Kingdom of Netherlands
Royaume du Pays-Bas (French) Koninkrijk van Nederland (Dutch) Konigkreich von Niederlanden (German)
Timeline: Pax Americana

OTL equivalent: Netherlands
Netherlands.flag 455px-Grandes Armes du Royaume de Hollande (1806-variant).svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Map of The Netherlands (Pax Americana v.6 FIXED).svg
Location of Kingdom of Netherlands

Je Maintiendrai (French, Dutch, and German)

Anthem: "
United States Navy Band - Het Wilhelmus
Capital: Amsterdam
Largest city: Rotterdam
Other cities: The Hague, Antwerp, Utrecht, Maastricht,
French, Dutch, and German
  others: Luxembourgish, German,
Religion: Catholicsm, Protestant, Christiannity, Luthernaism
Ethnic group: Dutch
Demonym: Dutch
Type of government: Constitutional Monarchy
  government: Parliamentary General
Prime Minister: Charles Michel
  King: Willem-Alexander
Area: 41,526 km² km²
Population: 16.8 million (2013) 
Established: 1599 (Official)
Time zone: UTC+01:00 CET
Internet TLD: .nl
Calling code: +31
Organizations: United Nations, European Union, NATO

Burgundy known as Kingdom of Netherlands, the Netherlands is Economic Tri-Power and Supperpower and Also Methapower the GDP highest Rate and Lowest Crime rate and The Population is 20,340,00 and Major Colonial European Powers on Earth. the Major Rates and Military Ecozone.

The History of Netherlands Begun the Government Become Colonial Power, Then in WW1 The Burgundy Tried to Help Spanish to Defeat Colonies, after War, in WW2 The Britain, Portugal, and Hagsburg Kingdom Attacked The Netherlands, afterwards the Burgundy Relocates to Some Colonies and Help to Fight Against Japanesse, after War, The Burgundy Occupied Hungary, and Join EU as a Founder, and Became European and International Strategy. 


Unification to 1700Edit

The French Began to Help into Defeat when in 1598, the French also Invaded Part of Low Countries, then Netherlands Joins France as a Personal Union and Redraw borders, in Burgundy the Netherlands takes over Burgundy, then renamed as Burgundy

The Germany Unfied and Followed to Began an Colonization of New World, and Claims Vatterdam for Dutch Speakers, and Cape colony also Afrikaans Developed, after End of 17th Century.


The Netherlands Began help in 30 Years War after 1700s the French Indian War Starts, as a Result the Burgundy Ends with Personal union with France, and Burgundy Helps during American Revolutionary War in USA, and Colombian Independence War in Colombia.


The Netherlands Starts Peace of Minds, after Years Burgundy was Attacked by Italian Napoleon, after Burgundy Tried to Fight over Italy, then Italian Napoleon Collapsed, Burgundy Transfers Cape, and Vatterdam to USA, And Burgundy Expands into New Colonies, and Developing Modern Economic, and Became a Republic.


The Burgundy Awakens, to Attacked by Britain, Burgundy Began To Invades France to Surrender and Hapsburg for Spain, Spain Helps Burgundy, and Defeat British Ships in Coastal Burgundy, aftermath of WW1 The Burgundy Gains the French Colony.


Netherlands Began an Royal General Election, and Britain Invaded Netherlands, and Netherlands fallen to Britain and Portugal WW2 Starts, the Allied Troops Began to Liberate Burgundy, Netherlands Occupied Hapsburg (OTL;Hungary).

The Burgundian Forces in Pacific are Attacking and Liberating Pacific From Japanese Occupation, the Governmental Forces Participated the Surrender of Japan and Founders of United Nations.

Government and Politics Edit

The Burgundy has a Representative Democracy and Federal Court, the Dutch Prime Minister, Charles Michel and Term for 5 Years, the Dutch have Administrative Departments and Government Buildings and Regions of Burgundy the Constitution Adopted and Comprised of Branches:

  • Executive: The Prime Minister had Executive Laws
  • Parliamentary Congress:The parliamentary congress made up of Senate Houses and Assemblidge Generale, implements Government Laws and Creates European Union Resolution, the Declares War, Approves Treaties, and Participating Wars, which Request by United States.

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