovyan Screewriters' Guild Building in Ciudad del Celebridad. The terrorists' demands, the release of Pristina Leonova from prison, is denied by Antonovich, who appears to have had Leonova executed in her prison. The execution forces Rodion Oriondovich's hand, and he ventures out of the safety of the secret bunker to find Antonovich himself. Yelena encounters Bernice Lee and manages to kill her, while Gavriil sneaks into the bunker, frees the presidential candidates, and tricks Izmail Izmailov into activating his own booby trap and killing himself. Finally, Ieronim battles Oriondovich, and when Oriondovich threatens to kill Yelizaveta Glebova (who had been inside the building when the terrorists took over, but was not able to link up with the other Interceptors), Ieronim takes him out with a machine gun. With the crisis in Ciudad del Celebridad over, the Interceptors are finally reunited. Suddenly, Dr. Trufinkov, the psychologist whom Ieronim and Konrada had approached to give a profile on the person who sent the death threat to Fufanova, arrives and tells them that he has determined the psychological profile of the sender: young, intellectual, and either in the Army or just coming out of it. Ieronim has the RBI initiate a nationwide search for people who fit the profile.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, Mark Tramvitumov as Dmitry Zhorin, Kendall Schmidt as Vilyelmo Dumayev, Dzherik Dimakulanov as Rodion Oriondovich, Innokentiy Azov as Izmail Izmailov, Irina Berezovskaya as Bernice Lee, Miryam Farukova-Talnaeva as Faina Silverman, Kseniya Kalinina as Andzhela Yurotova, Alena Svetskaya as Yuliya Karpova, and Mikhail Brankov as Dr. Trufinkov

50 10 "The End" Karl Barayev Terentiy Pankavuranov & Darya Isarmova September 16, 2012

The RBI finally has a psychological profile on the person who sent the death threat to Konrada Fufanova. The search has turned up an estimated 600,000 people in Margovya which fit the profile, and the RBI immediately dispatches agents to interview these suspects. Meanwhile, Antay Ribabov has gone to Ciudad del Celebridad to prepare for the plan to obliterate Fufanova and checks into a hotel. By sheer chance, the RBI conducts a random search in the hotel, and Ribabov ends up included in the roundup. Ribabov finally admits to sending the death threat and actually plotting to kill Fufanova under interrogation from Ieronim after he reads Scripture from the Bible which he interprets to mean that God did not actually intend for him to obliterate Konrada Fufanova. Ribabov is quietly arrested by the Ciudad del Celebridad police. Four months later, Konrada Fufanova is inaugurated as the twenty-third president of the Republic of Margovya.

Guest stars: Darya Isarmova as Konrada Fufanova, and Boris Nukorev as Antay Ribabov


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