The Interceptors
Season 3
No. of Episodes 31
Original Run June 5, 1971 - April 29, 1972
Written by Alakdan Rumanov, Leonid Pankavuranov, Yulian Markovsky
Directed by Iosef Dimakulanov
The Interceptors chronology
Season 2
Season 4

The third season of the Margovyan hit classic police drama series The Interceptors, also dubbed as The Interceptors: A Long Line of Operations, began broadcast in the Margovyan National Broadcasting Network on June 5, 1971 and ended on April 29, 1972, spanning a total of thirty-one episodes, an unexpected season schedule approved by MNBN. The third season follows the story of the Task Force Interceptors of the Arbatskaya City Police Department, who has just gone through the death of Azamat Kamchatsky and the resignation of Amanda Nekazanka, and now has to temporarily fill in for nine secret agents based in Ikulsk who died in a massive rampage in Acapulco, Mexico, and now has to take over twenty-seven major operations for a nice cash reward. The season features a three-part special, "Operation: The Great Race Bust", in which the Interceptors, along with their connections back in Arbatskaya and Ikulsk, split up to bust a massive street race of at least seventy-three participants and runs from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to Yobatav, Arbatskaya, Margovya.

Season OverviewEdit

Episode ListEdit

Overall no. No. in season Title Original Airdate Production Code Viewers (millions)
53 1 Operation: Bed Auditions June 5, 1971 301 1.707
As soon as the five remaining members of the Task Force Interceptors has finished setting up their temporary office in a secret agent headquarters near Pozzorubio bridge in Ikulsk, Ikulsk Police Department Captain Gavril Lamitalovsky fully explained to them what their missions are going to be. There are twenty-seven of them, some are easy, and some are as hard as their mission in New York, and in some, they would have to use their connections back in Arbatskaya City or in Ikulsk. The missions are listed in a piece of paper in Mikhail's desk, and the missions are to be done in order as they are listed. However, since the Interceptors are lacking two members, Mikhail decided to add two more "self-imposed" operations to the list, to go before the rest of the items in the list. The first one is called "Bed Auditions", in which they are searching for a new Queen of the Bed by having female police officers who have crazy "whore" moves audition in bed with Mikhail in front of Yefrem, Maria, Konrad and Dzherik for fifteen minutes. The crew will only accept twenty auditionees, and whoever is rated the highest by the four judges will be the new Queen of the Bed of the Task Force Interceptors. However, completely unexpected by the Interceptors, there were a total of 932 female cops from all over Margovya who auditioned for the position (or at laeast just wanted to be in bed with Mikhail for fifteen minutes), so Mikhail cut down the audition time to five minutes, and managed to do his business with all auditionees in eleven working days. However, of the 932 auditionees, which included Mikhaela Arasova, Amanda's rival from "The Real Queen", Martina Zhazhuneva, Yefrem's mother (who was graded "-1.0000" by Yefrem), Borislava Pornogranka, part-time police officer part-time call girl from Ikulsk, and Maria Laduva, a police officer from Yobatav who is completely obsessed with hot cops, only one was taken in: Vasilisa Yorutova, a stripper all the way from Remontadov, Viktoriyovskaya who travelled all the way to Ikulsk just to audition for the position, as she saw this as a back door to fulfill her dream as a police officer, given that she has failed to qualify for the criminology course in almost all universities in Margovya. However, since her moves are just as good as Amanda's, she received an average grade of 97.9209 from the four crew members. After giving Vasilisa a joyride around Margovya whilst explaining to her the rules in the Interceptors, Mikhail suddenly saw a familiar establishment in downtown Ikulsk; it was the underground boxing stadium that the Interceptors raided about two years ago. He pulled over by the stadium and peeped in, where he saw a boxing auditions going on. He just hatched an idea on how to get a new Brawn: The Great Goon-Beating Challenge.

Guest stars: Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky, Svetlana Elemat as Mikhaela Arasova, Oksana Dumayeva as Martina Zhazhuneva, Vasilisa Olganovskaya as Borislava Pornogranka, Adriyana Rambuva as Maria Laduva

First appearance: Lyudmila Petrova as Vasilisa Yorutova

54 2 Operation: The Great Goon-Beating Challenge June 12, 1971 306 1.725
Mikhail hired a goon, not as the new Brawn of the Interceptors, but as to challenge whoever will want to join the Interceptors as the new Brawn. The rules, first one to beat the goon wins. However, a total of 870 police officers from different provinces of Margovya, some are as big as or even bigger than the goon they hired, tried their luck against their goon, however, none of them were qualified. Until a man named Kiril Kamchatsky, who introduced himself as the younger brother of the late Azamat Kamchatsky, walked into the ring and challenged the goon. Kiril is one-half the size of the goon, but he was able to beat the goon up in no more than ten seconds, before revealing to the astonished and shocked crew that he is a tenth dan in judo, eighth dan in both taekwondo and karate, and seventh dan in muay thai. Kiril is immediately accepted as the new Brawn of the Interceptors, and was also toured by Mikhail while the latter explains the rules of the Interceptors.

Absent: Lyudmila Petrova as Vasilisa Yorutova, Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina

First appearance: Aleksei Queruv as Kiril Kamchatsky

55 3 Operation: Tattletale Strangler June 26, 1971 305 1.741
It's been a month since the events of "The Great Goon-Beating Challenge" have taken place, and Kiril and Vasilisa have undergone proper training and are now ready to live in the world of the Interceptors. Mikhail walks into the team's temporary headquarters, still a little earlier than the rest of the crew, and takes the piece of paper containing the list of the operations to be done during their stay in Ikulsk. The first one is entitled "Operation: Tattletale Strangler". Another piece of paper is placed underneath the list, containing the detailed instructions regarding the first mission: "A Margovya's Most Wanted criminal who 'strangles' and even kills people who will tell the cops on him, is terrorizing Ikulsk. Stop him before it's too late". Seeing this as one of the easiest operations in the list, Mikhail ordered Yefrem to act as a "tattletale" and lure the criminal into the trap, which is an abandoned house somewhere in Ikulsk which will be passed off as Yefrem's house. Yefrem did as he was told, and soon after, the criminal, under the name Ivan Gorkovich, came running after him. Yefrem took refuge inside his "house" and lured Gorkovich into the trap. Gorkovich was caught by a waiting Mikhail, and was arrested by the ikulsk Police Department.

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina, Boris Antayov as Dzherik Aldovich, Aleksei Queruv as Kiril Kamchatsky, Lyudmila Petrova as Vasilisa Yorutova

Guest stars: Vladimir Malenkov as Ruma Palpovich, Borislav Poliostrov as Ivan Gorkovich

Note: This episode is very notable for being the episode with the most number of absences (4 out of the 7 main cast members). The absences were caused by Balkonovich, Petrova and Queruv being cast in the musical Yakovich University, and Antayov attending the meeting with the Margovyan Distinct Party of Activists regarding his withdrawal of candidacy for vice president in the 1971 elections.

56 4 Operation: Whore Management July 3, 1971 304 1.778
Mikhail reads the next item in the list: "Operation: Whore Management". He sees another paper underneath the list, containing the detailed instructions regarding their next mission: "A famous bar in Ikulsk, the Moonlight Bar, where famous celebrities like Alakdan Rumanov and Susana Bulshitova, and politicians like Senator Yefrem Nakhimov, Vice President Aladin Balkonovich and even President Juan Barbarov hang out very often, has its little secret: The bar employs at least 150 prostitutes. However, not all of them are taken home by customers or such, and rumors are that after hours, the remaining whores not taken out for the night are kept inside the bar owner's basement, and he will have a 15-minute session with all prostitutes, and whoever resists will be beaten with fists with brass knuckles." Since Capt. Lamitalovsky is not sure whether these rumors are true, he decided to have the Interceptors spy on the bar's owner, Aleksei Maksimov, to test if the rumors are true or not, and if confirmed, the Ikulsk PD will take immediate action. Mikhail considered sneaking in the basement of the bar after hours, but unfortunately, they don't have a talented spy to observe criminals in a clandestine manner, so they tried the only way possible: make sure one of the whores will be absent for the night, and have Vasilisa take her place. Fortunately for them, they no longer need to make sure a prostitute can't come, as about twenty-five prostitutes are absent according to the roll call, and Vasilisa only needed to substitute for one. She was immediately hired, Yefrem, Konrad, Dzherik and Mikhail pose as customers, and Kiril moonlights as a bartender. Since Maksimov promised to have Kiril's day's paycheck done after hours, Mikhail instructed him to get it once Vasilisa is already at the basement to catch them on act. During hours, the crew makes sure that Vasilisa will not be taken out by any other customer. After hours, the team are the only ones left in the bar, and even though they are not done yet, Aleksei brings down all prostitutes, Vasilisa included. After the door to the basement was closed, Kiril was instructed to go down, and the rest of the team quietly followed. Once Kiril hears Vasilisa scream, he immediately turned the knob, which was surprisingly open. Vasilisa fights back, shows Maksimov her police badge, and Mikhail and the rest of the team follows. Maksimov was taken down to the Ikulsk PD and was arrested.

Absent: Irina Balkonovich as Maria Zheshchenina

Guest stars: Kiril Pavlovsky as Aleksei Maksimov, Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky

57 5 Operation: Illegal Gambling July 24, 1971 303 1.805
Mikhail walks in to the headquarters and reviews the list. He puts a check on the first two items before reading the third one: "Operation: Illegal Gambling". He finds another paper underneath, containing the detailed instructions regarding the mission: "Deep in the gambling sites streets of Sugalskaya, in the midst of all the casinos and all other legal gamblers in there lies an illegal gambling business: every midnight, three to four kilometers of a main road in Casinovich is closed from 1 to 3 AM to give way to an underground racing, however, they're not racing cars; they are racing men on foot! Three to five people will be racing each other by foot for about three to four kilometers along the Casinovich highway, and bets placed on the racers are about three to five times the winning prize of the daily Casinovich Bingo! Stop them before they cause further trouble." Mikhail instructed Konrad to "enter the race", while Yefrem, Maria, Kiril, Vasilisa and Dzherik will pass off as bystanders who will place their bet on Konrad. The rest of the team did as they were told, and a few minutes into the race, Konrad ran to the side of the road, Yefrem and Dzherik opened the road for vehicles, and three police cars came running after, almost running over the participants of the race. Mikhail and Lamitalovsky came in to arrest the organizer of the race.

Guest stars: Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky, Aladin Andropov as race organizer.

58 6 Operation: Illegal Business July 31, 1971 302 1.819
Mikhail walks into the headquarters and goes over the list. He puts a check before item number 3 before proceeding with item # 4: "Operation: Illegal Business". He finds a paper underneath, containing the detailed instructions regarding the mission: "A certain stall in Ikulsk Central Market sells goods made in Peru, however, some investigators bought goods from him, they found out that the goods were made from China, not Peru. Mikhail contacts Capt. Lamitalovsky and says that he knows the man running the business, by the name Cedric Lee, and the investigators mentioned in the instruction were the Interceptors themselves. He continued by telling Lamitqlovsky that Lee has already been captured, but has probably escaped. Lamitalovsky then ordered his people in the Ikulsk PD, with Yefrem and Konrad volunteering to follow, to re-arrest Lee and take him to prison, permanently. Meanwhile, while Yefrem and Konrad were doing the deed, Maria, Vasilisa, Kiril and Dzherik decided to go back to their old headquarters in Arbatskaya and hang out in there with Lt. Shevchenko and Marko. However, something scary happens, leading them to think that Azamat'a ghost is probably lurking in the headquarters. However, they found out later that it was just David, begging them for money.

Guest stars: Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky, Gennady Duganin as Lt. Marvik Shevchenko, Marvik Yuntaev as Marko Tidzhomov, Yegor del Quiev as David Queruv, Ruma Kumlidov as Cedric Lee

59 7 Operation: Illegal Police Department (??) August 14, 1971 307 1.806
Mikhail walks into the headquarters and goes over the list. He puts a check before item number 4 before proceeding with item number 5, which is "Operation: Illegal Police Department". He finds another paper underneath, however, instead of the detailed instructions regarding the mission, he finds a plain page of paper with the words "You're under arrest!" written on it. A few seconds later, three armed policemen from the Ikulsk PD led by Officer Yulian Fedorov came barging in the headquarters and arrested Mikhail, taking him to an abandoned house near Pozzorubio Bridge. After about a few minutes, the rest of the team came in wondering where Mikhail is. A few seconds later, the phone in the office rang, and Yefrem answered it. It was Officer Fedorov, revealing that Mikhail is imprisoned in their headquarters for running an illegal secret agency, and demanded a bail fine of m350,000 from the team. The team contacted Capt. Lamitalovsky about this, and says that Officer Fedorov and his accomplices are the illegal police department that he was talking about in the mission. Capt. Lamitalovsky brings his finest officer Ruma Palpovich (Vladimir Malenkov), gathers all the Interceptors, and headed on to the 'headquarters' of the illegal police department, and arrives there with a warrant of arrest from RBI Director Oriondovich. The team quietly arrests the scammers, and free Mikhail.

Guest Stars: Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky, Vladimir Malenkov as Officer Ruma Palpovich, Borislav Tramvitumov as RBI Director Ruma Oriondovich, Dzherik Galvanov as Yulian Fedorov

60 8 Operation: Campaign Bombing August 21, 1971 308 1.850
Mikhail walks into the headquarters with three pairs of handcuffs that the Interceptors confiscated from the illegal police department that they arrested in the previous episode, and goes over the list. He puts a check before item number 5 before reading item number 6, which is "Operation: Campaign Bombing". He finds another piece of paper underneath, containing the detailed instructions for the mission: "A certain witness named Ivan Kravchenko overheard a group of terrorists planning a bombing attack in Club Agrovich tonight where the Margovyan Federalist Party will be having a formal campaign for the upcoming 1971 general elections. A few minutes later, Ivan Kravchenko arrives at the headquarters and talks with the Interceptors on how they are going to stop the terrorists from successfully bombing the MFP campaign. Ivan then disclosed the plan of the terrorists that he overheard: they will be planting a time bomb under the stage before the start of the campaign, set to ten minutes to ensure that the bomb will explode while the senatorial ticket is delivering their plans for improvement. The Interceptors then head on to Club Agrovich to stop the bombing. Konrad and Dzherik then make their way down the platform to search for the bomb while there is still time. However, after searching the platform for about twenty minutes, Dzherik and Konrad can't find any bomb. Just as they were about to give up, Mikhail saw someone throw a grenade into the stage, supposedly landing on the platform and killing all of the MFP candidates and Konrad and Dzherik. Mikhail jumped over, followed where the bomb is going, and manages to catch it with his hands, and then threw it into the terrorists' getaway vehicle, killing everyone on board. Maria then took a closer look at the one who threw the bomb. It was Ivan, who clearly betrayed them and tricked them into being included in the campaign bombing. After she revealed that it was Ivan who threw the grnade, Ivan then took his gun and pointed it at Mikhail. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Capt. Lamitalovsky arrives with Yefrem and arrests Ivan on the spot. After the shock of the events has subsided, Mikhail asks Yefrem how did he know that Ivan has betrayed them, and he replies that while they were planning on how to stop the bombing, Yefrem suddenly noticed Ivan's undershirt, which depicts the uniform of a notorious terrorist group called the Arbatskayan Terrorist Group, so he took a picture of it using the camera that Capt. Lamitalovsky gave them, had the photo developed, and showed them to Capt. Lamitalovsky. Meanwhile, in the jail cells of Ikulsk, Ivan was seen swearing that he will have his revenge on the Interceptors.

Absent: Lyudmila Petrova as Vasilisa Yorutova

Guest Stars: Oleg Rondayev as Capt. Gavril Lamitalovsky, Rodion Baychenko as Ivan Kravchenko

61 9 Operation: Celebrity Assassination September 11, 1971 310 1.888
62 10 Operation: High-Speed Chase September 18, 1971 311 1.907
63 11 Operation: Black Market October 2, 1971 309 1.917
64 12 Operation: Rape! October 9, 1971 312 1.945
65 13 Operation: Clash of the Titanium-Obsessed Scientists October 30, 1971 313 1.971
66 14 Operation: The Emperor of Evil November 6, 1971 314 1.997
67 15 Operation: Robbery Bonanza November 20, 1971 315 2.046
68 16 Operation: Salvage Investigation November 27, 1971 316 2.042
69 17 Operation: Love is Chemistry January 1, 1972 317 2.044
70 18 Operation: Romance January 8, 1972 318 2.106
71 19 Operation: Homo-rape January 15, 1972 319 2.117
72 20 Operation: Smuggled! January 22, 1972 320 2.149
73 21 Operation: RBI Gambling January 29, 1972 324 2.178
74 22 Operation: Presidential Assassination February 19, 1972 327 2.206
75-77 23-25 Operation: The Great Race Bust March 4, 1972 321-323 3.205
78 26 Operation: A Plan of Massacre March 18, 1972 325 2.896
79 27 Operation: Election Malfunction April 1, 1972 326 2.918
80 28 Operation: Stop the Wedding April 8, 1972 328 2.950
81 29 Operation: Phantom IN the Opera April 15, 1972 329 3.102
82 30 Operation: The Hardest One Ever April 22, 1972 330 3.179
83 31 Operation: The Final One April 29, 1972 331 3.236

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