The Interceptors
Season 10
No. of Episodes 23
Original Run January 13, 1979 - September 1, 1979
Written by Yulian Markovsky, Leonid Pankavuranov, Oleg Kiskov, Mikhail Pankavuranov
Directed by Yulian Markovsky, Mikhail Pankavuranov
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The tenth season of the long-running police procedural series The Interceptors began broadcast on the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on January 13, 1979, and ended on September 1, 1979, spanning twenty-three episodes, the shortest out of all the seasons of the original series. It starred Vasily Borisov, Irina Balkonovich, Mikhail Kutuzov, Gleb Maryanov, Borislav Okurev, Yegor del Quiev, Aleksei Queruv, Vladimir Lermonov, Yekaterina Fedorova and Vladimir Malenkov as the members of the Task Force Interceptors as of January to August of 1978, where the events of the season was set.

The season follows the story of the Task Force Interceptors as they were tasked to bring down the Margovyan faction of a notorious race crew known as the Coital Erection, who cause trouble, usually with the authorities (e.g., bombs the Mayor's office, shoots a nearby bystander, etc.), after completing a race. However, things get hard for the Interceptors when they found out that their very own Konrad Dzhamalsky was actually training with the race crew. In October 1978, Gleb Maryanov announced that this would be his last season in the series, as he decided to focus on his movie career, especially the Mission Implausible series. The episode "The Tale of the Speed" marks as Maryanov's last appearance as his character Konrad Dzhamalsky, as well as the first of the five episodes in the series which tackles the now-famous "Five Tales of the Interceptors." "The Tale of the Speed" was also ranked number 3 in Latino TV magazine's "50 Best Character Exits in Television History" in its October 1999 issue, only behind an earlier episode from the same series ("War-Time Mission", 1973), and one from The Next Big Thing ("Crash, Bang, Boom", same year).

Filming for the season began on April 1978, and concluded on October of the same year. This also marks the fourth out of the seven-season extension granted by the MNBN in 1975. This was followed by a 32-episode eleventh season, which aired in 1980.



Main CastEdit

  1. Vasily Borisov as Yefrem Zhazhunev, the Brain (23 episodes)
  2. Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, the Mouth (22 episodes)
  3. Mikhail Kutuzov as Azamat Gavrilovsky, the Actor (23 episodes)
  4. Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky, the Speed (22 episodes)
  5. Borislav Okurev as Marvik Ulyanov, the Technologist (22 episodes)
  6. Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv, the Extortionist (23 episodes)
  7. Aleksei Queruv as Kiril Kamchatsky, the Brawn (23 episodes)
  8. Vladimir Lermonov as Hassan Golmitovsky, the Spy (23 episodes)
  9. Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva, the Queen of the Bed (18 episodes)
  10. Vladimir Malenkov as Ruma Palpovich, the Interceptor (23 episodes)

Recurring CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in season Title Written By Directed By Original Airdate
253 1 "The Aftermath of a Breakup" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky January 13, 1979
Four months after the Arbatskaya Prison Siege, the Interceptors are back to their normal operations. However, the crew receives a news report that a street race in Yobatav, a neighboring city of Arbatskaya City, had resulted in the explosion of the Office of the Mayor. Yobatav Mayor Radoslav Fulborov, who was invited to dinner by the Governor of Arbatskaya when the incident happened, calls Ruma to his temporary office and informs him that the street crew responsible for the destruction of the office is still unidentified, but their possible next target is the Office of the Mayor of Arbatskaya City. Ruma then returns back to the headquarters and informs everybody about the situation. He had Konrad enter the street race and distract whoever has the bomb, Hassan and Kiril determine which among the racers has the bomb, Fadia, Azamat and David for additional distractions, and Yefrem, Maria and Marvik stay for backup and to conduct an initial investigation as to which of the biggest race crews in Margovya may be responsible for the incident. Within less than ten minutes, Hassan and Kiril found out that Oleg Dumayev, the racer driving a red-orange 1974 Yakovich M57 has the bomb. Fadia starts flirting with him before the race starts, while Azamat and David search for and take the grenade out of the car and replace it with a C-4 remote activated explosive designed by Marvik back at the headquarters, disguised as a normal grenade. After the race, Dumayev picks up the "grenade" and takes off its pin (which technically does nothing because it's remote activated), and Konrad presses the remote button detonating the explosive. Since it's not a real bomb, Dumayev was only mildly injured by the impact, and the rest of the Interceptors rush over to arrest him. Meanwhile, back at the headquarters, Yefrem and Maria, who just broke up at the end of the previous season, are having an awkward situation in doing their task, with it being the first task they have done together, the two of them, since they broke up, and Marvik ends up stuck in the middle.

Guest stars: Marvik Kuadrov as Mayor Radoslav Fulborov, Anton Boskovich as Oleg Dumayev

254 2 "Coital Erection" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky January 20, 1979
After a short investigation on the recently arrested Oleg Dumayev, Ruma found out that he is a member of the notorious albeit unfortunately-named international street race crew called the Coital Erection, whose Margovyan faction is currently based on Arbatskaya. According to the interrogation conducted by him, Yefrem and Maria, the members of the Margovyan faction are scattered all over Margovya, but their main turf is somewhere near Mt. Arbatskaya. Ruma submits a report of the investigation to the Margovyan National Police, who then ordered the Task Force Interceptors to track down the main base of Margovyan Coital Erection in Filipiniana, while trying to arrest as many of its members as possible. However, a preliminary investigation conducted by another task force in Arbatskaya City PD concluded that Stanislav Maryanov, the leader of the Margovyan Coital Erection, has listed a total of thirty-eight "main bases" of the crew all over Margovya, and the one that Dumayev told the Interceptors about is not on the list. When interrogated again by Ruma, Oleg says that Maryanov deliberately put up fake addresses to confuse investigators, police officers and the RBI. However, Maryanov eventually found out that Dumayev sold him out to the Interceptors; the only two evidences pointed to that were: the fact that when the Interceptors went to the exact same address that Dumayev gave them, Maryanov or any of the Erection was nowhere to be found, and that Oleg Dumayev was found dead inside his cell the next morning.

Guest stars: Anton Boskovich as Oleg Dumayev

255 3 "The Knock-Up Punch" Yulian Markovsky Mikhail Pankavuranov January 27, 1979
After an investigation on the death of Oleg Dumayev, Ruma found out that Stanislav Maryanov, the sitting leader of the Margovyan Coital Erection, was involved in the murder, but he was not directly responsible. Yefrem raised the possibility of an inside job, and decided to conduct an investigation on the Arbatskaya City Jail. He ordered Maria, Kiril and David to interrogate any inmates that can have any connection to the Coital Erection or to Maryanov. However, none of the inmates that resided in or near Dumayev's cell admitted to doing the act. Yefrem, Ruma, Konrad, David and Hassan then monitor the Arbatskaya City Jail overnight. Since the murder happened around 12:00 AM, they decided to work a shift from 8 to 4. Yefrem and David work a shift as prison wardens, Konrad and Hassan were tasked to wait in a car for a suspecting police officer to pick up his cop mobile and drive, and then, when one does, follow him somewhere, while Ruma will stay at the headquarters and wait for any of them to contact him through the police radio. While working their "shift," Yefrem and David talk about bringing in another state witness just so they can get anyone to catch the bait. The inmates were nonchalant, but about five minutes after overhearing Yefrem and David's discussion, one of the jail warden, Senior Police Officer Yulian Berezovsky, walks out of the jailhouse, gets his cop mobile and quickly drives away. Konrad and Hassan then follow on cue. At a secret hideout in the middle of nowhere, Konrad and Hassan caught Berezovsky while talking to Stanislav Maryanov. Hassan tried to snap a picture of the scene, but Maryanov and Berezovsky heard the loud sound his camera made. Meanwhile, Marvik's girlfriend Andreya walks in to the headquarters, telling him that she's pregnant.

Guest stars: Mark Ivanovsky as Yulian Berezovsky, Ilya Petrovich as Stanislav Maryanov, Andreya Pavlova as Andreya Markovskaya

256 4 "The Pregnant Queen" Leonid Pankavuranov Mikhail Pankavuranov February 10, 1979
Konrad and Hassan were eventually caught and captured by Stanislav Maryanov and his men. However, Ruma (along with backup) rushed into the scene a few minutes later; Konrad later revealed that he called Ruma for backup right before they took the shot of the evidence. After the encounter that inevitably followed, Yulian Berezovsky was fired from the Margovyan National Police and was taken into custody by the MNP Headquarters in Ikulsk. Marvik, shocked by the news of learning that his girlfriend Andreya is pregnant, breaks up with her. However, after he realized, through the help of the Interceptors, how much he wanted to have a family, makes up to Andreya by proposing to her. Meanwhile, Fadia gets constant morning sickness while at work. She takes a pregnancy test and viewed the result as positive.

Guest stars: Mark Ivanovsky as Yulian Berezovsky, Ilya Petrovich as Stanislav Maryanov, Andreya Pavlova as Andreya Markovskaya.

257 5 "Valentine's Day Double Date" Oleg Kiskov Mikhail Pankavuranov February 17, 1979
Ruma has granted Yefrem a night off for Valentine's Day (meaning he gets off at four in the afternoon). Maria, knowing that this was because he has a date, desperately tries to get one, and invites Yefrem to a double date. However, the date became awkward since all Yefrem and Maria did was make each other jealous, and in the end, both their dates left the restaurant. Meanwhile, Andreya walks into the headquarters and files a resignation letter to Ruma "from Marvik." Marvik, who didn't know anything about the letter, confronts Andreya, who says that she wants Marvik to resign from the Interceptors before they get married. At first, Marvik does this--however, Andreya takes this too far and asks for too much. Marvik, pushed over the edge, calls off the marriage and gets his job back at the Interceptors. Andreya then apologizes and they have since made up. Meanwhile, since Fadia doesn't know who knocked her up, Ruma decided to conduct an investigation, thinking that a member of the Coital Erection did it, right after Fadia gave him descriptions of the three guys she had sex with around the time she became pregnant. However, out of the three suspects (two members from the Coital Erection and Arbatskaya City PD Senior Superintendent Faddey Gripanov), none of them is the father--because it was an inside job (the final shot had the camera panned to Marvik, Azamat and David, implying that one of them is the father).

Guest stars: Andreya Pavlova as Andreya Markovskaya

258 6 "The Poker Game" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky February 24, 1979
Yefrem, Ruma, and the rest of the Interceptors treat Fadia's pregnancy case like a real police case, as Yefrem interrogates Marvik, Azamat and David as to who is the father of Fadia's baby. Before the interrogation, Yefrem reminded the suspects that whoever proves to be the father of the baby will, along with Fadia, receive temporary suspension from the Task Force Interceptors until the baby comes or until they decide to get married, whichever comes first--should the former go first, it would raise the possibility of both of them getting fired, according to the MNP Code of Conduct prohibiting pregnancy out of wedlock, especially if both parties are officers. Since Fadia wasn't dating anyone inside the crew, all three of them were able to deny being the father, and Marvik's case was the strongest since he just got his girlfriend pregnant, plus Amanda confessing that she did not sleep with him (in fact, never). However, David and Azamat were also able to drag Hassan and Kiril into the case, since Amanda confessed that she also slept with both of them. Of the five suspects, Amanda has slept with: Azamat, David, Hassan and Kiril by the time she was pregnant. Since Fadia is gonna get suspended anyway whether she reveals the name of the father or not, Yefrem says she might as well do. She said she would, except she don't really know which one. Yefrem hatches an idea on how they could find out the identity of the father: he avails the guys' monthly salaries from the MNP and gives it to them, on the condition that they play their money in a poker game. The rules were: standard poker rules, and when one is almost out of money (e.g., less than 100 margots left in their pot money), the game is over. At the start of the game, Hassan had 900 margots in hand; Azamat had 1,150; Kiril and David each had 1,300, their respective one-month salaries by rank. However, after the first nine hands, Yefrem drew David out of the game with m1,455 in hand--he is not the father. The game went on for another two hours before Kiril, the Brawn, started bursting into tears right after his money went under 500 margots. At first, Yefrem and the rest thought this is because he is the father, until they finally got Kiril to confess that he slept with Fadia to console himself right after he found out that he was impotent. Yefrem then tells the two other players to let Kiril win the next few rounds, after which Yefrem let Kiril retire from the game with his original 1,300--he is also not the father of Fadia's child. That leaves Hassan with 795 margots, and Azamat with 1,100. The game went on for another four hours, since obviously, none of the two remaining players want to admit to being the father of Fadia's child. By then, Hassan is down to his last 69 margots, while Azamat has almost his and Hassan's one-month salaries combined. To speed things up, Yefrem calls the next hand the last one, declaring that whoever loses that hand is the real father of Fadia's child, and both players get to keep their final money after that. However, there's a catch: there is no more a bidding limit--both players can bid as much as they can. During the hand, Hassan, who has only 55 margots left by the second bidding round, enlists the help of David and Kiril, and was able to call Azamat's final raise of m450. At first, it appeared that Azamat won the hand, as he showed his hand as having four 5's, and proceeds into taking all the money in the pot. However, Yefrem insists Azamat only take Hassan's 55 and his total bid, and give back David and Kiril's money, but Azamat refuses to do so, saying that he "won the money fair and square," and if he "were to be suspended, [he] might as well make as much money out of it." Yefrem then reveals Hassan's hand, which contained four aces, meaning that Hassan actually won the hand, and Azamat is the father of Fadia's child--Azamat knew all along, but denied it. The next day, Ruma officially handed over Azamat and Fadia's suspensions, saying that they are indefinitely suspended until they decide to get married, otherwise, it may lead to total termination. Azamat said that they do plan to get married as soon as possible.
259 7 "Missing Konrad" Mikhail Pankavuranov Yulian Markovsky March 3, 1979
After the events of "The Pregnant Queen," in which Konrad and Hassan were captured after trying to eavesdrop on a conversation between Arbatskaya City PD Senior Police Officer Yulian Berezovsky and Coital Erection Margovyan leader Stanislav Maryanov, the Margovyan faction leader of the race crew is still on the loose. Because of this, Ruma, with the help of both the Arbatskaya City Police Department and the Arbatskaya State Police, petitioned for a court-ordered hold departure order against Maryanov, and decided to capture as many of the Erection members as possible. To be able to do that, he had Yefrem, Hassan and Kiril interrogate their one witness, former Officer Berezovsky, who is now detained at Arbatskaya City Jail, as it turned out that he worked with the Erection as a sideline before he was arrested, and that he was the man responsible for the death of the former state witness Oleg Dumayev. The three were able to fish some valuabe information from Berezovsky, which include the standard operating procedure of the Erection, as well as how to spot a member of the crew, even when working as an undercover. After Yefrem submitted a report to Ruma, he then decided to divide the group into three for the mission: Yefrem, Maria and Marvik for the research team; Konrad, Kiril, David and Hassan for the execution team; and Azamat, Fadia and Ruma himself for back-up. However, since Azamat and Fadia are suspended following Fadia's pregnancy, Ru,a served as the only back-up for the Interceptors, as he approached another task force in the department to serve as additional back-up. However, Kiril, David and Hassan started complaining about how Konrad is always missing in action whenever the crew was about to perform investigations. Yefrem, after hearing about this, decided to conduct an investigation on Konrad. Right after he, Maria and Marvik found out about a secret Erection training grounds blocks away from the Arbatskaya State University, Yefrem decided to go there to man the surroundings and was shocked to see Konrad secretly training with the Coital Erection. Meanwhile, the suspended Azamat and Fadia keep sneaking in the headquarters after hours to regularly catch up on how the case against the Erection is doing.

Guest stars: Mark Ivanovsky as Yulian Berezovsky

260 8 "Miscarried" Mikhail Pankavuranov March 17, 1979
Yefrem, shocked by seeing Konrad secretly training with the Coital Erection, goes into denial by thinking that he is just doing undercover work by gaining the trust of the Erection. However, as observing Konrad's behavior while in the headquarters, he realizes that Konrad is doing something more in the race crew than mere undercover work. After conducting a secret research on the training schedule of the Erection in the ASU training grounds, Yefrem goes in the hideout by its next training hours. As he catches Konrad doing a practice lap with other members of the Erection, he prepared to call for back up; however, just as he was to reach through the police radio to contact Ruma, he overheard a conversation that followed--Konrad confesses to a fellow member that he felt guilty for keeping a secret like this to his best friend (i.e., Yefrem). After Yefrem realizes that Konrad is just in it for the fun and not for eventually turning against the Interceptors, he walks away, deciding to keep the secret for himself. Meanwhile, As Fadia and Azamat walk around the headquarters distributing wedding invitations, and catching up on the case as well, Fadia suddenly notices blood dripping out of her. A trip to the hospital confirmed that she has indeed had a miscarriage.
261 9 "Warehouse Explosion" Leonid Pankavuranov Mikhail Pankavuranov March 24, 1979
Azamat and Fadia go back to work after Ruma received the news about Fadia's miscarriage. However, as Fadia delivers poor performance in the aftermath of her miscarriage, she is advised to take a few months off from work, while Azamat goes back permanently to work, and is assigned to the execution team with Hassan, Kiril and David, since Konrad is still almost always missing in each of the crew's operations. The next day, the Interceptors hear a news report about a warehouse explosion in Greendrop, New Marginalia. According to the news report, the explosion happened about 4:00 AM, in the middle of what seemed like a street race. Thinking this could be a work of the Erection, Ruma calls the officials at Greendrop City Police Department, and asks for the result of their investigation on the case. After the senior superintendent at Greendrop PD described everything they knew as of that point, Ruma deduced that it was the work of an Erection. He promptly tells the officer that the Interceptors is in charge of the nationwide investigation and arrest of the Margovyan faction of the Coital Erection, and that he will be sending some crew members in there to clear the city of any members of the race crew. After Yefrem and Marvik went to Greendrop to show the Greendrop PD the permit given to them by the MNP headquarters, Sergeant-General Matvey Karlovich immediately issued a warrant of arrest against all confirmed members of the Coital Erection based in Greendrop City. During the next street race, Kiril, Hassan, David and Azamat work undercover in the race track, taking note of every details on a racer that would identify him as a member of the Erection. After the race, the execution team was able to bust the racer, Yevgeniy Gilrov, and his entire crew that was in the race track.

Guest stars: Ulises Yakovlev as Superintendent Ruma Tulovich, Yuri Gregoriyevich as Sergeant-General Matvey Karlovich, Pyotr Janduv as Yevgeniy Gilrov

262 10 "The Jealous Brain" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky April 7, 1979
After taking down Erection members in the Greendrop area, the Interceptors managed to capture and arrest more of the suspects in the other cities of New Marginalia. Some of the captured racers and crew members were "protected" by the Shining Path of Margovya, so the Interceptors had no other choice but engage in a battle with a third party. Meanwhile, while in New Marginalia, Maria started dating Arbatskayan tourist Mark Nukorev, whom she helped after his car broke down en route to Peru. After they all returned to Arbatskaya, Maria grabbed the opportunity to make Yefrem jealous by rubbing her new relationship in his face.

Guest stars: Ilya Orlovsky as Mark Nukorev

Absent: Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva

263 11 "Illegal CedLee Shippers" Yulian Markovsky Mikhail Pankavuranov April 28, 1979
The Interceptors receive a report from the Artesenas State Police regarding a recently arrested distributor who drove a truck containing black market racing supplies. Apparently, the distributor was delivering for the Coital Erection, and the products seized by the authorities of Artesenas had the CedLee trademark on them. After an investigation conducted by the Interceptors regarding the whereabouts of Chinese-Margovyan fugitive Cedric Lee, who started distributing counterfeit CedLee products internationally, they found out that Lee is the official international supplier of the Coital Erection. Since the whereabouts of Lee is beyond the jurisdiction of the Interceptors or the Margovyan government, the unit decided to focus on the illegal distribution of CedLee materials within the Coital Erection. They start by having the Artesenas State Police keep an eye on the smugglers in the province. However, with the increasing number of Artesenas police and officials being killed by suspected Coital Erection members because of their legal methods of arresting CedLee distributors, the Interceptors decided to interfere with their own method of intercepting the CedLee materials being shipped to them, and replacing the smuggled products with either explosives or demobilizing technologies that are guaranteed to take effect while the racers are at the race track, where the Interceptors could easily capture them.

Absent: Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva

264 12 "The SMS Bust" Mikhail Pankavuranov & Leonid Pankavuranov Yulian Markovsky May 5, 1979
Because of the intervention made by the Interceptors on the shipment of illegal race materials, the Coital Erection have fired Cedric Lee as their main supplier, thinking that it was the CedLee products that did damage to their cars. For their next assignment, Coital Erection members from thirteen provinces in Southern Margovya (namely: Viktoriyovskaya, Sampuva, Barbarov, Ikanua, Del Quiev (del Norte and del Sur), Urbanduva, Cantotuva, Tidzhomov (Occidental and Oriental), Prokofiev, Baychenko and Sugalskaya) are participating on an all-Erection tournament across both ends of the Southern Margovyan Superhighway, starting in Viktoriyovskaya and ending in Filipiniana (Arbatskaya). To be able to capture as many of the racers as possible the Interceptors stage an undercover scheme wherein they pretend to be one of the racers from a fourteenth province (Queruva). Because they have spent almost three months trying to figure out the system of the Coital Erection, they were able to produce fake racing uniforms that would pass them off as one of the illegal street racers. Since Yefrem is still covering for Konrad, he insisted that they pick somebody else in the team to act as their driver. Ruma picks Yefrem himself, since he is only "the next best thing." The rest of the Interceptors act as the "crew," supplying all his racing materials. At the start of the race, the crew were playing it cool. About twenty minutes later, Ruma signals to Yefrem, who then started acting as an "aggressive-competitive racer," and wreaking havoc in the race track/ When the other racers doesn't seem to know what's going on and tells him that it's just a friendly race, Yefrem started taking his gun out and shooting everyone of his opponent cars in at least one wheel to disable them. When Yefrem is done with the act, Ruma signals his back-up (of at least 200 police officers from the aforementioned provinces) to take over and start arresting as many of the suspects as possible.

Absent: Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva

265 13 "Marvik's Wedding" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky May 12, 1979
Three months into the case, the Task Force Interceptors was somehow doing a great job with the Coital Erection case, so far having arrested a total of 1,080 Coital Erection members without killing any more than 10 people. However, the Director-General of the Margovyan National Police tells them that with an estimated 3,400 members of the Erection scattered all over Margovya, they still have a long way to go. With the South clear of any trace from the dreaded race crew, the General tells them that their next target is Ciudad del Celebridad, then the rest of the province of Dostalinsky, as well as the neighboring provinces of Teneriyov, Glamovich, Maryanov and Tramvitum. While at a hot spot at Ciudad del Celebridad, David, Hassan and Kiril spot actor Ilya Petrovich at a film shooting, and mistake him for Stanislav Maryanov, leader of the Margovyan faction of Coital Erection. They try to arrest him, and as a result, the Interceptors are revoked of their search and arrest warrant at Ciudad del Celebridad. However, Ruma takes care of it, and soon, without any of the officials from Ciudad del Celebridad knowing, they have arrested most, if not all, of the suspected crew members in the area. Meanwhile, Marvik prepares for his wedding day with Yefrem as his best man and Maria as one of Andreya's bridesmaids. Maria, who was still in a relationship with Mark Nukorev, tries to make Yefrem jealous again by flaunting her relationship in front of him. After the wedding, en route to their honeymoon, Marvik and Andreya's flight from the Arbatskaya International Airport got delayed for another hour; as he went out of the airport to smoke, Marvik spots two motorcycles speeding down the Susana Gaganovskaya highway, and then stops right at a drawn line about twenty feet from where he was standing, implying that it was a race and both motorcycles were at the decided finish line. After getting out of their motorcycles, both riders take off their helmets. One of the riders, who wore a Coital Erection vest, reveals himself as Konrad.

Guest stars: Ivan Gavrilovsky as MNP Director-General Leonid Murov, Ilya Orlovsky as Mark Nukorev, Ilya Petrovich as himself

Absent: Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva

266 14 "Weekend at the Amazon River" Leonid Pankavuranov Yulian Markovsky May 26, 1979
The Interceptors receive a report from the Pontival State Police regarding a surfing competition in the Amazon River. After reaching the finish line, one of the surfers opened fire on Port Llamadovskaya, the only naval base in Margovya, killing no one but injuring at least 100 of the soldiers from the navy. The navy retaliated, killing most of the party and having the survivors turned over to the Pontival State Police. Most of the arrested suspects were proven to be members of the Coital Erection, meaning that they have taken over Pontival as well. The Interceptors then keep an eye for any more of the surfing events in the Amazon River, which is illegal in the first place, as well as any remaining Erection members in the Llamadovskaya area, as well as the rest of the province of Pontival, and in the neighboring provinces of Andropov, Calsoncios, Quintin del Pan, Sta. Conrada, and Abukov. On another attempt to take over Port Llamadovskaya, the Erection apparently gathered more of their forces from other provinces affected by the Amazon River, including West Bulgariyova, East Bulgariyova and Opula. The Interceptors prepare to open fire on the surfers in the Port Llamadovskaya. As the first wave of the surfers reach Pontival, the Interceptors, along with some members of the Margovyan Navy, started shooting the contestants' surfboards, making them fall off-board and swayed by the current. By the time the suspects' flowing bodies reach the end of the Margovya part of the river in Alduva, police from the Janduva City Police Department, who set up an anchored boat right in the border, start catching the surfers, most of whom were actually still alive, and had them turned over to the police departments of the suspects' respective hometown provinces/cities.

Absent: Borislav Okurev as Marvik Ulyanov, Yekaterina Fedorova as Fadia Quebadieva

267 15 "Fadia Goes Back to Work" Yulian Markovsky Mikhail Pankavuranov June 2, 1979
Right after Marvik got back from his honeymoon, he immediately looked for Yefrem and told him about Konrad secretly practicing with the Coital Erection. Yefrem tells him that he had known for a while, but decided to not tell on anyone, especially Ruma. Yefrem also made Marvik promise he wouldn't tell anyone else, as Marvik promises not to. The next target of the Interceptors regarding the arrest of the Erection is Bonjoaya, Povida, Rutao, Bulba, and Morinho. Fadia, who had just recovered from her miscarriage, goes back to work and helps search and arrest Coital Erection members from the aforementioned provinces. The Interceptors also discovered that some of the members of the Erection secretly work undercover for Hacienda Pankavuranov in Andufa and Banananovich, Bonjoaya, and are usually responsible for the loss of sports cars and car equipment of Dzhokar and Mikhail Pankavuranov. With the help of the Task Force Hacienda Pankavuranov of Bonjoaya State Police led by Colonel Yakov Yazenev, the crew was able to spot and arrest the undercover hacienda workers. However, as they return to Arbatskaya, Fadia, who rode in the car of a one-night stand she met in Morinho, saw a car pass by them very quickly. She asked her date to go faster to be able to follow the car, as she suspects it was Konrad. Soon, the car in question was involved in a freak accident with another car, and when Fadia looked into the crash site, she saw that it was Konrad driving the car, which apparently belong to the Coital Erection.

Guest stars: Yakov Yazenev as himself, Dzhokar Pankavuranov as himself, Mikhail Pankavuranov as himself, Ilya Orlovsky as Mark Nukorev, Agustin Belovsky as Pavel

268 16 "False Bragging Rights" Yulian Markovsky Mikhail Pankavuranov June 9, 1979
Because of what happened during the Southern Margovyan Superhighway race, the Coital Erection smartly decide not to conduct their scheduled Northern Margovyan Superhighway race, meaning that the Interceptors would have to arrest Erection members from single cities or provinces. Their current assignment is in Duyao, Sta. Andrea, Amrovich, Antonov, Balkonovich and Davydov. The search and arrest was mostly uneventful, and members of the Erection were captured quietly. Meanwhile, Fadia tries to tell Ruma on Konrad, but Yefrem quickly restrains her, telling her that he and Marvik had known it a lot longer than she has, and also makes her promise that she also wouldn't tell anyone. Meanwhile, Maria claims she was impregnated by her boyfriend Mark, and brags about it in the headquarters, especially Yefrem (although there's a good chance she may also get suspended, just like what happened to Fadia and Azamat), but later finds out that it was a false positive. Mark also breaks up with her afterwards, when he was starting to realize that he was a rebound boyfriend, that he was just a ploy to make Yefrem jealous.

Guest stars: Ilya Orlovsky as Mark Nukorev

269 17 "College Party Full of Erection" Oleg Kiskov Yulian Markovsky June 23, 1979
Ruma decided to have the Arbatskaya State University investigated again, since he sensed that there's something a lot more fishy going on in there than the Coital Erection having a secret training grounds three blocks from the university. Most recently, the Interceptors receive a report regarding the deaths of six members of the Kappa Iota Delta fraternity after a kegger party in the Sigma Theta Pi frat house. After an investigation, the Sigma Theta Pi are eventually cleared of responsibility, meaning that it had to be done by either the Alpha Beta Gamma fraternity, the only other frat present in that party, or an outsider passing off as one of the members of either fraternity. The Interceptors then conduct an autopsy of the six killed members, and noticed their bodies all had seven shots: three in the head, three in the chest, and one in the "private area"; the official execution pattern of the Coital Erection. Further investigations, which include a visit to the university itself, and interrogating the hosts of the party, twin brothers who are members of the Sigma Theta Pi reveal that aside from the six victims, the only other Kappa Iota Delta frat men present in the party were three of their best friends who were almost killed as well--one of them is still in a coma. The twins, Genrikh and Gennady Poltovsky, also reveal that there was one outsider in the party, who just nonchalantly came in during the party. According to them, they have been shooing the outsider from the party, until he spotted his targets and ordered several members of the Aplha Beta Gamma fraternity to "do it," as the suspects started firing at the victims. Genrikh gave the Interceptors the official guest list of the party, so the crew were able to locate all of the members of the Alpha Beta Gamma fraternity that were present that night, and are shocked to find that almost all of them are members of the Coital Erection, and the outsider is their leader. According to the testimony of one of the suspects, the outsider was described exactly like what is currently illustrated in the artist sketch of Stanislav Maryanov, the wanted leader of the Coital Erection. One of the men who fired at the victims said that one of the victims battled Maryanov on the race track and won, so Maryanov was apparently "exacting revenge." The suspects from the Alpha Beta Gamma fraternity were arrested, while as of that point, the MNP has already put a bounty reward on the capture and arrest of Stanislav Maryanov.

Guest stars: Salim Kruger as Genrikh Poltovsky, Faddey Lebistrov as Gennady Poltovsky

270 18 "Race Crew Capture Bonanza" Mikhail Pankavuranov Yulian Markovsky July 7, 1979
The Interceptors' next assignment is in Central Margovya, especially the provinces affected by the Central Highway from Sankt Pavlov to Duyao. The report given to them by the MNP headquarters states that as of that point, Central Margovya currently has the highest volume of Coital Erection members, especially after the crew jailed thousands of members from Northern, Southern and Western Margovya in their previous missions. Eventually, the crew was able to catch on act racers from the Erection while on the race track, or during illegal shipments of car improvement materials. They also managed to suspend any race events in the Central Highway until the capture of the Coital Erection leader Stanislav Maryanov.

Guest stars: Ivan Gavrilovsky as MNP Director-General Leonid Murov

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina

271 19 "Good Old Get the Girl Competition" Oleg Kiskov Mikhail Pankavuranov July 28, 1979
The nationwide capture of the Coital Erection, according to the MNP Headquarters, is working, especially since some of the fugitives from the race crew were starting to willingly surrender to the authorities in their area, and arrested members were also starting to pinpoint locations of some of their crewmates. Cops from the areas that the Interceptors have already visited made sure that no suspected member of the Coital Erection will step into their area, and those who dared were immediately arrested. In fact, MNP Director-General Leonid Murov had listed only nine provinces which still have members from the Coital Erection: Balkonovich, Ratoroncios, Sampuva, Sta. Agnessa, Janduva, Ruma Honda, Sankt Pavlov, Subokov, and Arbatskaya. Ruma tasks his crew to aim for narrowing the list down to at most five in one week--that way, they'd have an easier way of tracking down Stanislav Maryanov. Yefrem and Marvik were assigned to Balkonovich, Maria, Fadia and Azamat were assigned to Ratoroncios and Sampuva, while David, Hassan and Kiril were assigned in Sta. Agnessa, while, as usual, Konrad is still missing in action. While in Sta. Agnessa, the three were immediately lovestruck by an eighteen-year-old Sta. Agnessa State University student named Marfa Urbanduva. All of them wanted to ask out Marfa, but clearly, only one can date her. They then made a bet: whoever single-handedly arrest the most confirmed members of the Coital Erection in the next 24 hours gets to date Marfa. About one minute before the twenty-four hours is up, they tie with a score of eighteen each. they were all chasing after each individual's potential nineenth arrest when they were suddenly distracted upon eventually reaching Arbatskaya with the chase. Apparently, another suspected Coital Erection member is being chased by a cop-mobile from Alduva State Police. Fortunately, the driver's seat window of the fugitive was down, so the three were able to see who it was, and they were shocked to see that it was Konrad. Eventually, none of them got to date Marfa, as she was next seen in the Headquarters doing it with Ruma.

Guest stars: Ivan Gavrilovsky as MNP Director-General Leonid Murov, Raisa Korovina as Marfa Urbanduva

272 20 "Everybody Finds Out" Leonid Pankavuranov Mikhail Pankavuranov August 4, 1979
The next morning at the headquarters, David, Hassan and Kiril are still talking about how they saw Konrad driving a vehicle from the Coital Erection and escaping pursuit from the police. They also inadvertently tell Azamat, whom they thought already knew about the incident. Azamat then proceeds to tell Ruma, but is restrained by David, Hassan and Kiril, as well as Yefrem, Fadia and Marvik, who had actually known about Konrad for a long while. Yefrem then told the people who recently knew about Konrad joining the Erection to not tell anyone else about it. However, during their next mission, all the seven of them ever did is talk about it among themselves. It was even a lot harder for Yefrem and Marvik when they had Maria within their group. In the Margovyan-Brazilian border in Margovya City, Arbatskaya, Yefrem, Marvik and Maria managed to capture a race car trying to bypass the checkpoint. They discovered that the car was not only driven by a member of the Erection, but was also filled with at least 8,000 margots worth of cocaine and marijuana. When interrogated by Yefrem and Maria, the driver said that the drugs, which were bought from Brazil, is for the training grounds near Arbatskaya State University, and when asked who else were involved in the drug trade, he also dropped one name from the Arbatskaya City Police Department: Konrad Dzhamalsky.
273 21 "Konrad's Revelation" Mikhail Pankavuranov Yulian Markovsky August 18, 1979
Maria reconfirmed with the rest of the Interceptors and she found out that Konrad has been indeed training with the Coital Erection for basically the entire mission. The eight of them discuss among themselves how they are going to keep such secret from Ruma. However, Maria says that he might find out soon, since the Margovyan faction of the race crew is down to its last three provinces of influence, and that some groups are planning on leaving the country instead of facing Margovyan justice. Yefrem assures everyone that they aren't keeping the secret any longer from Ruma, because he is confronting Konrad soon. However, during their missions, certain circumstances keep Ruma from talking to Konrad. Meanwhile, Ruma almost finds out for himself several times, but the other members always seems to cover it up. During an investigation, Ruma and Yefrem found out the exact location of Stanislav Maryanov, who is indeed still in Margovya, but may be leaving soon, as well as the group of Konrad. One of Marvik's neighbors, the ten-year-old Faddey Burov, barges in the headquarters and announced that Andreya is in labor. Marvik and everyone else leave the headquarters, but Yefrem insisted that he would stay and "finish the investigation," although he is actually confronting Konrad as soon as everyone is out. About five minutes after everyone else has left the building, Konrad comes in with a revelation: he is resigning from the Interceptors.
274 22 "The Tale of the Speed" Oleg Kiskov & Yulian Markovsky Mikhail Pankavuranov August 25, 1979
Upon hearing this, Yefrem confronted Konrad by saying that he had known his secret for the six months that they have been doing the mission. Konrad confessed that he had been training with the Coital Erection days after the Interceptors engaged on the mission, and that the reason behind his resignation is that he is indeed fleeing Margovya with Stanislav Maryanov and about thirty more of the members of the Coital Erection who had been training near ASU. Yefrem says that he is willing to pretend that Konrad was never part of the crime and just arrest Maryanov and the rest of the fleeing group if Konrad would tell him when their flight is, where to and where from. Konrad refuses to do so, saying that the Coital Erection has been more like a family to him in the six months that he had been training with them than the Interceptors ever were in the eleven years that he had been serving in the team. Their argument went on, until Konrad mentioned Mikhail Kurotovsky, and how he overheard that conversation he had with Lt. Shevchenko. He then concluded that Mikhail never cared for him, and neither did Ruma, the Interceptor that Yefrem hired in place of himself. Yefrem then said that it was Konrad who picked Ruma. He had to follow him because Mikhail actually picked Konrad as the Interim Interceptor, not Yefrem--he even showed Konrad the note that Mikhail left back when he died in 1973. Yefrem just pretended that Mikhail picked him because of how Konrad behaved when Mikhail died. Konrad then left, saying that he will flee Margovya with the Coital Erection, and that he will get arrested with the race crew when captured. Maria, who actually overheard the entire conversation, confronted Yefrem by saying that the scene is becoming exactly like Mikhail Kurotovsky and his best friend Mark Poliostrov, the first Speed of the Interceptors, back in August 1966. According to what is now known as the "Tale of the Speed," Poliostrov was a street racer when he was recruited in Mikhail's newly-established Task Force Interceptors in 1962--in fact, the Convict's Rehab Division of the Arbatskaya Police Academy was founded by Mikhail because of him. However, in 1966, Mark found love in street racing once again when the Interceptors were on a mission to capture a race crew as notorious as the Coital Erection. After having an argument, Poliostrov walks out of the headquarters and officially resigned from the Interceptors to be with his new race crew. Hours later, Poliostrov died in a car accident. Yefrem then rushed out of the headquarters to make sure that history will never repeat himself. While on the road, Yefrem managed to locate and "apprehend" Konrad. He talked to him and apologized, as they made up, and Konrad agreed to go back to the Interceptors and tell him about the whereabouts of the Erection. However, right after the scene, it was revealed that the scene itself is a figment of Yefrem's imagination, and that he just actually have walked out of the headquarters. As he got back in the car, he got a message on his radio, saying that a man riding in a Coital Erection car from the Arbatskaya City PD Headquarters was involved in a car crash with a 14-wheeler. Yefrem rushed to the site and found out that it was indeed Konrad. He was able to rush Konrad to the nearest hospital, but he was declared dead on arrival. After sulking in the hospital lobby for a few minutes, Yefrem then goes to the hospital where Andreya is still delivering Marvik's baby. While the rest of the crew is still waiting for the good news, Yefrem told everyone everything about Konrad, including his involvement with the Coital Erection, his reasons behind doing it, and his eventual death in a car crash. Marvik then rushes to the waiting area to tell everyone the good news, and they all rush inside the delivery room to see the newborn. Since Marvik and Andreya were still arguing about what they would name the baby, Yefrem suggests a name that everybody, including the new parents, liked: Konrad.

Guest stars: Yulian Markovsky as Mikhail Kurotovsky, Pavel Orkov as Mark Poliostrov, Andreya Pavlova as Andreya Markovskaya

Final appearance: Gleb Maryanov as Konrad Dzhamalsky

275 23 "The Proposal" Leonid Pankavuranov Mikhail Pankavuranov September 1, 1979
When the Interceptors got back to work at the headquarters the morning after the death of Konrad Dzhamalsky, Yefrem reveals to Ruma that before Konrad died in the ambulance, he was able to reveal the vital information they need to finally capture Stanislav Maryanov before he flees Margovya: Maryanov and the fleeing group of the Erection are flying the next morning at 6:00 from the Juana Arbatskaya International Airport en route to Hong Kong, China to seek refuge in one of their "business partners," Cedric Lee. By four o'clock in the morning, The Interceptors were already at the Juana Arbatskaya International Airport. By the time the group of Maryanov got to the airport, a fight inevitably follows, ultimately killing Maryanov and most of the other members of the fleeing group, as the survivors were immediately arrested. The news regarding the death of Stanislav Maryanov and the downfall of the Margovyan faction of the Coital Erection spreaded like wildfire all throughout the country, leading the remaining members of the Erection to either surrender to the authorities, flee the country, or commit suicide. Because of what happened, the Interceptors received a note from the international leader of the Erection, threatening to "obliterate" the Interceptors. Meanwhile, after paying their last respects to Konrad, the Interceptors officially open the headquarters for a new Speed. Yefrem then take Maria to Konrad's grave after hours. He told her that losing his best friend is one of the worst things that has ever happened to him, and that he swears to God that he won't ever let any more of his loved ones go like he did of Konrad. Yefrem then proposed to Maria, which she accepts.

Guest stars: Ilya Pertrovich as Stanislav Maryanov

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