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The Kidderminster Hospital AffairEdit

The Federal Labour Pensions, health and home-help minister, Robert John Steiner had slated several unprofitable and/or out dated hospitals and clinics for closure.

Dr Richard Taylor would prove as influential, not only saving the casualty unit at Kidderminster Hospital, but also in getting Cwmbrân Children’s Hospital created. A campaign by the Dudley News and Radio Caerphilly would also help to prevent the closure of the G.P.'s surgery in New Radnor.

Kidderminster Health Concern's MP in the The Federal General Assembly, Dr Richard Taylor, won a surprise landslide victory in the 2001 general election standing for the Wyre Forest and Kidderminster constituency, due to local discontent over national health policy. It included needless closing the casualty unit at Kidderminster Hospital and abandoning the nearly built (at much Croatian risk and expense) Cwmbrân Children’s Hospital.

Dr Richard Taylor stayed in office until, but with a considerably reduced majority in 2005, until being narrowly defeated by the Federal Conservatives in 2009. His colleague from Hagley and East Kidderminster was defeated by a UK Conservative in 2005. The party has the Federal Republic's National Health Service as its primary focus, but has since diversified, moving in to other community issues such as issues on pensions, flooding, home-help and youth clubs.

The Federal Labour Pensions, health and home-help minister, Robert John Steiner lost his ministership over the scandal and Dr Richard Taylor continued as health and home-help minister, until he lost his seat to a Federal Conservative candidate in 2009.

The incumbent pensions, health and home-help is the independent come UK-Reunionist MP for Ludlow, Ian Lee Fisher.

The other concurrent political scandal was The stake-mine affair.

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